The Alucard Spear (erroneously transliterated as "Alcarde Spear" in Castlevania: Bloodlines) is a mystical spear Alucard created. It was designed to be a complement weapon to the Vampire Killer and passed to the Lecarde Clan as the whip was passed to the Morris Clan. Eric Lecarde inherited it at an early age and used it as his primary weapon in Castlevania Judgment and later in Castlevania: Bloodlines. In Portrait of Ruin, he bequeathed it to Jonathan Morris (after he mastered the Javelin), who also had possession of the Vampire Killer.

The Sega Saturn version of Symphony of the Night also includes the Alucard Spear as a weapon which Alucard is able to equip (although non-canonically). This weapon can be found in the Hell Garden.

Item Data

Item Data: Alucard Spear
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Spear BL.gif Short Spear (jpn) - Bloodlines [edit]
' Spear
Eric Lecarde 
Trident BL.gif Long Spear (jpn) - Bloodlines [edit]
' Spear
Eric Lecarde 
Alcarde Spear BL.gif Long Spear (Trident) (jpn) - Bloodlines [edit]
' Spear
Eric Lecarde 
Flame Spear BL.gif Blazing Spear (Flame Afterimage Spear) - Bloodlines [edit]
' Spear
Eric Lecarde 
Evolve: Downgrades to Long Spear (Trident) when damaged.
Satquip-aluspear.gif Alucard Spear (jpn) - Symphony of the Night (Saturn-only) [edit]
Mysterious spear used habitually before 2 Handed Weapon
Attrib: Cut
ATT +28
Find: Hell Garden
Special: ↓↘→ + [Attack] for multiple strikes; ←→ + [Attack] for laser attack
Alucard's Spear Icon.png Alucard's Spear - Portrait of Ruin [edit]
A spear with ties to Alucard. Once used by Eric. Weapon (Spear)
Attrib: Slash
ATK +120
Sell: $25,000 
Find: Entrance
Conditions: Complete "The Spear of Legend" quest. 



  • In Castlevania: The New Generation (the European version of Bloodlines), this weapon is called "Witches's Lance".[1]
  • In Bloodlines, if Eric Lecarde is killed while wielding this weapon, the spear will spin around in the air before descending downward and impale his corpse.

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  1. European instruction booklet, page 54.
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