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"I won't let you do it. I grieve with you, but I won't let you commit genocide."
— Alucard to Dracula in "Witchbottle"

Adrian Țepeș (アドリアン・ツェペシュ Adorian Tsepeshu?), more commonly known by the pseudonym Alucard (アルカード Arukādo?), is one of the main protagonists of the Netflix original series, Castlevania, and returns in its sequel/spin-off, Castlevania: Nocturne. He is the son of Vlad "Dracula" Țepeș and Lisa Țepeș.

He is voiced by James Callis in the English versions of both shows.


Early life

Alucard was born in the mid 1450's to Vlad Dracula and Lisa Țepeș. Nearly twenty years later, in 1475, Lisa was falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Upon learning that Dracula had begun summoning an army from Hell, 19-year-old Alucard confronted his father, begging him not to kill innocent people for revenge. When Dracula refused to listen, Alucard fought his father but was defeated, leaving him with a large scar on his chest. Beneath the city of Gresit, Alucard placed himself inside a coffin to recover his strength. A legend about him then spread, stating that a "sleeping soldier" awaited beneath Gresit and that he would be met by a hunter and a scholar.

The "Sleeper" awakens

In 1476, at age 20, Alucard awoke to find a hunter, Trevor Belmont, and a scholar, Sypha Belnades. While Sypha believed him to be the sleeping soldier, Trevor was convinced that he was Dracula. With the hunter's intent on killing him, Alucard fought Trevor. When his opponent landed a slash across his chest, Alucard retaliated by pinning Trevor on the ground and prepared to bite him. Suddenly, he was stabbed at the heart by Trevor, who intended to kill him even at the cost of his own life. After seeing both Trevor and Sypha's resolves, Alucard stood down from harming Trevor and introduced himself, stating that he had been waiting for them to help him destroy Dracula. Convinced that the three of them could kill his father, Alucard set off with Trevor and Sypha on their journey.

Opposing his father

Alucard reveals the mechanics of how his father's castle moves from place to place to his new companions, and the trio realizes that they will need some way of anchoring the castle in one location if they are to attack Dracula. Trevor suggests that the vault under the Belmont Estate might hold the key as his family has amassed a large library of information and artifacts on monster hunting. Sypha acquires a cart to transport them, and they ride for the estate. Along the way, Alucard is asked by Sypha how he, as a vampire, can survive in daylight. He reveals that it is a byproduct of his half-human heritage. Resting for the night, the group is attacked by a group of night creatures. The three of them dispatch the creatures, but one manages to escape, although it is badly wounded.

Reaching the Belmont Estate, the trio finds the secret vault, and while Alucard is impressed at the collection, he is also disturbed about the number of vampire skulls on display. Describing the collection as a monument to the genocide of his race, Alucard nonetheless helps Trevor and Sypha dig through the information, although he verbally spars with Trevor as much as possible. Sypha discovers a possible means to lock Dracula's castle in place, while Alucard informs the other about another find, that of a mirror that can be used to look upon faraway places.

As they prepare to relocated Dracula's Castle, a horde of night creatures attack. While Trevor holds them off, Sypha completes the locking spell. Alucard uses the mirror to locate Dracula's Castle, allowing Sypha to use her powers to transport the castle from Braila to above the Belmont Estate.

Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha assault Dracula's Castle, wiping out his vampire army and generals before facing Dracula himself. Alucard's allies are fended off by Dracula, forcing Alucard to take the fight to his father. They battle throughout the castle, smashing through walls and floors during their frenzied fighting. Eventually, the fight reaches Alucard's childhood room, and Dracula breaks down as he realizes that he is fighting and trying to kill his own son, the last living link to Lisa that he has. In a moment of clarity, Dracula allows his son to stake him through the heart. Alucard's allies arrive and behead Dracula and burn his remains, ending his threat.

With Dracula dead, Alucard intends for Dracula's Castle to become his own tomb. Trevor convinces him instead to become the guardian of Dracula and the Belmont family's combined knowledge and use it for the good of mankind. Alucard agrees and bids farewell to Trevor and Sypha as they head off for adventure. As he begins to tidy the castle, Alucard becomes overwhelmed by the grief he is feeling.

