"Irina's daughter and Serge's sister. She's a sensitive girl, and endowed with an awareness of the ethereal world."
— In-game description.

Anna (アンナ An'na?) is a supporting character in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. She is one of Wygol's villagers and a distant descendant of the Belmont Clan. She is Irina's daughter and Serge's sister.


Anna has a tendency to be possessed by evil spirits, so her cat, Tom, is always there to keep them at bay. Ironically, all of her quests instead involve her being the one helping Tom in one way or another.


Somnus Reef, left side of the map in the middle. The large room with Decarabia on the top left corner, behind a breakable wall.


  1. "Finding Tom"
  2. "Mice Make for Good Eats"
  3. "Tom and Jewelry"


  • At first, Anna will be very absent-minded as she will be really worried about her family's whereabouts, not showing much interest in speaking with Shanoa. Rescuing her mother will make her gain confidence and be more open to talking, allowing her to give quests.



  • After completing her last quest, Anna mentions about a recurrent dream she has, where a man with a whip fights against something scary; a clue about her Belmont heritage.
  • The name of Anna's third quest, "Tom and Jewelry", is a play on the popular animated series Tom and Jerry.

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