The Castle Treasury is a location in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. It acts as the central hub of the castle and connects to many other areas on both the eastern and western wings of the structure.


The Castle Treasury has fog in several places but not in the volcano fields background or the crystal cave.

Near the beginning of this area, Juste finds himself inside a crystal cave. Descending the first opening on the ground leads him to an optional underground area where he confronts the Gate Guarder, another armor-type enemy. Instead of defeating him by normal means, however, he'd be wise to make him slip down from his platform, thus making him roll to the lower part of the room, destroying a boulder blocking the entrance to another room in the process. Inside this last room, he meets the Merchant for the first time, and has his first opportunity to buy from him or sell any jewels he has acquired.

Exiting the crystal cave and traversing a few more rooms, Juste eventually finds a special room where he may store all collectibles he has found so far. This room may be visited in either Castle A or B, and is part of a special mini-game. If he manages to collect every piece of furniture in the game and takes the time to return to this room to decorate it, a special cutscene will play at the end of the game.

The final confrontation with Maxim also takes place in this area, in a room below a metal panel on the floor which can only be opened by destroying a special sculpture of a bloody hand in a secret room at the Castle Top Floor (Castle A, Crush Boots required). He can be fought in either Castle A or B. However, only in Castle B and after meeting certain requirements (wear both JB's and MK's Bracelets when dealing the final blow to Maxim, and having collected all five of Dracula's Relics), may the player have access to the good ending.


Castle Treasury
  • A foggy environment in Castle A.
  • The crystal caverns in Castle A.
  • The crystal caverns in Castle B
  • A Castle B room with a volcano in the background

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