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"So, I'm going to have to kill it several times over? And they say there's nothing fun to do in villages at night."

Abandon All Hope is the tenth and final episode of the third season, and the 22nd episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


With the portal to hell open, Trevor and Sypha must battle an onslaught. Meanwhile, the Judge shares a disturbing legacy, and Hector learns his fate.


Unknown location[]

Isaac is exploring the tower and finds a room filled with floating mirror shards. When put together, they form a giant mirror, perfect for teleporting an army. Isaac commands his night creatures to kill the survivors but not to destroy the city, in case it receives new occupants.

Carmilla's Castle[]

The sisters have perfected their plan, including Lenore, who walks in with an obedient Hector. Thanks to the slave ring - duplicates of which have been forged for the other sisters, the night creatures that Hector forges will be automatically loyal to Lenore and to whoever wears the rings, including Carmilla. Hector has become Lenore's pet, a status that outrages him, but Lenore assures him that he will find his new accommodations - a nice cottage attached to the castle, good food, and plenty of sex with her in a big, soft bed - a vast improvement.


Trevor, Sypha and Saint Germain can't believe what they're seeing; it's a portal to Hell. Before Saint Germain can close the portal, the Visitor breaks free and countless of night creatures come out. Trevor and Sypha are back to back, trying to dispatch the monsters. Seeing his opportunity, Saint Germain attempts to close the portal.

Meanwhile, Sala tries to escape, but not before getting stopped by the Judge. Nonetheless, the monk is more crafty and manages to fatally stab the Judge in the abdomen. With his dying breath, he warns Sala that there's nowhere for him to run. The only way to evade capture is to follow the path to the Judge's apple tree. Sala is confused; why would the Judge help him? Even so, he heeds his advice leaving a dying Judge behind.

Killing the Visitor is becoming quite difficult for the young Belmont as such, leaving him no choice but to use both of his whips. Saint Germain realizes the creature's goal to bring back Dracula. He jumps on to the Visitor's head and smashes his crystal into one of its eyes. The beast shows Saint Germain what he wants to see –the portal with the mysterious woman– and he quickly jumps in. With one blow, Trevor manages to destroy the night creature. Saint Germain closes the corridor and thanks Trevor and Sypha for their help.

Sypha spots the dying Judge; he tells them he killed Sala and where they can find him. With his last breath, the Judge asks Sypha to burn his house down.

Sala manages to find the apple tree, but falls into a pit filled with spikes, killing him on the spot. When Trevor and Sypha find Sala's body, they also discover countless human bones. Suspicious of the Judge, they explore his home only to find a room filled with children's shoes. It seems the Judge had his little pleasures. Trevor and Sypha burn down the house and leave Lindenfeld, with Sypha vowing to never, ever return.

As they drive out in their wagon, a new darkness has settled on them. A haunted Sypha asks how could things have gone so wrong; Trevor sullenly replies that for the past couple of months, they have been living "her life", where killing monsters and saving lives is a thrilling adventure filled with a righteous sense of victory and justice. But now, they're going to be living "his life" from here on in: a life where they fight the monsters only because they have no other choice, and should know better than to ever expect any kind of moral clarity, let alone any sense of vindication due to the fact that the very people that they protect are just as wicked, vicious, and cruel as the monsters they are being saved from.

Dracula's Castle[]

Alucard struggles against the magical binds. Taka and Sumi believe he has been playing with them, not teaching them any magic or how the castle moves. Alucard can't believe that his students have betrayed him. Before they can stake him, he uses his mental connection to his sword and slits their throats. Alucard can't help but grieve. As he enters the castle after gathering food, he darkly remarks to himself that if he wanted to keep visitors away, he could have put up some signs like "Do Not Enter", "Danger Of Death", or "Abandon All Hope", but "this seemed to work well enough, for dead old dad." - referring to the fresh corpses of Taka and Sumi, impaled on stakes outside the front door.

Their betrayal has changed Alucard, who feels himself going down the same path as his father.



Isaac: If I have to call you "Sir", I am going to give up and live in a ghost town with a mad magician woman who will probably eat my eyes while I sleep.

(Meanwhile, outside the priory in Lindenfeld, most of the monks and opposing knights were slaughtered. The horrified Judge observes the destruction of the village caused by the ritual when he catches Sala attempting to flee. He stops him and pushes him away.)

