This "Limited Edition Soundtrack Sampler" has two different covers, one for the US release and one for the EU release. It is a promo CD that was given on preorders of the game both in the USA and Europe. The music is the same as in the complete soundtrack, although the track list is different. The music was composed by Michiru Yamane.

Track listEdit

  1. Abandoned Castle - The Curse of Darkness
  2. Followers of Darkness - The First
  3. Baljhet Mountains
  4. Belmont - The Legend
  5. The Man Who Destroyed Dracula - Part 2
  6. Garibaldi Temple
  7. Mortvia Fountain
  8. Followers of Darkness - The Third
  9. The Forest of Jigramunt
  10. Insane Aristocracy
  11. The Siblings' Sad Destiny
  12. Eneomaos Machine Tower
  13. Aiolon Ruins
  14. The Power of a Hunter - Part 2
  15. The Dark Holy Man
  16. Dracula - Part 1
  17. A Toccata into Blood Soaked Darkness

Additional informationEdit

The track "Insane Aristocracy" is the previous name of the track "Young Nobleman of Madness" in the complete soundtrack.

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