Guarding the castle

In the month following Dracula's death, Alucard stayed and guarded the castle and the Belmont Keep, collecting and cooking his own food but also feeling lonely after the departure of Trevor and Sypha. One day, as he was filling water buckets, he was approached by two young vampire hunters, Sumi and Taka. They explained Alucard was famous and that they wanted to learn how to kill vampires. Reluctant at first, Alucard agreed to teach them.

While training Sumi and Taka, Alucard grew closer to them, eventually sharing his knowledge and his access to the Belmont Keep with them, while they explained to him their desire to get revenge over the vampire mistress, Chō. The two hunters insisted on learning certain details about the castle's mechanisms but Alucard dismissed them.

One night, as Alucard had trouble sleeping, Sumi and Taka entered his room and began to have intercourse with him. During the act, the hunters constricted him with a magic trap and attempted to kill him. Trying and failing to plead with them to stop, Alucard then summoned his magical sword to cut their throats open, killing them. After coming to terms with the trauma caused by the betrayal, Alucard further embraced his solitary lifestyle and had impaled the corpses of Sumi and Taka in front of the castle's entrance to dissuade anyone from entering, noting that the method had worked well for his father.

Aiding the villagers

For weeks Alucard spends his time drinking alcohol, killing intruders and putting them on pikes. A horse approaches his castle with a dead rider named Marius. Alucard finds a message imploring him to save Danesti from a plague of monsters. Although reluctant to undertake this request, he is impressed by the Marius' ability to reach the castle even after death and gives him a decent burial. After reflecting on his life, Alucard realizes he's becoming more like Trevor Belmont.

Reformation for the refugees

Alucard rides on the messenger's horse 20 miles to Danesti just as a group of armored beasts attack the village walls. Drawing his sword and a shield, he slays the monsters. He becomes acquainted by the village leader Greta. While she does not judge him as a half-vampire, she stresses the need to protect the villagers and Alucard agrees. As a group of refugees from Lassa arrive, Alucard senses that the night creature attacks are being coordinated for as raids to feed the vampires. Saint Germain suggests that every villager be evacuated and move to Dracula's Castle. Alucard is not happy about the idea at first.

The siege of Dracula's Castle

Alucard and Saint Germain lead the villagers on the long walk back to his castle through the night. In between encounters with ferocious night creatures, Alucard and Greta exchange their life stories. After a difficult journey, the refugees finally reach the castle. Alucard welcomes them inside but spends his time alone on the parapets, but gradually becomes more socially after providing amusement for a group of children and warms up to Greta.

The villagers are led by Alucard and Greta to defend themselves against Night Creatures laying siege to the castle. Saint Germain begins reciting his incantations and activates his spell consuming the souls of the dead in the midst of the battle, and hold the upper hand until Dragan and his entourage arrive with Gergoth. The villagers are slaughtered by the masses, and retreat indoors.

Alucard and Greta arrive to see Saint Germain opening the Infinite Corridor and summoning the souls of the dead for the Rebis with Death Magic. As Germain finishes explaining his plan, Alucard and Greta rush downstairs to hold the gates against Fists, to which Alucard wittingly comments to their timing. Greta remains and organizes the remaining villagers.

Sypha, Trevor and Alucard quickly battle and match their respective enemies, and begin to progress upward in the castle to the incantation room where the Rebis, Dragan and the Cult of Dracula have been welcomed. The battle ensures and the pair of three remain outmatched, slowly finding their winning combination of enemies, synergizing together to quickly end the Cult of Dracula. Dragan remains, and is dealt the killing strike by Alucard.

Battle against Death and conclusion

Alucard witnesses Death and Saint Germain. Death closes the red-magic elemental portal and summons the souls of Dracula and Lisa into the Rebis, where Death's master plan has nearly succeeded. The Rebis dies and Alucard witnesses Trevor's battle against Death.

