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"If only you too would embrace the darkness in your soul, then a new world would unfold before you."
— Camilla to Nathan prior to their encounter

Camilla (カーミラ Kāmira?, lit. "Carmilla") is one of the main antagonists in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. She is a female vampire loyal to Dracula, who plots his resurrection and eventual rise to power. She carefully devised a plan to bring her master back to full power. She owns a castle in Austria, where the events of the game take place.

Character's history

Camilla is a loyal minion and a devoted worshiper of chaos and Dracula.[1] She plots the resurrection of her master in her castle located in Austria.

In 1830, she successfully resurrected the demon lord, Count Dracula, although not at his full power. To restore his evil might, Camilla planned to sacrifice the vampire hunter Morris Baldwin, father of Hugh Baldwin and mentor to Nathan Graves, during a lunar eclipse of the full moon. As Graves began making headway in an effort to rescue his master, Camilla sent the Necromancer to delay him. Ultimately, under Dracula's approval, she brainwashed Hugh to do her evil bidding.

She later meets Nathan in the Underground Waterway, whom she tries to convince to stop fighting, claiming that darkness is the true nature of the human soul, therefore meaning he shouldn't fight Dracula, but Nathan ignored her point of view, with her then alluding to Hugh's brainwashing by stating the latter was "more honest" with himself. Even though she perished at the hero's hand, Camilla relished the fact that the rite to restore the Count was nearly complete.

Camilla plays a much larger role as the main antagonist in Circle of the Moon than in previous installments. She is the mastermind behind all events taking place in this story, from the resurrection of Dracula, the summoning of the Necromancer, the abduction of Morris Baldwin, the conversion of Hugh, and the deployment of all creatures to allow her master to regain all his power.

Boss battle

When confronted, Camilla transforms into a winged demoness atop a flying giant skull. While a different look for her, she still resembles her previous incarnations. She attacks with an array of different forms of dark energy: homing fumes, a barrage of blade-shaped blasts, and a constant stream of energy emitted from the skull's mouth.

After the battle, she will revert to her normal form and tell Nathan that he is too late and there's no way to stop Dracula; then she screams as her body disintegrates into dust.

Enemy Data

Camilla カーミラ Kāmira (Carmilla) 1,500 8,0000
ATK DEF Location
650 700 Underground Waterway
Common Drop Rare Drop
- -
Resistance Darkness




Carmilla - Boktai - 01

Carmilla from the Boktai series.

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