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"It's all these families, like the Belmonts, who control all the power and go to war with each other. And who's caught in the middle?"
— Bosha in "Necropolis"

Bosha (ボーシャ Bōsha?) is a minor character in the Castlevania animated series. He is a farmer from the town of Murdenu.

He was voiced by Jonathan Lipow in the English version of the show.


Bosha is an obese and rough farmer from the town of Murdenu, at the outskirts of Gresit. He is first seen drinking at a tavern, telling his half-brother, Kob, and the innkeeper how he beat a man for trying to do something indecent to one of his goats. He then complains about how he's being fined by the local magistrate because the man went blind, which according to him, is just another example of the injustices being heaped on the working class by the "great and good".

A man named Piter then enters the tavern in a rush and tells the patrons that Dracula's horde is now approaching Gresit. Bosha doesn't seem surprised, though, saying that all of Wallachia's ills –from the mundane to the invasion of Dracula's army– can be blamed on its old families and its so-called "great houses" - like the worst of them all, the Belmonts, who "everyone knows" dealt with monsters and black magic.

A man sitting alone at a table not far from the group overhears Bosha's rant. When Bosha mentions the Belmonts, the man curses to himself and tries to hide his face. As the man grows more frustrated, he stumbles his way to the bar and asks the innkeeper for one last mug of ale before leaving, but the latter refuses to serve him another drink until he pays him.

As the man searches his clothes for the money, Bosha notices the family crest on his tunic and immediately recognizes it as the Belmont coat-of-arms. The man tries to calm things down, but Bosha isn't having any of it, claiming that everyone knows the Belmonts dealt with black magic and for that they were excommunicated by the Church and had their lands confiscated. Bosha blames the Belmonts for bringing evil into the world and for the rise of Dracula's army of monsters, so he finds this as the perfect opportunity to rid the world of one of them, although he demands a confession first. The man refuses to do this and just tries to leave in peace, but to no avail. Bosha and the others then attack him and the latter finally admits that he is Trevor Belmont, the last member of his clan, and beats them all down.


Season 1
1-01. Witchbottle
1-02. Necropolis
1-03. Labyrinth
1-04. Monument


  • "Vlad Dracula? An old family. The capital? All run by the great. And they are not even the worst. The Belmonts. We should have killed all the Belmonts." ("Witchbottle")
  • "You came from ***. I came from ***. We all came from ***." ("Necropolis")
  • "We just work for a living every day of our lives. We just keep those bastards in food and wool. Slaves! That's what we are. Slaves to great old families and their games." ("Necropolis")
  • "Every knows the Belmonts dealt in black magic. The Belmonts dealt with monsters... The Belmonts were excommunicated by the church, banished, disowned, their lands taken because they were evil.. The Belmonts traded in black magic, and now black magic is all over Wallachia." ("Necropolis")



  • Bosha calls Kob his "cousin", much to Kob's dismay, stating that even when both share the same father, Kob came out of his aunt.
  • Bosha's Japanese voice actor, Kenshiro Usuki, also voiced Blue Fangs.