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"It's the elder's grandchild down there. We can't even bury them. It's not our way to just leave our dead unattended to!"
— Arn in "Necropolis"

Arn (アーン Ān?) is a minor character in the Netflix original series, Castlevania. He is one of the twelve Speakers that are traveling through Gresit.

He was voiced by Fabio Tassone in the English version of the show.


Arn is one of the twelve Speakers, a group of nomad scholars who are traveling through the Wallachian city of Gresit. Being younger than the Elder, he displays a more inquisitive and impetuous behavior than the reserved demeanor of the old man. He seems to be sort of a second-in-command within the tribe.

After being saved by Trevor Belmont, the Elder takes him to a hut in the city where the rest of the Speakers are hiding in. Arn welcomes the old man and quickly takes the initiative in the conversation that then ensues. Trevor reveals his lineage and the Elder and Arn talk about the reason for their staying in the city in such conflicted times.

The Elder mentions that the Speakers are twelve, but currently one is missing because they went into the city's catacombs following a legend about a "Sleeping Soldier", who allegedly could be of great help in this time of need. Arn suddenly intervenes and reveals that this person is actually the Elder's grandchild, much to the old man's dismay. However, they never came back, so the Speakers assumed they died during their mission, revealing that another reason for them staying in the city was because they wanted to give them a proper burial, as those are their customs.

Trevor then makes a pact with them: he'll go retrieve the body of their fallen comrade, but once he does, they'll have to leave the city for their own safety.

Appearance and personality[]

One of the younger Speakers, Arn has brown hair, brown eyes and brown skin. He wears the same apparel as the rest of the tribe: a two-piece robe held at the waist with a white sash and a large blue cloak over it with pointy white ends held together by an arrow-like shaped brooch near the chest area. The neck of this cape is very wide, letting part of the upper body be seen and with no other visible garments underneath. This wide neck can be unfolded to cover the head, acting as a cowl.

Being younger than many of the other Speakers, Arn is a bit inquisitive and reckless, and he seems to quickly try to take the initiative whenever an important conversation ensues. He sort of acts as the second-in-command within the tribe, responding only to the Elder, who oftentimes has to calm him down when his excitable attitude starts getting the best of him.


Season 1
1-01. Witchbottle
1-02. Necropolis
1-03. Labyrinth
1-04. Monument


  • "Elder, we were worried about you. I told you it was too soon to go outdoors." ("Necropolis")
  • "True speakers do not fight." ("Necropolis")
  • "Speakers live anywhere they deem right." ("Necropolis")
  • "That's the church's doing. They need something to blame." ("Necropolis")
  • "A Belmont? I thought your family had vanished." ("Necropolis")
  • "I swear it just moved." ("Labyrinth")



  • Arn only has a prominent role in the second episode of the first season, "Necropolis", and afterward he is rendered as a background character, only having one small line in the next episode.
  • Arn's Japanese voice actor, Katsunori Okai, also voiced Piter.