Dracula's CurseEdit

As the son of Dracula, Alucard once tried to prevent Trevor from accomplishing his mission. However, he reached a point where he could no longer abide by his father's evilness, and is now looking for a partner to help him put an end to his father's wicked plans. A resident of underground tunnels, Alucard attacks with a Ball of Destruction, which he can also fire in three directions (if he captures a special power booster). Alucard's primary strength, though, is his ability to turn himself into a bat. However, he cannot attack while he is airborne and will turn back into a human form if his wings are clipped by an evil enemy.

Symphony of the NightEdit


The offspring of an unnatural union between Count Dracula and a human woman. Alucard possesses inhumane strength and dark magical powers. His weapon of choice is a sword and he uses a variety of them to serve his needs. He is an adept shape-shifter, commonly using the forms of wolf, bat, and mist to confuse and terrify his opponents. Alucard also relies heavily on ancient relics and magical items to perform elaborate magical attacks.

Dawn of SorrowEdit

The son of Dracula and Genya Arikado's identity. He took to sleep in 1476 after defeating his own father and awakened in 1797 to aid the Belmonts. He has sealed his own power to prevent Dracula's return. He hopes to stop Soma, who has Dracula's soul, from becoming the dark lord.

Dracula X ChroniclesEdit

Born of the union between Count Dracula and a human. His androgynous beauty and delicate build belie tremendous physical prowess and a mastery of the dark arts. Though a melancholy and taciturn youth, he is intelligent and level-headed.


The son of Dracula, Alucard is half vampire and half human. To grant his mother's dying wish, he seeks the complete destruction of Dracula. Alucard is cool and calculated. He defeated his father with Trevor's help.[1]

Harmony of DespairEdit

The vampire son of Dracula who once fought and defeated his father so that his mother's soul might find peace. Alucard can wield a variety of Dark Magic by collecting the right scrolls.


  1. The original Judgment press release profile was: Half human, half vampire. He is Dracula's son. Alucard destroyed Dracula twice in the past. Now, to fulfill his late mother's wish, he is seeking a way to completely destroy Dracula. Calm and unemotional, he is a man of few words.