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Ballrooms are relatively common environments within the Castlevania series. They are large and elegant halls where the ghosts of their attendants can still be found dancing for the rest of eternity.


These areas are generally elegantly decorated in Victorian era style. Marble columns and statues, mirrors embedded within richly crafted borders encrusted with gems, Renaissance era paintings, huge chandeliers made with the finest cut crystal artisanship, and big windows overlooking the castle's beautiful gardens and adorned with huge curtains tend to decorate their halls. It's not rare to find large banquet tables repleted with the most exquisite delicacies, all served in magnificent silverware, evidencing the good taste and opulence of the receptions which took place there.

Fastuous orchestrated music usually plays in the background while traversing through the corridors of these areas. Violins, clavichords and pipe organs, all in conjunction, add to the overall atmosphere of the place. These areas usually have one big central dance hall where the ghosts of the attendants keep dancing eternally, probably oblivious of their condition of being dead for centuries. Aristocrats and nobles form a vast majority of the entities present here, all elegantly dressed for the occasion.


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