Judge: Sala, you ***.

(Unwilling to answer for his treachery, the rogue monk grabs a knife tucked in his robes and forcibly stabs the Judge in the chest, causing him to drop his own.)

Judge: (grinning) Oh, you're fast. (He painfully laughs. Sala drives his knife further into his body. In spite of being wounded, he grabs his left arm.) You have bested me. Well done. But you may not win the war. My men are everywhere. It's over.
Sala: (shocked) You're already dead. Let go. (The Judge refuses to release his grasp.)
Judge: Sala. Take the back field into the woods. Go right at the fork and over the creek until you reach the apple tree. Stand in front of it. You will see your path to safety.
Sala: Why? Why would you tell me this? (He groans.)
Judge: It turns out that you were the better judge of all things. Run, Sala!

(He releases his grasp and the surprised monk continues to flee. Immediately after he disappears, the Judge collapses on the ground. He rolls over on his back and laughs as he succumbs to his stab wound. Meanwhile, Trevor and Sypha continue to deal with the night creatures and the Visitor in the priory's basement. Sypha is struck by one of the demon's arrows after slaying Malachi and hides behind a pillar. She notices the ice beneath the demon melting and conjures up lightning from her fingers, using the water as a conductor. She subdues the lion-like archer. The Visitor proves to be too challenging for Trevor. Every blow inflicted on its body is healed instantly by and every body part severed is regenerated just as fast. Sustaining a blow to the head, Trevor uses both his leather and morning star whips to keep up with the night creature's attacks, but it does not improve his dexterity. Saint Germain, likewise, is unable to perform his task on his own.)

Saint Germain: I can't get hold of it. Damn it. (looks at the Visitor.) Damn you. (He catches a glimpse of Dracula embracing his wife through the portal and his eyes widens in disbelief.) All of this to bring back Vlad bloody Tepes? All this death and horror for that leech? (grins) Yes. All this. All the strength you gathered from murdering a town and drinking its soul. I can't move the window in the corridor. (He runs toward the Visitor and hops on it with the intent to mount it.) But, you can! (He stabs his gem into one of its eyes.) Show me what I want to see, you *** ***!
Trevor: (watching him while cleaning his face.) Ugh. He really is a magician.

(He struggles to subdue the Visitor and Dracula notices the battle. He emotionlessly reaches his hand toward the portal.)

Saint Germain: Show me!

(The portal's destination changes to the Infinite Corridor. Saint Germain catches a glimpse of the silhouetted woman standing upside down. He gasps before ordering Trevor to attack, realizing that he has gotten the Visitor subdued.)

Saint Germain: Belmont! Kill it!

(He jumps through the portal just as Trevor's morning star is set ablaze. He strikes the Visitor in one fiery blow, causing it to explode. He pants from exhaustion and falls to the ground, but not before Sypha catches him. The basement slowly begins to cave in.)

Saint Germain: I'm closing the Corridor! Get out now! Thank you! Thank you both! I'll see you again!

(The portal closes with the magician inside. The duo leave the basement at once for the priory has begun to collapse.)

Sypha: (horrified) The scraps of clothing in the pit. The small bones.
Trevor: Yeah.
Sypha: He said he killed Sala.
Trevor: Yeah.
Sypha: It was his pit.
Trevor: He was the Judge. And he found his little pleasures.
Lenore: Oh, and the house will need a really big bed. It turns out he's actually fairly good at sex, and I want to train him.
Carmilla: Get away from me. Uck seriously.
Striga: Please leave now.
Morana: I don't think I needed that information? Did I need to know that?
Lenore: Bye-bye.
Hector: You tricked me and made me your slave.
Lenore: I did no such thing.
Hector: (panting) You made me a slave. My life is over!
Lenore: Your life is saved, Hector. And I gave you what you always really needed. I made you into my pet.
Sypha: This could not have gone more wrong... what happened?
Trevor: We've spent a couple of months living your life. Adventures and victories. And now, we're living my life.
Alucard: Well. I suppose I could've put up big signs all over the place. Do not enter. Danger of death. Abandon all hope. (scoff) That sort of thing. But this seemed to work well enough for dead old dad.



Storyboards and key art[]


  • The title of this episode is a reference to Canto III from Inferno by Dante Alighieri, where the author passes through the gate of Hell, which bears an inscription ending with the famous phrase "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".