The Castle Corridor is a location and the opening stage of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.


The Castle Corridor is the first area to be explored in Aria of Sorrow. The castle's entrance can be found here, where the introduction to Genya Arikado and Mina Hakuba takes place. This area connects to many of the castle's other areas. It's built with long hallways, with the occasional stairwell or side route. It's comparable to a Castle Entrance, except for the first half being badly neglected. The second half is more elegantly designed, slightly resembling the Dance Hall. The Castle Corridor acts as a connector to most of the levels in the game, namely the Chapel, Dance Hall, Floating Garden, Clock Tower, Underground Reservoir, Inner Quarters and the Top Floor. However, the entrance to the Clock Tower and the last two entrances are all optional and cannot be accessed until late in the game.

After traversing the first long corridor of this area, Soma will reach a large room flooded at its bottom (reminiscent to a similar room found in Symphony of the Night). A Soul-Keeper can be found at the lower-middle part of this room. Breaking it, will allow Soma of gaining dominance over the Grave Keeper's soul, which will grant him the Back Dash ability.

This location, being the beginning of the game, is littered with many weak enemies. Here, the player will find zombies of three varieties: the regular Zombie, possibly the weakest opponent in the game; the Zombie Soldier, a knife wielding zombie that can lob grenades; and the Zombie Officer, who only wields a large sword but can take many hits. Bats are commonly found here, hanging from ceilings and waiting to strike at unsuspecting victims. Peeping Eyes appear too, and will float around without actively pursuing Soma. The greater threats are the Axe Armors, who are durable and hit hard against newcomers. Skeleton Archers shoot lethal arrows and will stay as far back as possible from Soma. When paired with the tough Axe Armor, the archers will have a clear and deadly view of Soma without him being able to easily get to them. There are a few White Dragons that can pose problems for those who are slower on their feet. Finally, Skeleton Knights also appear here, jabbing with their swords, though these hits can be dodged simply by ducking.

The Creaking Skull is the boss of the area, and first boss of the game.



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