Waterways, Aqueducts and Sewers are recurring environments in the Castlevania series.


One of the most frequent steps Dracula takes every time he comes back to life is to poison all of the nearby towns' supplies of water, either by tainting their aqueducts or drainage systems, which in turn end up poisoning nearby lakes and other bodies of water. Effectively killing hundreds of people in a short time, this decimates most attempts to retaliate against him, buying him time to regain his full power.

The most common hindrances present in these locations are the deployment of aquatic creatures such as Mermen, and the poisoned water itself, which makes traversing them very dangerous as a single misstep could end up in a watery grave. However, in many games the protagonist is eventually given some sort of means to traverse these areas safely, either by letting them breathe underwater or cleansing the entire area from poison. Further exploration is then emphasized in progressing underwater, making these types of stages frequently a mixture between waterways and submerged areas.


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