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Akumajō Dracula: Lament of Innocence (悪魔城ドラキュラ ラメント オブ イノセンス) is a comic adaptation of the story of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. It's designed to be read on a cell phone. This manga is only available in Japan at the present time.



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  • Leon Belmont

Supporting Characters

  • Sara Trantoul
  • Mathias Cronqvist
  • Elisabetha Cronqvist
  • Rinaldo Gandolfi
  • Liza
  • Raquel
  • Bianca
  • Volks


  • Walter Bernhard
  • Joachim Armster
  • Golem
  • Medusa
  • Succubus
  • Doppelganger
  • Flame Elemental
  • Justine
  • Death


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Differences to the Game

The novel has some changes to the game's storyline. They are as follows:

  • Several extra scenes that do not appear in the game have been added. These include events that take place shortly before the game, such as Sara's capture and a scene with Leon and Mathias on the battlefield, but also flashbacks that detail the pasts of several characters, including Mathias, Medusa and Walter.
  • Several characters that are unique to the comic are introduced. These include: Liza, a hunter who tries to avenge the death of her fiance, Justine, Rinaldo's daughter who got turned into a vampire by Walter, Bianca, Walter's mother, and Volks, Bianca's servant.
  • The concept of Leon having to defeat five monsters in order to get to Walter is omitted.
  • Walter returns Sara to Leon when he has only defeated two guardian monsters. In the game, this scene does not occur until after all five monsters are defeated.
  • The Ghostly Theatre area has been omitted. Succubus does appear in the comic however.
  • Golem resides in the House of Sacred Remains instead of Undead Parasite.
  • Leon is poisoned by Medusa in the comic. When he backtracks to Rinaldo, he is attacked by the Succubus.
  • Rinaldo's daughter, Justine, is mentioned to have been defeated by Rinaldo in the past. In the comic, Succubus revives Justine and Rinaldo has to fight her again.


Season 1

  • Episode 1: "Decesive Battle! Pagoda of the Misty Moon." (決戦!魔天朧月宮)
  • Episode 2: "At War." (戦場にて)
  • Episode 3: "The Land of God is Eternal." (神の地は永遠なり)
  • Episode 4: "The Wait for a Return." (帰りを待つ者)
  • Episode 5: "Dark Shadow." (暗い影)
  • Episode 6: "Under the Crimson Moon, Darkness covers the Light." (赤き月の下、光を覆う闇)
  • Episode 7: "The Beginning of the Game." (ゲームのはじまり)
  • Episode 8: "A Person Beloved by the Eternal Night." (永遠の夜に愛された者)
  • Episode 9: (いざ、ヴァルターの下へ!)
  • Episode 10: "Hope was Entrusted." (託された望み)
  • Episode 11: "Walter's Welcome." (ヴァルターの歓迎)
  • Episode 12: "The Power of Alchemy." (錬金術の力)
  • Episode 13: "Encounter in the Castle." (城内での出会い)
  • Episode 14: "A Young Woman named Liza." (リーザという娘)
  • Episode 15: "Reason for the Fight." (戦いの理由)
  • Episode 16: "Belief." (それぞれの信念)
  • Episode 17: (与えられる試練)
  • Episode 18: "Joachim Armster." (ヨアヒム・アルムスター)
  • Episode 19: "Those Chosen by the Vampire." (ヴァンパイアに選ばれし者)
  • Episode 20: "Collapse of Immortality" (永遠の崩壊)
  • Episode 21: "Prologue to the Fierce Battle." (激闘へのプロローグ)

