Battle-Types are the second Innocent Devil Hector encounters: the Magmard can be found in the Baljhet Mountains area.

They can be used both offensively and defensively, for their strength and speed, normally using melee attacks on foes. They start with the "Aura Blast", which inflicts radial damage to nearby enemies, even on air (it also inflicts multiple hits, so it's possible to make full use of this ability by using it against a enemy near a wall).

One of the most useful Skills they learn is the Brute Force ability, which allows Hector to proceed through the heavy iron doors throughout the game. The ability is gained after the first fight against Trevor Belmont. There is a second level of Brute Force that can be learned by a Juggernaut upon defeating a certain amount of enemies with one.

The "Hip Press" and "Shoulder Ride" abilities learned later also prove to be quite useful, with both of them having a part in the side-quests. They are possibly the strongest and most resilient Innocent Devils, but their greatest weakness is that they dwell on ground, so they are very susceptible to huge beam attacks. However, on Guard Mode, they create a small but powerful barrier that protect themselves (and Hector, if he stands in it), which will slowly deplete as they take hits: after a few hits, enemies can Guard Break them and inflict damage.

Battle-Type Devils have the ability to "Chain Attack." Upon hitting an enemy with the final hit of a combo, the word "Chain!" is flashed in an orange bubble for a moment. When it is on screen, the attack button (normal or special) can be pressed again to activate a special attack from the Battle-Type (which will instantly teleports to attack the same enemy Hector's attacking). The amount of times this is done is kept track of in the Player Statistics tables in the status screen.

Isaac is seen using two Battle-Type Innocent Devils during the second fight with him, an Iytei and a Rasetz, who serve as the last two of his Innocent Devils to be fought. Like Abel, the Rasetz shows contrast to Hector's own Rasetz, being much less saturated in color.

Innocent Devil Data

Image Name Description Abilities Evolves from Evolves to
Level 1 (Start)
Magmard Transparent.png
Initial form of a battle-type Innocent Devil as it has just been born. Its body still contains boiling magma. Aura Blast N/A (starter) Speed Mail (40 Blue/Yellow/Green)
Golem (40 Red/White)
Level 2
Speed Mail Transparent.png
Speed Mail
Features of this Innocent Devil are reminiscent of a knight's armor. It has a snake carved onto its comb. Heavenly Sword Magmard Rasetz (90 Blue/White)
Corpsey (90 Red/Green/Yellow)
Golem Transparent.png
An earthen soul formed into a living being by magic. Easy for a beginner to handle. Hip Press, Hip Press Lv.2 Magmard Iytei (90 White)
Juggernaut (70 All but White)
Level 3
Iytei Transparent.PNG
A gentle beast. The fur on its entire body is amazingly soft, as are the pads on its paws. Shoulder Ride, Ultra Scream Golem N/A (Final)
Juggernaut Transparent.png
The transmogrification of a king from far away, with a powerful sense of justice and honor. Homing Eye, Brute Force Lv.2 Golem Ironside (90 Blue/White)
Liquid Golem (90 Red/Green/Yellow)
Level 4 (Final)
Rasetz Transparent.PNG
The light glittering from its armor pierces all who see it. Equipped with the ominous blades called Murasame-maru. Grand Wave, Glow Sword Speed Mail N/A (Final)
Corpsey Transparent.PNG
A killer corpse seething with murderous intent. Its sword overflows with great rage and anger. Grand Wave, Bone Storm Speed Mail N/A (Final)
Ironside Transparent.PNG
A giant, its entire body is plated in thick iron. A single attack can shatter rock and bone. Chain Punch, Machine Gun Shot Juggernaut N/A (Final)
Liquid Golem Transparent.png
Liquid Golem
A demon coated in a fluid silver alloy. The origin of the symbols on its body are unknown. Mercury Sphere, Magma Mode Juggernaut N/A (Final)
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