After the battle with Death, Alucard meets with Greta and they discuss the permanent location of the villagers of Greta's town. She points out Alucard's tendencies toward a faith in humanity and his role in her village, and is eventually met by a grieving Sypha. Alucard and Sypha discuss her future, and Sypha admits her desire to rejoin her family of Speakers because she is pregnant. He congratulates Sypha for her pregnancy and bids her to stay, with Greta mentioning that the village built on the Belmont Hold and Dracula's Castle will be a community for Sypha's child. She decides to stay in the village and begins planning the future design on the grounds, until they are met by a welcome surprise.

After Castlevania

An unknown amount of time after the conclusion of the battle, Alucard vanished from the public eye for unknown reasons and descended into myth, even among the Belmonts. But vampires were still aware of Alucard's existence and were terrified by the mere mention of his name.

Events of Castlevania: Nocturne

"Are you really Alucard? ... I thought you were just a myth."
Richter Belmont in "Devourer of Light"
Devourer of Light - Nocturne - 83

Many centuries later, during a solar eclipse, Alucard saved Richter Belmont and his friends by killing Drolta Tzuentes. He also discouraged the other vampires from engaging him, warning them they'd die like thousands before, prompting them to flee. Richter was especially surprised by Alucard's arrival believing he was only a myth. Alucard however seemed familiar with Richter and noticed he even had Trevor's whip prompting a small chuckle from him and hoped he hadn't arrived too late.


Alucard is a handsome young man with a chiseled and slightly pointed face, pale skin, long wavy pale blond hair down to his back, and golden eyes. He usually wears tight black leather clothing with black boots and usually wears either a coat with a long cape or a long cape over his shoulders.

His Nocturne redesign more closely resembles the original Alucard's appearance in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, in particular how he appears in artworks of him created by Ayami Kojima. His skin is now more pale, being basically white, as well as his hair. Likewise, his attire is more comparable with that from Symphony of the Night, now wearing a black suit and boots, a white shirt underneath accompanied with a white tie, a long black coat, and a long black cape.


"He's intelligent, sometimes even witty in his way. And he's certainly half-human. More than half-human. He's a person in his own right. But it's like he's a cold spot in the room... His sadness is like an icy well. It's bottomless..."
Sypha in "Broken Mast"

Adrian "Alucard" Țepeș could be said to represent the best of both his parents. Like his father, he is intelligent and deadly in battle, yet he possesses his mother's class and kindness. Alucard is often calm and composed, slow to anger and other displays of emotion, even when in battle.

Alucard proves himself to be a man of justice at the start of Season 1. When overhearing Dracula's plans to exterminate humanity in vengeance for Lisa's unjust murder, he rationally suggests his father should only kill the Bishop, who ordered the execution. Like his father, Alucard was grieved by his mother's death and wanted retribution but avoided committing further injustice. He did his best to convince his father to avoid harming innocents before it became clear they would come to blows over the issue.

After being wounded by his father, Alucard retreated to recover from his injuries and became convinced that his father shall, regrettably, be killed since rational discussion had failed. He came to this decision because he believes it is what his mother would have wanted if she knew what evil Dracula intended in retribution for her death.

When meeting Trevor and Sypha, Alucard was forthcoming when answering questions, but was equally inquisitive, so to be sure if his new acquaintances would be up for the task he believed they were prophesied to commit. Alucard does not take kindly to Trevor's rude behavior and threats, resulting in Alucard issuing a duel to him; it is implied this was more of a test to Trevor than out of anger. When dueling with Trevor, Alucard clarifies he dislikes fighting dirty, such as blows below the belt.

The resulting duel and Alucard's amusement with Trevor suggest that he respects strength, bravery and conviction above all. This is also suggested by his admiration of Sypha after she throws aside her preconceptions of him as "the sleeping soldier" if it meant protecting Trevor and the citizens of Wallachia. Seeing the lengths that Trevor and Sypha would go to protect the innocent, Alucard acknowledges the two as his prophesized allies. He reveals his full identity and intentions before welcoming the two to be his allies in the battles to come.

