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"When I began this journey, I had a very simple plan. That plan has evolved. The plan is now conquest. Kill everything you see! Except Hector the forgemaster. He is for me alone. Begin!"

Back in the World is the fifth episode of the fourth season, and the 27th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


With Greta's help, Alucard sets out to guide the villagers to his castle for protection. Sypha pushes back on Zamfir's leadership. Isaac makes a move.


Between Danesti and Dracula's castle[]

Alucard guides Greta, Saint Germain, and all the other refugees back toward his castle. Greta believes they should have gone during the day but Alucard disagrees since the night creatures can act in the daylight. The night creatures being ordered by vampires' actions are too targeting. Alucard hopes to move their group before the monsters receive new orders.

Saint Germain isn't so confident that their trip will be safe, annoying Greta. Greta claims she can smell magic after leaving in the forest for so long. Saint Germain denies this and claims to be a mere scholar. Greta says she's disappointed since he'll be useless without the skills to wield a knife. While Greta circles around, Saint Germain expresses his desire to reunite with someone special soon.

Alucard stops walking and takes a position atop the trees to look outward. He flushes out a spider-like monster and battles with it. The chaos causes the refugee march to speed up and spread out.

Carmilla's castle[]

Meanwhile, at Carmilla's castle, Hector removes an arrow from the eye socket of his next subject. He's annoyed the vampire soldiers just left it in the corpse rather than taking it out. Lenore tells him to hurry, but Hector expresses the need to be delicate while performing his work. Hector proceeds to use his hammer to create a new demon, who's marked and added to the growing army.

Before his next subject arrives, Lenore states how disgusting the whole process is. She's bothered by something and Hector notices. Lenore admits that Carmilla's schemes have gone far beyond her expectations. Their last conversation resulted in Carmilla ultimately admitting that she intends to take over the entire world.

Lenore comments how she feels like she has nothing more to do since there is no diplomacy involved in making humans stand in line to be bled. Hector shows interest and sympathy in Lenore's problems, and Lenore says that's why she likes him - he is actually capable of listening to her. Hector points out that all this bothers Lenore because Carmilla lied to her. Carmilla lied to Lenore in the same way Dracula lied to Hector.

Between Danesti and Dracula's castle[]

Back on route to Dracula's castle, Greta encourages her people to fight their way through the monsters. She and Alucard lead the way and cut the beasts down, leading the group to safety. While they continue walking, Greta explains her family history to Alucard. Before long, they're attacked again by several night creatures.

Against a particularly powerful demon with the ability to spew acid, Alucard decides to act alone. He tells Greta to hang back and trust him to do the job he's been tasked with. Using his vast arsenal of abilities, Alucard kills the beast and once again clears the way to safety.

The group reaches the castle by dawn, and Greta is less than impressed. Alucard is insulted that she would call his childhood home ugly as sin, but Greta simply can't shake the cold aura surrounding it.Saint Germain recognizes the Belmont Hold and claims this could be the most important location in the modern world. Accepting his role in servicing the displaced people, Alucard welcomes them all to his home.


In Targoviste, Sypha is horrified that the community hasn't come together to fix anything. They don't know what to do, so she tries to guide them. Sypha finds Zamfir asking for a food tribute for the court and stops her. She convinces Zamfir that the people can't be left to die and tells everyone they need to clear outbuildings. Trevor watches impressed as his girlfriend rallies the community.

Trevor wonders about the mysterious underground court and where they could be hiding. The catacombs must be extensive enough to hide from vampires somehow. While he's searching for an entrance, a night creature appears from underground and attacks him. It attacks Zamfir directly after and attaches a tracking device to the back of her neck collar. Sypha gets the monster off of Zamfir and kills it with an icy spike.

Old Magician's town[]

Elsewhere, in Isaac's new base of operations, the Forgemaster is finally ready to take his revenge on Carmilla and Hector. Isaac announces that his plan has evolved from revenge to conquest. He rallies all his monster soldiers to kill everything in Styria, telling them to leave only Hector for him to deal with.



Alucard: We may call them night creatures, but they operate perfectly when in sunshine.
Saint Germain: But surely the vampires who command them are disadvantaged by daylight.
Alucard: Their night creatures are clearly being instructed. The attacks are too targeted.
Greta: We live next to the spirits of wood and stream, the things that come with the storm and the smell of magic. You smell of it. He reeks of it.
Alucard: What does it smell like to you?
Greta: On you, it's sweet like spices. On him, it's rotten.
Saint Germain: Yes, it's--it's rendered me quite deaf (Alucard chuckles). I am but a scholar, madam. The scent you detect are entirely down to Alucard having recently used soap and my having to fight your chickens for access to pond water.
Greta: And losing.
Saint Germain: And indeed losing. I am a man of books. Your earthy peasant ways are quite beyond me. My skills lie in other directions.
Greta: Pity. I was hoping you were good with a knife.
Lenore: The four of us support each other. But soon I'll have nothing to do. Nothing to offer. There's no diplomacy involved in making humans stand in line to be bled. All the humans. And not just in Europe.
Hector: Oh?
Lenore: She showed me her maps. I made her angry, I think. She showed me maps of the world.
Hector: I know, I know. A giant human pen from here to Braila. I've had the lectures.
Lenore: Not anymore.
Hector: (sighs) She's been scheming.
Lenore: And she showed me maps of the world, Hector.
Hector: The world.
Lenore: The pen was about securing our survival and safety for centuries to come. It was an insane idea, but we could stretch and make it work. But now she sees weakness everywhere. And we were a strong and stable community in a world that lost many of its vampire leaders at Braila.
Hector: So what you're saying is if it's there, she's going to drink it.
Lenore: She said she had one plan: To annex land from here to the sea. She promised me that was her plan, and then she was left alone, and then I made her angry and she showed me her maps. I think she lied to me.
Hector: Just the way Dracula lied to me.
Saint Germain: Dragan, you bloody fool. If this little show you're putting on gets us all killed, this was for nothing.



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