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A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement is the fifth episode of the third season, and the 17th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Belmont and the Judge discover an ominous symbol, Saint Germain's treasure hunt is cut short, and Alucard's bond with Sumi and Taka continues to grow.



Trevor notices ominous symbols throughout Lindenfeld. Even so, he continues his walk through the forest, where he stops at a pool of water. Trevor has an intense conversation with himself, when suddenly the Judge appears. The Judge recounts how he became the leader of Lindenfeld. At a young age, he left Lindenfeld with his family for the capital, where he rose in the Court and did well enough that he was sent back to his hometown.

The two men walk back to the town when the Judge suddenly notices a symbol on the gate. While Trevor believes it's the action of a child, the Judge believes that someone else is responsible.

Meanwhile, in the monastery, Saint Germain is reading through various notes and books. The church's monks leave him alone, giving Saint Germain the perfect opportunity to snoop around. With a crystal –later revealed to be made out of Lithomancy– in hand. The jewel leads him to the entrance of the basement. Just when he starts to descend the stairs, Sala appears warning Saint Germain he was told where to stay. The aristocrat comes with the excuse that he was looking for somewhere discreet to urinate. However, Sala doesn't buy his lie. Nevertheless, the leader of the monks lets him go.

Outside, Sypha spots Saint Germain and walks beside him, asking him why he's allowed in the monastery; and also reveals Saint Germain's secret, he's a magician. However, he would like for Sypha to keep this little detail to herself. Sypha suspects that something ominous is lurking inside the church. Prompting Saint Germain to reveal his interest with the church; he's in search of something occult in nature.

Sypha notices a weird symbol on a wall, the same one that Trevor and the Judge spotted outside the town's gates. Saint German recognizes it and he's worried, it's the alchemical sign for Saturn and lead, thus denoting transformation and redemption. And the scythe: time and harvest.

Trevor joins them, where Sypha introduces Saint Germain. However, the young Belmont isn't too friendly toward the magician. All three of them go to the town's tavern.

At the tavern, Saint Germain retells his days in the slums of Paris, where he invented a drink. Trevor interrupts him and goes to the point: What does Saint Germain know about the church? The aristocrat is in search of the Infinite Corridor. Not surprisingly, Trevor and Sypha know about this mysterious location.

Saint Germain reveals that a long time ago, he lost someone very dear to him in the Infinite Corridor and he's been looking for a way back in ever since. There's a portal to the corridor under the priory and he will find it despite the dangers.

Forest nearby Dracula's Castle

Alucard is training Sumi and Taka in the arts of the blade. However, the vampire hunters can't get close to Alucard, thanks to his long sword. Even so, it becomes a teachable moment, as Alucard shows the disadvantages of letting a bloodsucker get near inches from a human's throat.

Nevertheless, the pair have a few tricks under their sleeves. The training ends when they tackle Alucard to the ground. They head to the castle.



Sala: Why do you think I would believe you were looking for somewhere to piss down here?
Sypha: Oh, he wouldn't really slit your throat. But I could kill you by looking at you.
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