Alucard's relationship with Trevor remains adversarial after they agree to work together. Both men coming from conflicting backgrounds. They often insult and annoy each other; however, even though neither would admit it verbally, they both respect each other. After some time, Trevor and Alucard's adversarial dynamic turns to tough brotherly love. After Dracula is killed, Alucard wants to die in Castlevania, but Trevor attempts to give him a new purpose. Trevor bequeaths the Belmont Hold to Alucard, so that he can use both it and Castlevania for a higher purpose. Alucard has a more friendly relationship with Sypha. Due to his depression, he has trouble connecting with her, and she notices this. He respects her intellect and appreciates her warm empathy for his pain. Both friendships soothed Alucard, and they left a hole in his heart when they moved on after the war against Dracula.

"Even though Alucard is his son, that won't stop him from trying to defeat Dracula and ending his war on humanity."
— Alucard's profile description.

Alucard is a man of intense responsibility. First, he bears the burden of killing his father and then defending Castlevania in solitude. Alucard is resolute in his purpose to kill his father in honor of his mother's wishes to protect humanity. Although he shows no outward signs of doubt, Sypha notices that he is deeply depressed by this heavy burden. In his duel with his father, Alucard succeeds in showing Dracula that his soul died with Lisa. They share a tender moment of recognition, even as Alucard stakes Dracula to death. After Dracula's death, Alucard takes up a new heavy responsibility: guarding Castlevania and the Belmont Hold. After his friends leave him to go on their own adventures, Alucard soon understands the lonely life ahead of him. He has an emotional breakdown, feeling the loss of his parents and the weight of his loneliness.

In the month following Dracula's death, Alucard's mind begins to deteriorate in loneliness. All the company he has are two dolls, made to resemble Trevor and Sypha, that he speaks to as if they were his friends. Soon, though, Alucard is visited by Taka and Sumi, aspiring vampire hunters who want to learn from him. Alucard agrees to teach them, glad to have company and eager to help humanity by training new defenders. Alucard soon grows close to his students, although they are impatient to learn. Taka and Sumi eventually approach Alucard in his chamber and seduce him, telling him they are rewarding him for his teachings. After so much pain and loneliness, the pleasure of connection and intimacy brings a rare public tear to Alucard's eyes. This relief is shattered when Alucard's students bind and attempt to kill him for the perceived withholding of information. Alucard had no choice but to kill the two in self-defense and was emotionally crushed by the traumatic event. Never wanting to go through such pain again, Alucard embraces his lonely lifestyle. He hangs the corpses of Taka and Sumi on pikes to scare future visitors away, taking inspiration from his deceased father.

Weeks later, Alucard has gone further into his depressive isolation; now drinking heavily. Upon taking Greta's request for help, Alucard realizes that he had slowly been "turning into Belmont" a sad drunk with no direct in life. Spending time with Greta and her people helped heal some of his pain; regaining his sense of humor. Alucard quickly comes to admire Greta for her strong will, intelligence, and dedication to her people. Greta challenges Alucard to become his best self again, guiding him toward the best decisions and admiring his kindness. The two share a playful banter of mutual respect that blossoms into attraction.

Alucard was elated that Trevor and Sypha returned during the final battle against Death. Afterward, Alucard decided to found the Village of Belmont next to the castle in hopes of teaching a new generation science and of mystical lore. Becoming the protector of a community, surrounded by his friends, Alucard is surprised to realize he has found happiness.

