The Bugbear, or Buckbaird, is an enemy in the Castlevania series. It is a single-eyed fiend cloaked in lightning.


The bugbear is a legendary creature or type of hobgoblin comparable to the bogeyman and other creatures of folklore, all of which were historically used in some cultures to frighten disobedient children.

Its name is derived from the Middle English word bugge ("a frightening thing"), or perhaps the old Welsh word bwg ("evil spirit" or "goblin"), or old Scots bogill ("goblin").

In medieval England, the bugbear was depicted as a creepy bear that lurked in the woods to scare children. In a modern context, the term bugbear serves as a metaphor for something which is annoying or irritating, often with a connotation that the fear or loathing it inspires is disproportionate to its small threat.

The Buckbaird is a creature of disputed origin, but is generally agreed to be the creation of artist Shigeru Mizuki. It first appeared in the GeGeGe no Kitarō comics and represents the West and smog. Buckbaird is classically depicted as a black mass of tendrils with a single, giant eyeball in the middle.


The Bugbear is a more powerful version of the Peeping Eye, although it has mythological roots and varies in look and appearance from time to time.


Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Making its first appearance in the series, the Buckbaird retakes the 3D model of the Peeping Eye; however, its attacks are different:

  • Rushes toward the player by twirling its tail charged with electricity.
  • Shoot a laser with its eye.
No. Name JPN HP
33 Buckbaird 66
Tolerance Weakness
Thunder -
Drop Location
- Garden Forgotten by Time, House of Sacred Remains, Ghostly Theatre
Description "An evil eye that gazes from the darkness."

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Bugbears appear in the last part of Celia's castle: The Pinnacle. They're almost immune to Electric and have no other attacks aside from wandering about and trying to touch Soma. The player should be aware of the electric ball at the end of their tails, though.

Its soul grants Soma the Resist-Thunder ability, which provides him with great resistance against Electric-based attacks.

75 Bugbear バックベアード Bakkubeādo (Backbeard) 122 999 48
Tolerance Weakness
Electric Bashing, Piercing, Stone, Time Stop (affected)
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul EXP
Cursed Clock Tower, The Pinnacle, Mine of Judgment - - Resist-Thunder (4%) 180
Description "A single-eyed fiend cloaked in thunderbolts."

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

In Order of Ecclesia, Bugbears are about the same as in Dawn of Sorrow. What changes is the sound they produce after waking up, which is now an electrical crackling. Their attack pattern has also been improved a bit and now they primarily try to hit Shanoa with their electrified tails by trying to fly above her.

94 Bugbear Buckbaird 156 65
Tolerance Weakness
Thunder Light
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Forsaken Cloister, Barracks, Arms Depot, Mechanical Tower, Final Approach - - 134 3
Description "A single-eyed fiend cloaked in lightning."


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