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The Castle Keep (Chinese: 魔城上层, Upper Castle) is a stage in Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody. Its general design and layout is based on the Castle Keep stage of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.



The Castle Keep is divided into sections. The Periphery (外围) makes up the bulk of the stage, while the Core (核心) is the area past the broken staircase that leads to the throne room.


A secret passage near the top of the castle, outside of which is an ancient and dilapidated wall. From here, you can see the highest point of the demon castle — where the Demon King resides.

The Periphery is reached from the Royal Chapel. This secret passage starts at an overgrown deserted corridor, which leads to a tower, where a Cyclops is fought. Ascending the tower and to the left is a broken bridge. The area around and beyond this bridge, but not crossing it, is an outside area surrounded by the ancient wall. Crossing this bridge leads Core section. To the right of the tower is a hallway that leads to the Entrance of the Clock Tower.

Enemy Data[]

Enemy Data: Castle Keep
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location Notes
First appear in Deserted Corridor of Periphery
Clay Figurine Bestiary Model 1-1. Mudman  (泥人)(Element) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Entrance, Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Head-Holding Swordsman Bestiary Model 8-8. Head-Holding Swordsman  (抱头剑士)(Majin) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Entrance, Marble Gallery, Library, Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Axe Throwing Armor Bestiary Model 2-1. Axe Throwing Armor  (投斧装甲兵)(Armor) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Alchemy Laboratory, Marble Gallery, Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Shield Throwing Sword Soldier Bestiary Model 8-1. Shield Throwing Sword Soldier  (盾牌飞镖兵)(Majin) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, Castle Keep
Flea Man Bestiary Model 8-7. Flea Man  (跳蚤男)(Majin) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Marble Gallery, Library, Castle Keep, Clock Tower
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Swordsman Armored Soldier Bestiary Model 2-14. Swordsman Armored Soldier  (剑士装甲兵)(Armor, Elite) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Outer Wall, Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
First appear in Open Area of Periphery
Flying Beast Bestiary Model 10-3. Flying Beast  (飞兽) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Royal Chapel, Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Ram Demon Bestiary Model 10-2. Ram Demon  (羊角魔) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary
Cyclops Bestiary Model 7-4. Cyclops  (独眼巨人)(Monster, Boss) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Alchemy Laboratory, Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, Alchemy Laboratory, Castle Keep




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