Castle Mode is a special game mode found in Castlevania Judgment. In this mode, the player has to enter different rooms and to complete the challenges to progress in the castle until they face Dracula himself.

Every room contains either a challenge or a save point. Challenges consist of breaking items, killing monsters or bosses and face other characters. Time limits and other requirements, bonuses or penalties will be applied during challenges. The player's health isn't restored between matches, so one should be very careful while attempting this mode. Should the player be defeated, they will start from a previous save point with their health restored to full.

The two last challenges are always the same: a fight against multiple monsters (Zombies and Mermen) and bosses (Minotaurs and Iron Gladiators) and a duel against Dracula (with huge bonuses for Dracula, usually regeneration and attack bonus).

Beating Castle Mode with a character will unlock their voice data, music theme and art.


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