Stage five of Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade consists of the clock tower and is the final stage in the game. Death fights for a second time here, followed by Dracula himself.


You wind your way up the interior of the clock tower and are opposed by Sword Lords, Axe Armors and Skeleton Soldiers. The Axe Armors will throw axes at you while you try to ascend. Medusa Heads will block your path as you attempt to cross narrow bridges and gears.

Death battles you for a second time at the top of the tower. He takes a new powerful skeletal form without a robe (similar to his appearance in Castlevania Judgment). After defeating him, you are allowed to fight Dracula in his keep.

Dracula greets you before the battle, and during the battle, he summons enemies while teleporting and attacking you. After he is defeated, he transforms into a winged human-demon hybrid. After you kill Dracula once and for all, the game ends.


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