Powers and abilities


"Alucard knows almost as much as Dracula himself, and is almost as strong."
Godbrand in "Broken Mast"
  • Dhampir physiology: Alucard was born a human/vampire hybrid. The enzymes in Alucard's blood made him immune to normal vampire bites, uniquely attuned to sensing the supernatural and resistant to aging. As a result of his vampire heritage, Alucard has gained many of the traditional powers of the vampires without developing their weaknesses.
    • Superhuman strength: Alucard possesses far more strength than normal humans and most vampires, as with a single punch he sends Trevor flying across the room in their battle and threatened to rip out his throat. Godbrand even stated in the fourth episode of the second season that Alucard is almost as strong as his father. Alucard has overpowered a vampiric general, routinely makes prodigious jumps of hundreds of feet through the air, and has sufficient strength to easily rip the head off of another vampire with his bare hands. Alucard's strength was further exhibited later when the trio needed to clear rubble from the trapdoor to the Belmont Hold; while Trevor struggled to move the stones, Alucard effortlessly and very quickly lifted the stones from the door, surprising his two companions. Alucard was also able to inflict damage on his father, Dracula, with unarmed strikes in contrast to Trevor, whose punches didn't even make Dracula flinch, although he ultimately was still trounced by his father, who proved to be considerably stronger than him.
    • Superhuman durability: Alucard's vampire/human hybrid tissue allows him to sustain physical trauma to a certain extent. He can withstand powerful energy blasts, exposure to extreme temperatures and great impact forces without being injured. When Trevor hits his genitals, Alucard has no reaction beyond mild annoyance.
    • Superhuman speed: Alucard can move at extraordinary speed in short bursts, leaving trace images of his movement that are hard to read with the human eye. This speed is so high that it is nearly indistinguishable from teleportation. Alucard will often use this ability to instantly move from a foe's front face to strike at their back. The ability is not flawless, however, as Trevor was able to anticipate Alucard's second speed attack by following his movement trail and attack pattern. His reflexes are similarly heightened. He moves so fast that everything else appears to be moving in slow motion when compared to him. Only someone with Trevor's training and reflexes could block this attack. Also, while able to outpace even other vampires, Chō could negate Alucard's teleport-like speed with her smoke abilities, and Dracula has proven to be faster than his son, as Alucard could barely keep up with his father and was later on easily caught mid-attack and pinned down.
    • Superhuman agility: Alucard's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. He can leap several feet into the air and is able to move, jump, climb, flip, and run at incredibly fast speeds without difficulty or exhaustion. This allows him to easily take sharp turns and easily maneuver while flying and moving at superhuman speed.
    • Superhuman stamina: Alucard's musculature generates less lactic acid (i.e., muscle fatigue) during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human or most vampires. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several days before fatigue begins to impair him.
    • Regeneration: Alucard, like true vampires, possesses an accelerated healing ability that allows him to heal mild to moderate injuries with much greater speed and efficiency than ordinary humans. He was able to fully regenerate what would be a mortal wound to humans in only one year. Alucard was also able to regenerate the wounds Trevor inflicted on him at will, which he does at the end of their duel. This action implies that Alucard may have held back when dueling with Trevor. Later, during the battle with his father, Alucard was still able to recover much faster than Trevor and Sypha from Dracula's attacks, although he was visibly exhausted toward the end of the battle.
    • Superhuman senses: Alucard's sense of sight and hearing are heightened to levels comparable to those possessed by true vampires. He is capable of seeing objects with perfect clarity at much greater distances than ordinary humans. He retains this same level of clarity even in near-total darkness. His hearing is similarly enhanced, allowing him to detect sounds that an ordinary human can't hear, and enable him to hear sounds an ordinary human can hear but at greater distances. He is also able to sense the presence of supernatural beings or forces, whereas an ordinary human would be oblivious to them.
    • Longevity: Although not a pure vampire, he does have the advantage of being a hybrid. Alucard ages at an extremely slow rate. Despite being over 300 years old by the time of the French Revolution, Alucard has retained his youthful appearance.
    • Flight: Alucard can turn his cloak into a pair of wings, although unlike the wings that vampires have which are bat-like, Alucard's have a bird-like appearance.
  • Psychokinesis:
    • Telekinesis:
    • Levitation: Alucard has the ability to negate gravity and float through the air through magical means or pure willpower. He first displayed this ability when he floated up out of the coffin after he recovered. During his fight with Trevor, he also floated through the air, indicating he has precise control over the ability. When fighting his father, Alucard was shown to imitate high-speed flight as he and Dracula created shockwaves in the air when they fought in the castle, although his father proved to be a faster flier than him.
Sword-wielding white wolf
  • Shapeshifting: Alucard has the natural ability to transform into a wolf or a company of bats. This can be seen in the intro, as well as the seventh episode of the second season and ninth episode of the fourth season. It is unknown if he can turn into mist like his version of the main game series.
  • Magic: Alucard, either by instruction or from the vampire side inherited from his father, possesses magical acumen and is naturally a talented sorcerer who can manipulate a magic object (such as a magical mirror) or conjure him through his sword as a magic catalyst to cast blue flames.
    • Command over magical sword: Alucard possesses the ability to magically command his sword. He displayed this ability by calling the scabbard to his side so he could draw it and then returning the sword to him after Trevor knocked it away at the end of their battle. He can use this power to control his sword for attacks as well.


