"In order to pass on to Sonia his own hope of slaying his father Count Dracula, Alucard lurks somewhere in Dracula's castle, waiting for the fateful day when he must rise to his final test."
— Official background
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Alucard (real name Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş)[1] is a support character in Castlevania Legends. He is the enigmatic son of Count Dracula. He is a half vampire born from his vampire father and a human woman.[2] He did not support his father's actions and changed his name to his current alias to show he opposed the Count's evil ways.


One night, Alucard met a girl named Sonia Belmont while traveling through a remote mountain village. He was on his way to defeat his father but decided to stay and formed a bond with her. He would later decide to finish his resolve but encountered Sonia once more inside of Dracula's Castle. She had decided to challenge the Count as well, after her grandfather had been slain by his minions. He challenged her to a duel in order to test who of them was the most cunning warrior. To his surprise, he found himself defeated. Afterward Alucard sealed himself away.

After ending Dracula's evil reign, Sonia gave birth to their son, who would later continue the fate of the Belmont Clan and Alucard's bloodline.

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4. Top Floor



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    "Half vampire born from Count Dracula and a human woman. Meets Sonia in the middle of a journey to find his father."
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