The Belmont Hold is a location in the Castlevania animated series. The remains of a large estate that now lies in ruins and where the Belmont family lived for generations. The hold itself is located below the main building, which serves as an underground museum and library.

The manor

The manor was Trevor Belmont's childhood house before it was burned down by the Church. It was a big estate that resembled a small castle. It was likely built by Leon Belmont, the oldest known family member and founder of the Belmont Clan, once he had established from his travels. It was located passing a small forest where Trevor played as a kid. Many other Belmonts and ancestors of Trevor lived there for generations (probably centuries).

It was destroyed in front of an injured Trevor, as it can be seen in the opening of the animated series.

The hold

The hold is a huge library and museum that can be found underground the manor, sealed by a powerful Enochian magic door bearing the crest of the Belmont family. It was made both as an inventory and a research library for any Belmont, and is filled with tomes of knowledge, weapons, sacred and magical items, and even dead enemies collected by the Belmont family over generations. In this place is where Trevor found the Morning Star whip in a chest and Sypha found the spells to control and move Dracula's castle above the hold.



  • As it can be seen in the official concept art and in the end of the seventh episode off the second season, the manor resembles a small castle, comparable to the classic depiction of Dracula's Castle in the games.
  • Among the many rare objects that can be found in the Hold, a large display cabinet holding a collection of several monsters' body parts is worth to mention. Each body part has a small plaque bearing a number; interestingly enough, both the number and its corresponding body piece perfectly match the Master Librarian's enemy list from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The monsters that can be seen in the cabinet are:
16) Skelerang
17) Thornweed
18) Gaibon
19) Ghost
20) Marionette
21) Slogra
22) Diplocephalus
23) Flea Man
24) Medusa Head
28) Plate Lord
29) Stone Rose
30) Axe Knight
31) Ctulhu
32) Bone Archer
33) Bone Pillar
34) Doppleganger
35) Owl
36) Phantom Skull
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