Enemies that appear in Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade.

Regular enemies


Enemy Data: Arcade Bestiary (edit)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Death in Castlevania Arcade Death  [ edit ]
His very appearance strikes terror in the heart of people as a symbol of death. All the living creatures forfeit their lives when he brings his blade down on their bodies. 1. Ruins
Arcade White Dragon White Dragon  [ edit ]
White Dragon is immortal, immune to pain and suffering: it will be no easy task. 2. Castle
Arcade Dullahan Dullahan  [ edit ]
There is a rumour of a Headless Knight who is a brutal slayer and deliverer of death. No one can escape from his blade in the same way that death comes to all, eventually. 2. Chapel
Arcade Minotaur Minotaur  [ edit ]
It is best to avoid the Minotaur who guards the dungeon of Castlevania. There are (sic) no way to escape from him once he has seen you. His hands change the human to fleshy mass with surprising ease. 3. Dungeon
Arcade Water Dragon Water Dragon  [ edit ]
The dragon was always top of food-chain (sic) before the dawn of humanity. All the other beings are only fodder for them. Of course, humans are no exception. 3. Underground Waterway
Arcade Werewolf Were Wolf  [ edit ]
The creature understands the human languages, but cannot communicate with them. We are only the eatable enemies for it. (sic) If you were to discard your weapons, it would bite off your head immediately with its razor sharp fangs. 4. Ramparts
Arcade Harpy Harpy  [ edit ]
It floats across the sky like the wind, and takes its poor prey's life instantly. The queen's claw which controls the sky is the blade of the death. (sic) It is a threat to all beings on the ground. 4. Lookout Tower
DrAlpiRVAAEb9zc Death [Second Form]  [ edit ]
He is Death. Death portrays fear. That is to say, he is the absolute presence, the awe, the religion and the dark god. Of course, those who oppose a god never survive. 5. Top of the Clocktower
Arcade Dracula Boss Dracula  [ edit ]
The vampire of the dark night lives eternally with his many dark followers. He is the king, absolute evil and the most terrifying creature in existence. 5. Royal Throne Room
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