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Akumajō Dorakyura: Kabuchi no Tsuisōkyoku (悪魔城ドラキュラ 神淵の追想曲? lit. "Demon Castle Dracula: Reminiscence of the Divine Abyss")[1] is a novel published by Dengeki Bunko in November 2008 taking place one year after the events of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, in 2037. It was written by Ryōgo Narita and supervised by Koji Igarashi.


  • Curtis Lang - A young vampire hunter of the church who wields the Holy Whip. He is the apprentice of Julius Belmont.
  • Michelle Danasty - A vampire hunter who uses a bowgun and silver arrows. She is a descendant[2] of Grant Danasty and is Curtis's partner.
  • Olrox - A former servant vampire of Dracula and the Lord of the Castle in this novel. He attempts to conquer both the Human world and Chaos. The members of Graham's Cult, who still believe in Graham Jones' teachings, swear fidelity to him.
  • Death - Dracula's eternal confidant. He views Olrox as a traitor and seeks to destroy him.
  • Julius Belmont - The man who defeated Dracula for the final time in 1999 and perhaps the last of the Belmonts to use the Vampire Killer. Appears in the story as Curtis's teacher.
  • Yoko Belnades - A witch in the employ of the church and heir to the Belnades power.
  • Hammer - A former member of the Military and informant.
  • Soma Cruz - The one who possesses Dracula's powers, and who killed Graham Jones. He was nearly manipulated into becoming the next Dark Lord one year ago. He makes a cameo appearance.
  • Mina Hakuba - Soma's close friend. She is a priestess of the Hakuba Shrine. She also makes a cameo appearance.
  • Legion
  • Puppet Master
  • Alucard / Arikado (mentioned)
  • Headhunter (mentioned)



  • This novel doesn't have the cut-in illustration. New official art doesn't exist.

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  1. "Divine Abyss" (神淵 Kabuchi?) can also be pronounced as Kambuchi or Shin'en. The novel does not specify which pronunciation is intended.
  2. Dengekionline (Japanese language)成田:私も小説版でダナスティの子孫をヒロインにさせていただきました(笑)。その節はダナスティの子孫という私の考えた無茶なキャラクター設定を許してくださり、ありがとうございました。