"Very well. Take the power of the Belmont Clan!"
— Belmont Bomber to White Bomberman, Super Bomberman R

Simon Belmont Bomber, commonly referred to simply as Belmont Bomber, is a playable character in Super Bomberman R. He was included on a free DLC update to the game released in June 29th 2017, along with Vic Viper Bomber and Pyramid Head Bomber.[1] He can be acquired in the in-game shop for 10 coins.

His overall design is based on the classic appearance of Simon Belmont.

Official descriptionEdit

"A vampire-hunting Bomberman from the Planet Castlevania. He is the heir to the Vampire Killer, a sacred whip passed down through the Belmont Clan. As well as his trusty whip, he's also a deft hand with a range of other weapons--bombs included, of course. In order to destroy his clan's arch nemesis, Dracula Bomber, he battles relentlessly against the monsters that inhabit Castlevania."
Super Bomberman R official website description


Belmont Bomber's Vampire Killer ability allows him to use his whip to pull-in other player characters or bombs from up to three spaces in front of him, to three spaces behind him. It has a three-second cooldown period between uses and it is also possible to pull a bomb into his own space to allow him to traverse through it. When a player character is whipped, they get stunned for one second before they can move again.

During the Grand Prix mode's introduction scene, Belmont Bomber thwarts Dracula Bomber's attack on the Bomberman brothers, giving the White Bomberman a memory cartridge that allows him to use the Vampire Killer ability to banish the villains from his house.

The Belmont Bomber's starting Grand Prix stats are:

  • Firepower: 3/6
  • Bomb: 1/1
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Bomb Kick skill

Quotes Edit

  • Next, I will come for you, Dracula!
  • As long as darkness still exists. I will not rest!
  • He who wields this whip is not easily defeated!



  • The soundtrack played during Simon Belmont Bomber's introduction in the "Grand Prix" mode is an arrangement of Vampire Killer called "Vampire Killer - R Arrange -" by Seima Iwahashi.[2]

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