Adramelech is a boss in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


Illustration of Adramelech by Louis Le Breton, from the Dictionnaire Infernal.

Adrammelech is an ancient Semitic god mentioned briefly by name in the Book of Kings, where he is described as a god of "Sepharvaim". The sepharvites would sacrifice their children to fire to show their praise to him.

Like many pagan gods, Adrammelech became a demon in Judeo-Christian tradition. In demonology, he is the President of the Senate of the demons, as well as the Chancellor of Hell and supervisor of Satan's wardrobe. He is generally depicted with a human torso, a mule's head and a peacock's tail.


Adramelech appears as a gigantic demon embedded on the wall of the highest chamber of the Chapel Tower. Only his head and hands are visible, and due to their position it could be assumed the rest of his body to be anthropomorphic as well.

His biblical origin differs on his physical aspect in comparison to his portrayal in Circle of the Moon, where he appears as a large, green and thick-furred creature featuring the head of a ram and humanoid clawed hands. His eyes and other parts of his body are covered by what appear to be black leather stripes with buckles, items usually associated with sadomasochism.

When defeated, his head will fall off and reveal a purple-like liquid coming out from his neck. When reentering the room, his entire body will have disappeared, leaving no signs of it ever having been there. A pressure plate can be found in the next room, which once stepped upon will destroy all the previously impassable green iron maidens scattered throughout the castle.


  • The area beneath Adramelech will be constantly spawning purple bubbles which are harmful to the touch. These can be burst by a single hit from any attack.
  • Adramelech will often conjure about eight blue fireballs around his head that will then be launched one by one at the player's current position.
  • He can also conjure floating skulls which will swoop down at the player from one side of the room to the other. These can be avoided by crouching under the hand that conjures them.

Enemy Data

Adramelech アドラメレク 1,800 16,000
ATK DEF Location
380 360 Chapel Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
- -
Resistance Dark


Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Nathan Graves

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