Crow, the default form of the Bird-Type.

Bird-Types are flying Innocent Devils found in Mortvia Aqueduct in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.

They can lift Hector up into the air to allow him to go over gaps. The Bird-Type is stronger than the Fairy-Type, but weaker than the Devil-Type or Battle-Type. It's very agile and, of course, flies, giving it an advantage over ground enemies. They can, however, easily defeat light enemies by juggling them, but suffer against armored or heavy enemies.

As they evolve, they may become aligned with an element, such as the Khaos, with darkness, the Phoenix and Crimson, with fire, and the Indigo, with ice. The Wingosaurus, which can be evolved from Skull Wing, has an "upgraded" version of the glide, the "Long Glide", which is mostly used to reach the Tower of Evermore (even though not needed if done correctly with the neutral "Glide"). Also, the Phoenix has the powerful "Big Bang", which does a large amount of damage to everything onscreen (mostly wiping out every monster in the neighborhood). It is the only attack that can kill Isaac's Devil: Abel, but it also kills the Phoenix that uses it.

Innocent Devil DataEdit

Image Name Information Skills Evolves from Evolves to
Level 1 (Start)
Crow Transparent
A black bird said to feast on corpse flesh, and hated for it. Rumors of death follow in its path. Glide Goldfinch (40 Blue/Yellow/White)
Skull Wing (40 Red/Blue)
Level 2
Goldfinch Transparent
A southern bird with golden plumage. Said to bring good fortune from the heavens. Caltrops Crow Khaos (70 any)
Skull Wing Transparent
Skull Wing
Comprised of fleshless bones, this winged dragon is presumed to be a relative of skeletons. Carpet Bombs, Bone Shot Crow Phoenix (90 Green/Yellow/White)
Wingosaurus (70 Red/Blue)
Level 3
Khaos Transparent
Pure rage in corporal form, it is chaos with wings. Many find its anguished form hard to look at. Sphere of Darkness Goldfinch Blagsdeath (90 Red/Green/Yellow)
Gargoyle (90 Blue/White)
Phoenix Transparent
A legendary bird of flame, said to be immortal. Surrounded by myth, its history remains unknown. Big Bang, Fire Bird Skull Wing
Wingosaurus Transparent
A winged dragon with a striking crest, feared as the Hunter of the Skies. It's main diet is fish. Long Glide, Deadly Absorb Skull Wing Indigo (90 Green/Yellow)
Crimson (90 Red/Blue/White)
Level 4 (Final)
Blagsdeath Transparent
Has a beautiful, golden aerodynamic body. Attacks unleashed by its claws can tear foes apart. Beat Progress Khaos
Gargoyle Transparent
An evil statue brought to life as a winged fiend. Its zigzag patterns of flight create total fear. Conflict Fall, Force Cannon Khaos
Indigo Transparent
A winged dragon that wields the power of ice. Its Eternal Freeze Blast stops anything in its tracks. Icicle Shot, Blizzard Breath Wingosaurus
Crimson Transparent
A winged dragon instilled with the power of fire. Reduces everything to ash with its Flames of Hell. Ignition Blow, Flame Breath Wingosaurus