Season 2

  • Episode 22: ???
  • Episode 23: ???
  • Episode 24: "Medusa's Past." (メディウサの過去)
  • Episode 25: "Fate." (因縁)
  • Episode 26: "Rinaldo's Agony". (リナルドの苦悩)
  • Episode 27: "The Tragedy of Justine." (ジュスティーヌの悲劇)
  • Episode 28: "Walter Appears." (ヴァルター登場)
  • Episode 29: "Sara's rescue" (サラ奪還)
  • Episode 30: (幸せの時)
  • Episode 31: "The Cursed Church." (呪われし教会)
  • Episode 32: (2つの傷)
  • Episode 33: "The Crimson Stone." (真紅の石)
  • Episode 34: "The Mystery of the Tablet." (石版の謎)
  • Episode 35: "Infant" (赤子)
  • Episode 36: "Walter's Birth (Part 1)." (ヴァルターの出生(前編))
  • Episode 37: "Walter's Birth (Part 2)." (ヴァルターの出生(後編))
  • Episode 38: "Succubus's mention." (サキュバスの言及)
  • Episode 39: ???
  • Episode 40: "Duel!" Walter Vs. Leon." (激突!ヴァルターVSレオン)
  • Episode 41: "Contract of Blood." (血の契約)
  • Episode 42: (夜を狩る一族(前編))
  • Episode 43: (夜を狩る一族(後編))


Decesive Battle! Pagoda of the Misty Moon

This chapter begins during the fight between Leon and Walter at the end of the game. Conversation is taken directly from the game.

At War

The next chapter reverts the narrative back to before the game begins. The scene takes place when Leon and Mathias were still leading their company of knights.

The Land of God is Eternal

The Wait for a Return

Dark Shadow

Elizabetha dies of a disease. Mathias goes into despair when he finds out.

Under the Crimson Moon, Darkness covers the Light

Leon's domain is attacked by monsters. He requests the Pope for troops, but the Church is more interested in the Crusades than fighting monsters.

The Beginning of the Game

Sara is kidnapped.

A Person Beloved by the Eternal Night


Leon meets Rinaldo in the Forest.

Hope was Entrusted

Leon and Rinaldo converse in his house.

Walter's Welcome

Leon receives the whip and is told that he needs to defeat five monsters first before he can get to Walter. He enters the castle.

The Power of Alchemy

Leon fights monsters in the game's tutorial area. A mysterious character appears.

Encounter in the Castle

A Young Woman named Liza

The mysterious character reveals her name to be Liza.

Reason for the Fight

Liza reveals that she came to the castle in order to avenge her fiance.



Leon goes to the Palace of Dark Waterfalls.

Joachim Armster

Leon fights against the Doppelganger.

Those Chosen by the Vampire

Collapse of Immortality

Prologue to the Fierce Battle



Medusa's Past

Flashback chapter involving Raquel.


Leon was poisoned in the battle with Medusa. When he backtracks to the exit, he is attacked by the Succubus. He is saved just in time by Rinaldo.

Rinaldo's Agony

The Tragedy of Justine

Leon fights against Justine.

Walter Appears

Sara's Rescue

Sara is returned to Leon by Walter.


Sara is brought to Rinaldo's house. He reveals that she was bitten by Walter and will eventually turn into a vampire.

The Cursed Church


The Crimson Stone

Flashback chapter involving Mathias.

The Mystery of the Tablet


Leon fights Golem.

Walter's Birth (Part 1)

Walter's origin is revealed.

Walter's Birth (Part 2)

Walter's origin is revealed.

Succubus's mention

Leon fights Succubus.

Duel! Walter vs Leon

Leon's fight against Walter resumes. He destroys Walter's Ebony Stone with one strike of his whip. Leon explains to Walter why his whip suddenly became more powerful.

Contract of Blood

Flashback chapter detailing Sara's sacrife in order to create the Vampire Killer.




  • Konami's mobile comic service "Weekly Konami" ended as of March 31, 2012. This comic can no longer be bought in Japan. However, one should still be able to read the comic after it was purchased. [1]
  • The Crimson Stone was a relic owned by Elisabetha's family in the comic. [2]
  • Sara was kidnapped by the Lesser Demon. [3]
  • The order in which Leon seems to fight the five guardian monsters seems to be: Joachim - Medusa - Golem - Succubus - ???
  • It's unknown if Undead Parasite, Flame Elemental, Ice Elemental, Thunder Elemental or the Forgotten One appear or are mentioned in the comic.
  • Joachim's age is 300 or more years old. [3]
  • There is a rumor that the character Volks becomes the Forgotten One in the comic. [4]
  • The Golem contains memories of Walter when he was born. [2]

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