"I am Alucard... son of Dracula. And if you fight me, you will die, like thousands of vampires before you."
— Alucard in "Devourer of Light"
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Alucard has proven to be an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, excelling at improvisation and weapons handling, making him one of the most powerful and best fighters. He is capable of fighting against the far more physically powerful Dracula and landing some solid blows, but his father ultimately proved too much for him.
    • Master swordsman: Alucard is an extremely talented swordsman. He was able to fight equally with Trevor across a chamber of varying terrain. Trevor employed a variety of orthodox and unorthodox fighting styles between using both a whip and a short sword. This is proof that Alucard can expertly use his sword in a variety of circumstances. Alucard can make use of his telekinesis to have his sword lash out independently from his body. This technique is an extremely effective unorthodox sword style that killed many expert vampire swordsmen.
    • Master shield fighter: One of his many capabilities in combat is how he uses his shield in combat, also as an attack weapon to crush skulls efficiently and cleanly.
  • Intimidation: Alucard is well known and feared among vampires and other supernatural beings who are hesitant about ever facing him in combat or invoking his wrath.
  • Genius-level intellect: Alucard is exceptionally intelligent and thoughtful. Under the tutelage of his parents, he had been highly educated, although not nearly as much as his father. Alucard and Sypha were able to lock down Dracula's castle by combining their knowledge and talent at research. After inheriting Castlevania and being gifted the Belmont Library, Alucard has been given the opportunities to become an intellectual that would near the brilliance of Dracula himself.
    • Knowledge of lost languages: Alucard's knowledge of ancient languages is quite high, and he can help Sypha control the mirror that manipulates the place where Dracula's castle appears and disappears.
    • Knowledge of monsters: Alucard is intimately able to prey and kill other monsters and beings of darkness.
  • Alchemy skills: Due to the nature and Tepes teachings on alchemy, Alucard is deeply aware of the natures present in alchemy, nature practices alchemy and magic, not devoting as much time to the practice, which pleases Greta because his smell is not as strong as Saint Germain's that stinks.



Season 1
1-01. Witchbottle
1-02. Necropolis
1-03. Labyrinth
1-04. Monument
Season 2
2-01. War Council
2-02. Old Homes
2-03. Shadow Battles
2-04. Broken Mast
2-05. Last Spell
2-06. The River
2-07. For Love
2-08. End Times
Season 3
3-01. Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
3-02. The Reparation of My Heart
3-03. Investigators
3-04. I Have a Scheme
3-05. A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
3-06. The Good Dream
3-07. Worse Things Than Betrayal
3-08. What the Night Brings
3-09. The Harvest
3-10. Abandon All Hope
Season 4
4-01. Murder Wakes It Up
4-02. Having the World
4-03. Walk Away
4-04. You Must Sacrifice
4-05. Back in the World
4-06. You Don't Deserve My Blood
4-07. The Great Work
4-08. Death Magic
4-09. The Endings
4-10. It's Been a Strange Ride

Castlevania: Nocturne

Season 1
1-01. A Common Enemy in Evil
1-02. Horror Beyond Nightmares
1-03. Freedom was Sweeter
1-04. Horrors Rising from the Earth
1-05. The Natural Order
1-06. Guilty Men to be Judged
1-07. Blood is the Only Way
1-08. Devourer of Light



