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Braila is a location in the Castlevania animated series. It is a Wallachian port town targeted by Dracula. A place which marks the moment of Carmilla's betrayal against the Vampire Lord and the defeat of most of his army.

Overview and history[]

An extensive and remarkably developed port town that could as well be compared to a city, and whose main landmark was a massive bridge above a large river which connected its two shores. It was precisely this structure that made it an optimal strategic point during wartime, as troops, equipment, and supplies could be efficiently and speedily moved across it.

This particularity was what made Dracula choose to target Braila as one of the important steps during his war campaign against the humans. Unfortunately for him and his forces, this could also be used against the advancing troops, and the cunning Styrian queen Carmilla –who of course wasn't oblivious to this– immediately noticed this vulnerability and didn't hesitate to use it to device an ingenuous plan against Dracula in an attempt to usurp him.

Carmilla managed to convince Hector –one of Dracula's two Forgemasters– to turn against the Vampire Lord as well and side with her. She then asked him to use his abilities to resurrect the Bishop and ordered the latter to bless the river's water. The plan worked to perfection and as a result the water became a mortal trap to any vampire who dared to touch it (a species which composed the bulk of Dracula's forces).

At her command, Carmilla's own units destroyed the foundations of the bridge as Dracula's troops were crossing it, making the structure collapse and sending innumerable soldiers into a watery grave. Surrounded by the upcoming flood, the rest of Dracula's forces had no option but to seek refuge inside the castle, where they then engaged in battle with Carmilla's army. Carmilla and Hector, who remained outside, were also almost killed by the flood, but she managed to save them both numerous times from the furious waters.

During the battle, the castle suddenly disappeared, leaving Carmilla and Hector perplexed as to what had just happened.



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