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For the location, see Baljhet Mountains.
"A climb through dangerous mountains. I also wove in a melody of encouragement for the bloody road ahead."
Michiru Yamane's comments on the Sound Select

Baljhet Mountains is a music theme composed by Michiru Yamane for Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It is the background theme of the titular location. The track was later featured in Pachislot Akumajō Dracula as background music that plays during Regular Bonus segments. It is also used during the Free Game Features of Castlevania: Ring of the Heavens and Castlevania: Warrior of Darkness.


Song Data: Baljhet Mountains
Image Track No. / Name (Japanese Name) Game / Soundtrack Composer Usage Notes / Links
CODOST 9 (CD 1). Baljhet Mountains Castlevania: Curse of Darkness /  Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Original Soundtrack
Michiru Yamane  Baljhet Mountains Links: YouTube
Pachislot Akumajo Dracula OST 2. Baljhet Mountains ~Regular Bonus~ Pachislot Akumajō Dracula /  Pachislot Akumajō Dracula Original Soundtrack
Michiru Yamane  Links: YouTube
Castlevania - Ring of the Heavens - 02 Baljhet Mountains Castlevania: Ring of the Heavens Free Game Feature
WoD Logo Baljhet Mountains Castlevania: Warrior of Darkness Free Game Feature