Hiding from Carmilla

Carmilla's Lair is a southern wing of Dracula's castle in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Dracula is brought here by Trevor. Partial libraries and huge balconies make up a lot of this part of the castle. Bloody Skeletons and Dishonored Vampires can be found here.

Here Dracula encounters his old enemy Carmilla, once again. With the help of Marie, Carmilla's poison is cured and she is defeated afterwards.

Dracula can access this wing from Map Rooms and Wolf Alters.

Locations indexEdit

  • Library
  • Moon Terrace
  • Outside Bridge
  • Laboratory


  • Like all other places of the castle, it is a physical manifestation of Dracula's memories, wishes, and past events (it exists as its own sort of time travel/pocket universe). The castle represents the period shortly before the destruction of his castle by the Great Explosion when it was under siege by the forces Roland de Ronceval. This realm overlaps Castlevania City, and there are places where the two realities merge. Throughout his quest, Gabriel physically disappears to the realm (and is hidden from Zobek), only to be teleported elsewhere in the city when he returns.


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