Stage 3 for Castlevania: The Adventure is the torture chamber and trap tower.


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Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Stage 3
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Megmole 8. She Worm  (Worm) [ edit ]
Whenever you encounter these creeping Worms make sure to finish them off. Use Fire Balls and watch your step!(*) HP: 2
Exp: 20
Atk: 1
3. Torture Chamber
Madman 3. Madman  (Mudman) [ edit ]
The Mudman drops from above like a splat and slowly takes on human form. Hit him low when he first lands on the ground.(*) HP: 1
Exp: 20
Atk: 1
1. Forest, 3. Torture Chamber
Deathbt 12. Death Bat  (Gobanz) [ edit ]
Learning the attack pattern and safety zones in this chamber is the key. (...)(*) 3. Torture Chamber

Secrets and hidden areas

  • The coil at the end must be destroyed so you don't get crushed. If you can weaken it, wait until it's close to crushing you, then destroy it. While the spiked ceiling ascends, you will have enough time to reach the candle on the left without a fully upgraded whip. The candle has a 1 Up.


Castlevania The Adventure - Stage 3 - No Damage

Castlevania The Adventure - Stage 3 - No Damage

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