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The tentatively called PS3 XBOX360 Akumajō Dracula (PS3 XBOX360 悪魔城ドラキュラ PS3 XBOX360 Akumajō Dorakyura?) is a game that was announced by Konami in 2008. Only a short teaser featuring Alucard was shown for the game in 2008 at the Tokyo Game Show. There has been no official word on the status of the project since then.


At the Tokyo Game Show of 2008, a teaser clip was shown for a new Castlevania game that was being designed for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 home consoles. It featured a short video of Alucard, with red eyes materializing a red flaming sword out of thin air (possibly the Muramasa). The Japanese text translates as "Embracing darkness with a cursed bloodline. He betrayed his kind and destroyed his father. A bloodstained fate.", which could be hinting at Alucard being the main character of the game.


It is likely this game has been canceled. It was announced that producer Koji Igarashi wasn't going to develop a 3D Castlevania game. As a result, several pitches for a new 3D game were presented. Ultimately, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was chosen to become the next Castlevania game on PS3 and Xbox 360.[1]

With the departure of Igarashi from Konami and the release of the Lords of Shadow games, the project is most likely confirmed to be canceled.


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Castlevania XBOX 360, PS3 - Cancelled

Castlevania XBOX 360, PS3 - Cancelled

Teaser video at the E3 2008 panel of Koji Igarashi


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