A mobile phone version of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow published by Glu Mobile, Inc.. It follows the same general plotline, levels, enemies and items as the original game, but in a smaller, remixed fashion.

Differences from the DS version

Many features from the original version of the game were removed or changed in order to make the gameplay fit for the mobile phones. Notable changes are the following:

  • Limited number of usable items, Tactical Souls, and weaponry, including a simplified Weapon Synthesis, Yoko does not offer to free souls.
  • Lesser variations of monsters and enemies with Tactical Souls emit green sparks when hit.
  • The Tactical Souls will level-up by 1 per soul collected, with most souls capped at level 9.
  • Some rooms were omitted, hence the castle's layout is smaller.
  • The touchscreen-specific abilities were removed. Therefore, using the Magic Seals are only keypad pattern-based.
  • There is only one ending in the game. Julius Mode is also unavailable.
  • There is no Name Entry Screen.
  • Hammer is not present in this mobile version, hence the Shop cannot be accessed.
  • Boss Rush mode also features minor enemies in between two boss rooms, much like in Portrait of Ruin's style.

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