A colloseum like area in Circle of the Moon where you must defeat various creatures without using cards before moving to the next area. It is linked to the Chapel Tower, and is the game's secret area, thus, completion of it is not required. There are 17 rooms, filled with the game's most powerful enemies. All enemies not exclusive to this area that appear here have a stat boost. However, there are some enemies that only appear here, such as the Devil Armor and White Armor. The "boss" of the area is the Devil. The reward for beating him is the Shining Armor, the most powerful armor in the game. There are no DSS moves allowed here, as all MP is drained immediately, so Nathan must rely on his sub-weapons. However, if the player has a potion able to restore a large amount of MP, they could be able to perform a short DSS move before the MP is drained again.

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