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Camilla Fernandez (ヴェルナンデスの戦士 Verunandesu no Senshi?, Fernandez Warrior) is a boss in Castlevania (N64) and Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. She is the cousin of Carrie Fernandez, who was captured and vampirized during her assault on Dracula's Castle.


Camilla Fernandez was Carrie's cousin, who was captured during her assault on Dracula's Castle. The evil witch Actrise had her made a vampire and used her as an obstacle to Carrie's quest. Since a cure to her vampirism was not an option, Carrie was left with no alternative but to destroy her turned cousin. Despite any emotional attachments she may have felt, Carrie did not seem discouraged by these events. After destroying the vampire, Carrie gave a few words of prayer for Camilla's soul before continuing her mission.

It is not known exactly if Camilla's presence would hopefully prove to be morally damaging to Carrie, or if Actrise chose her to do battle with Carrie due to the similarities in their powers. However, given the tendency for Dracula's minions to enjoy playing with their victim's emotions, and also when compared to Reinhardt's own battle with Rosa, one could assume that the former is more likely than the latter.


About Camilla

She was a Fernandez too, a warrior who came to fight the dark lord. We took her alive, and made her a vampire. [...] She had great spirit and struggled mightily against the curse. But now she is wholly a vampire, desperate for blood. Ha, what joy! Two cousins fighting to the death!

Enemy Data

Camilla Fernandez Fernandez Warrior 300
Castle Center (Carrie only)

Carrie's Cousin Fernandez Warrior 300
Castle Center (Carrie only)


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  • The character design for Camilla Fernandez was originally meant to be used as a wreck of Sypha Belnades. This idea was abandoned during development of the game,[1] but the music track used during her introductory cinematic is still referred to as "Sypha" on the game's official soundtrack release.
  • The name "Camilla" is also used to call the vampire Carmilla in some versions.
  • Even though her name is never mentioned in the game, she is still called Camilla Fernandez on the official European site of Castlevania 64.


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