Andras de Wygol was a soldier in the Brotherhood of Light as well as the member of the family who founded Wygol Village. He died trapped in the City of the Damned when he was closed off from his unit on a mission to recover the Primordial Chaos gem. In the modern world, the Wygol family left a tribute to Andras in Castlevania City, thanking him for his bravery.


The wait of Andras de Wygol

I hadn't gone more than a few meters when the doors of the enormous   

elevator closed suddenly, separating me from the rest. From behind the   

metal I heard the captain order me to stay in place until his return. Our   

mission to take the Primordial Chaos from the three fearsome guards should   

not have taken more than a few hours. However, it's been several days   

since he left and I fear I may be the last man alive in this castle.     

It is now, with my muscles numb and my heart filled with panic that I try   

to find peace in the memory of my beloved home. I recall the sad expression   

on the faces of my parents, sweet and humble farmers, when I told them I   

would be leaving in search of an exciting life in the army.

Memorial to Andras de Wygol

Tribute memorial to Andras de Wygol, soldier of the Brotherhood of Light.   

The descendants of the Wygols, deeply rooted in the city, wish to express   

and share with their neighbors and visitors their eternal admiration and   

gratitude to the brave Andras.   

This corner of the city will always be a place of meditation and seclusion;   

a place to celebrate that the Prince of Darkness was defeated forever by   

all those who fought and died so that we might live in peace today. Andras   

was one of them. His descendants could not be more proud of his bravery and   

sacrifice. Rest in peace.

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