Alchemy, as explained by Rinaldo Gandolfi, is the field that experiments with the principles of God's creation of the world. Not many know about the existence of alchemy and it is usually referred to as a heresy.


Crimson StoneEdit

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Ebony StoneEdit

Ebony Stone

Second greatest treasure of the vampires. It causes its surroundings to be enveloped in a never-ending night. It was possessed by Walter Bernhard. Walter was tricked by Mathias Cronqvist into believing that it also allowed him to control Death. He used the power of the stone to defeat Joachim Armster, a vampire who had rebelled against him. He expected it to allow him to return back to life after his defeat by Leon Belmont, but only then learned of Mathias' and Death's deceit.

The Ebony Stone is a reference to the traditional first stage of the Alchemical work, the nigredo/blackening. This stage represents decomposition, and reduction of matter to the 'prima materia' from which it came. This stage is traditionally associated with death and rebirth, chaos, and the planet Saturn - an interesting association, given the similarity between depictions of Death and depictions of the Roman god Saturn.

Philosopher's StoneEdit

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The ultimate goal of alchemy. It provides eternal youth. The Ebony and Crimson Stones were created accidentally while attempting to create this stone. It is not known if it was ever made successfully. A stone by this name is available to Yoko Belnades and Maria Renard in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, which will allow them to heal themselves.

Whip of AlchemyEdit

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A whip created with alchemy. This was the original form of the Vampire Killer. Created by Rinaldo who was unable to use it to its full potential. He gave it to Leon Belmont, who was still unable to use it fully.

When Sara became cursed by the Vampire Walter, she sacrificed herself to its mercy and her soul joined with it to form the Vampire Killer.

Magic GauntletEdit

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Alchemist- a person well versed in the field of alchemy. Not many are practicing this art and those who do, keep their talents in secret.

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