  • "Then find the one who did the deed. If you loose an army of the night on Wallachia, you cannot undo it, and many thousands of people just as innocent as her will suffer and die." (Alucard trying to reason with his father in "Witchbottle")
  • "Do you think you can? If you're really a Belmont and not some runt running around with a family crest, you might able to. (summon his sword) Let's find out." ("Monument")
  • "You got nothing but insults have you? A tired little-." ("Monument")
  • "Please. This isn't a bar fight. Have some class." ("Monument")
  • "Do you have a God to put a last prayer to Belmont?" ("Monument")
  • "I can still rip your throat out." ("Monument")
  • "I am Adrian Tepes. Known to the Wallachians as Alucard... son of Vlad Dracula Tepes." ("Monument")
  • "I've been asleep here in my private keep under Gresit for a year, to heal the wounds dealt by my father when I attempted to stop him unleashed his demon armies." ("Monument")
  • "I need a hunter and a scholar. I need help to save Wallachia... perhaps the world... and defeat my father." ("Monument")
  • "We are all, in the end... slaves to our families' wishes." ("Monument")
  • "I had entirely different books under my childhood bed. My father was a polymath, my mother was a doctor, and I grew up very fast... I'm being literal. I aged very quickly." ("Last Spell")
  • "You died when my mother died. You know you did. This entire catastrophe has been nothing but history's longest suicide note." ("For Love")
  • "He died a long time ago." ("For Love")
  • "Is this how the castle felt to you, before my mother first arrived at your door?" ("End Times")
  • "Oh my God. I am losing my mind. It's only been a month... I think." ("Bless Your Dead Little Hearts")
  • "Never let a vampire in close. I'm half-vampire. Half of me wants you to step in close enough for me to bite out your throat." ("A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement")
  • "You do need to understand. I'm sharing all of this with you so that you'll remember it and pass it on. Not just the war-making." ("Worse Things Than Betrayal")
  • "I don't have a strong opinion. Magic and science are two sides of the same coin to me." ("What the Night Brings")
  • "I know your lives have been hard. But the world is not against you. I am not against you." ("Abandon All Hope")
  • "I told you my father didn't like magical weapons. I did not say I didn't use them. I never lied to you." ("Abandon All Hope")
  • "Well. I suppose I could've put up big signs all over the place. Do not enter. Danger of death. Abandon all hope. (scoff) That sort of thing. But this seemed to work well enough for dead old dad." ("Abandon All Hope")
  • "I should drink more water and less wine. This is coming out as scabs and wax." ("Murder Wakes It Up")
  • "For God's sake. Why am I the Alucard now?" ("Murder Wakes It Up")
  • (Reading the letter) "To the Alucard of the castle. We, the people of Danesti, beg your aid. Night creatures, vampires and terrible demons assault us and we know not why. Our defenses weaken and our numbers dwindle. Please sir, save our souls." ("Murder Wakes It Up")
  • "Oh my god, I'm turning into Belmont." ("Murder Wakes It Up")
  • "Call me Alucard. No The." ("You Must Sacrifice")
  • "And God *** in my dinner once again. Oh no. I really am turning into Belmont. Is life even worth living now?" ("You Must Sacrifice")
  • "And then, I'm ashamed to say, I put them on stakes outside the castle like I was my father... I'm just saying, I am not at my best. It has been... difficult." ("Back in the World")
  • "I am going to *** murder you!" ("Death Magic")
  • "As if my day wasn't going badly enough. It's Trevor Belmont." ("The Endings")
Alucard: I'm not... used to people.
Greta: They're used to you. So let them be used to you. And you'll get used to them.
Alucard: I think I felt part of my brain die just trying to follow that logic.
— "It's Been a Strange Ride"
  • "It's been a strange ride. I'm happy it's over. The funny thing is, for the first time in my life, I have absolutely no idea what happens next. I just have feeling that it's going to be worth it. That's exactly it. I'm weirdly happy." ("It's Been a Strange Ride")

Castlevania: Nocturne

  • "I am Alucard, son of Dracula. And if you fight me, you will die like thousands of vampires before you." ("Devourer of Light")
  • "You must be Richter Belmont. Complete with whip. Hmm. And on the brink of utter defeat. I hope I'm not too late." ("Devourer of Light")


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  1. When Sypha mentions that Alucard must be in his teens, he responds that he aged faster than normal, but that this process stopped when he was physically in his mid-twenties.
  3. Main article: Castlevania (animated series) Easter eggs: Alucard's teleport skill.
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