The Audience Room is a location in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It is similar to the Marble Gallery from Symphony of the Night. It acts as the main hub of the game, connecting to six other areas and having its own Warp Room. Furthermore, it's the only area with two warp rooms.


The Necromancer is the boss of this area; however, Nathan must first take a detour through the Outer Wall in order to reach him. Once he does, the Necromancer shows himself astonished of meeting someone who has escaped the Abyss alive. Before engaging in battle, he tells Nathan about their intentions of using Morris's soul to restore Dracula's powers.


Audience Room

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COTM Chapel Tower secret

The room with Skeleton Athletes appears as part of the Chapel Tower with a code

  • The room on the rightmost wing of the Audience Room, which hosts a long corridor inhabited by Skeleton Athletes and a Mimic Candle, appears as part of the Chapel Tower instead through the use of a code in an emulator.


  1. Unofficial name obtained through the use of a code in an emulator.
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