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"No matter how many times I have to defeat him, I will still stand on the human side. I will once again face the Cycle of Fate."
— Alucard's official profile tagline (translated)

Alucard (Chinese: 阿鲁卡多 Ā lǔ kǎ duō), also referred to as Mysterious Man, is a character in Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody. His default weapon is a sword.


The son of Dracula, a half vampire. His father Dracula cast his anger on humans due to his wife's demise. Alucard disagreed with his father's way and chose to stand with the humans. He helped Ralph Belmont defeat his father, and then defeated him again in 1797.

When Dracula's Castle appeared in 1870, Alucard once again set out to defeat his father in the name of his mother. There, he encountered Death, who once again tried to dissuade him from interfering. He defeats Death, but Death had ripped open a rift in time and space, which drew dark energy from all over time to Dracula's Castle. Unable to stop the crisis on his own this time, Alucard enlists the aid of humans of the era again. Among them is the Demon Hunter Guild, led by Reynolds, who organizes an assault on Dracula's Castle. He later meets Elvis, the guild's top hunter and a fellow Dhampir, at the castle's gate when he arrived. He encouraged him not to be afraid to use his dark power as a weapon. He then leaves the task of finding and destroying Dracula before he could become too great a threat to him, while Alucard attempted to seal the rift.


  • Alucard is playable during the initial tutorial. He later joins Elvis's party during the main game.





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