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Bail or Jail is a casual style asymmetrical tag-battle game developed by FREE STYLE, Inc. The game was originally released in Japan under the title OBAKEIDORO! (オバケイドロ!?), also known as OBAKEIDORO: Catch me if you can Monsters!, on the Nintendo Switch on August 1, 2019, and was released worldwide on August 29 of the same year. A PC version published by Konami was released on July 20, 2022.

Alucard and Leon Belmont were included as guest playable characters on the October 25, 2022 DLC pack.


Bail or Jail is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where players compete in a 3 minute hide-and-seek tag-battle match either as the Human team (consisting of up to three players) or the Monster. The game expands on the simple rules of tag by allowing players to come up with elaborate strategies through the use of character skills and traits.

During a match, the Monster will have to hunt and capture each member of the Human team before time runs out. To achieve this, each Monster counts with their own special abilities that give them certain advantages over the Human players. When a Human is captured, they'll be automatically sent and get locked inside a cage located at the center of the map. On their part, the Humans must avoid capture by the Monster and try to open both locks of the cage to bail their teammates out of trouble.

A Human's tactics are not limited to running and hiding. Players can activate their lantern to stun the Monster and either escape or even turn the tides in their favor.

On its part, each Monster counts with its own unique abilities, such as overall superior speed, being able to slip through walls, detect footprints, etc., allowing them to capture Humans when they least expect it.

If the Monster manages to put all Humans in jail, the match is won in its favor, but if at least one Human is still free when the timer expires, then the Human team wins.

DLC features[]

The October 25, 2022 DLC pack includes:

  • Alucard - Playable. Cannot use a lantern other than the Alucard Sword.
  • Alucard Sword - Cannot be used by any character other than Alucard.
  • Leon Belmont - Playable.



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