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Disclaimer: Portions of this page are based on internal worldbuilding material that was not made publicly available and thus might be subject to change. (See EGM fax references)

The Bloodlines Family Tree contains all Belmont relatives in the timeline created by Castlevania: Bloodlines director Toshiki Yamamura.


  • Solid lines denote confirmed blood relationship
  • Dashed horizontal lines denote engagement relationships
  • Dashed vertical lines denote uncertain blood relationships
  • A cross denotes a deceased character, who died before, during, or at the end of the events of the game(s) they appear in
Trevor C. Belmont
Sypha Belnades
Christopher Belmont
Cynthia Belmont[1]
Lloyd Morris[1]
Ann Belmont[1]
Frederick Belmont[1]
Leo Helsing[1]
Mary Belmont[1]
Leif Ericson[1]
Amanda Belmont[1]
Gerhart Belmont [1]
Soleil Belmont
Simon Belmont
Unknown sibling
Unknown sibling
Richter Belmont
Unknown sibling
Michael R. Belmont[1]
Unknown descendant
Quincy Morris
Van Helsing
Bolt Ericson
John Morris

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