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Castlevania: Dracula X is an action/adventure platform game developed and published by Konami, originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. It is known in Japan as Akumajō Dracula XX (Double X) (悪魔城ドラキュラXX?) and in Europe under the title Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss.

The game is an adaptation of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood,[1] which was originally released exclusively in Japan for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM². Despite being commonly labeled as a port, the contents of the game were drastically altered from the original and is instead considered to take place in a different universe than the official timeline.[2]


The country of Transylvania in the Middle Ages...
In the land which gave rise to countless legends of Dracula, a pitch-black evil has once again come...
Hundreds of years have passed since the time of Simon Belmont, the legendary hero said to have sealed away Count Dracula, and the people have grown used to peace, and corrupted it.
Now, once more, the wickedness in the hearts of some men has resurrected the Dark Lord of evil, Count Dracula.
Count Dracula, now revived, plotted revenge against the descendant of the Belmont line that sealed him away, Richter Belmont.
To lure Richter to the Demon Castle, he lead his new servants in an attack on the town, abducting Richter's lover, Annet, her younger sister, Maria, shutting them up in the Demon Castle.
To rescue Annet and Maria, and to seal away Count Dracula once again, Richter, mourning his fate, took up his ancestral holy whip and headed for the Demon Castle.''

— Translated Japanese instruction booklet description.


Image Name Information
DX Jap Manual Richter.JPG
Richter Belmont
(Richter Belmondo)
Age : 19

Descendant of Simon Belmont and renowned vampire exterminator. Has a strong sense of justice and unwavering will.
Supporting cast
DX Jap Manual Annet.JPG
Age : 17

Richter's girlfriend. She was kidnapped by Dracula and is imprisoned somewhere within his evil castle.
DX Jap Manual Maria.JPG
Younger sister of Annet. She was kidnapped along with Annet, and is imprisoned somewhere within Dracula's castle. In this version, she's not a playable character when rescued.
DX Jap Manual Dracula.JPG
Age : ??? (believed to be about 800 years old)

Proprietor of the evil castle and origin of all wickedness in the world. Cruel and heartless, he at the same time possesses refinement and grace that would be expected only of nobility.


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Stage Name Boss Music
Stage 1 Burning Town Keruberosu Bloodlines
Stage 2 Gate and Entrance to Evil Castle Myotia Vampire Hunter
Stage 3 Great Hall Dyurahan Bloody Tears
Stage 4 Dungeon Minotaurusu Cemetery
Stage 4' Caves Ghost Cemetery
Stage 5 Courtyard Lypuston Slash
Stage 5' Stage 5' Salamander Picture of the Ghost Ship
Stage 6 Clock Tower Carmilla (if Annet wasn't rescued)
Death (if Annet was rescued)
Stage 7 Count Dracula Dracula Den
Illusionary Dance

Comparison with Rondo of Blood

When the Super NES port of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was first announced, fans were excited to see that the popular Japanese PC Engine game would make it to the console and be released internationally. However, gamers were disappointed to see that the final product, now titled Castlevania: Dracula X, was very different from the original game. The levels were completely different (yet still contained many sprites, enemies, bosses and elements from the PC Engine game), the non-linear gameplay was toned down drastically (instead of four alternate levels, as in Rondo of Blood, Dracula X features only two), and the difficulty was increased. While Maria can still be saved, she was unplayable and demoted to just another damsel in distress in the remake, thus making Richter the only playable character in this game. It is also said to be one of the toughest and most frustrating Castlevania action games.

There were a few things arguably thought to be better than the original Rondo of Blood. Often cited are changes to the music tracks, better graphics for the background flames in Stage 1, more defined and colorful sprites in general, and increased difficulty in the final Dracula battle, which was considered far too easy in the original version.

A few notable alterations to the plot of Rondo of Blood were also made. Maria and Annet were made sisters, although they weren't blood relatives in the original version. It also should be noted that neither of them is said to have the surname "Renard", Maria's family name in Rondo of Blood. Maria also doesn't display signs of any magical abilities, whereas they were awakened in Rondo of Blood, which she uses to fight enemies in the game. In Dracula X's instruction booklet and opening, it is said Simon Belmont defeated and sealed away Dracula "several hundred years before", while at least one source related to Rondo of Blood places it exactly one hundred years after Simon instead.[3] The character Shaft was omitted from the story as well.  

For unknown reasons, the Super NES remake was made radically different. It has been speculated that this was due to differences between NEC and Konami. Also, the official artwork used for the original Japanese release and for the PAL region releases is in a completely different style. However, the North American release still uses the artwork from the original PC Engine version for unknown reasons.

Differences between Dracula X and Rondo of Blood

  • Many levels were redone to make the game harder than Rondo of Blood.
  • The Prologue stage was removed and the game starts off with the Burning Town instead in Dracula X.
  • Maria was moved to Stage 4 instead of Stage 2.
  • The Grand Cross has a completely different attack pattern by scattering several Crosses on the screen instead of summoning the giant crucifixes from Rondo of Blood.
  • Most bosses were repositioned throughout the stages.
  • The two captured maidens, Tera and Iris, do not appear in Dracula X.
  • Two bosses that weren't in Rondo of Blood, Keruberosu and Ghost, were added to the game.
  • Several bosses from Rondo of Blood, such as the Wyvern, Bone Golem, Dogether, Laura, Medusa, Mummy, The Creature and Shaft, do not appear in Dracula X.
  • Richter does not have a single dialogue in Dracula X.
  • Voice acting was not included in Dracula X, although grunts were still kept.
  • Maria, Annet, Carmilla and Dracula had completely different designs in both their artworks and sprites in Dracula X.
  • Carmilla can turn Annet into a vampire before reaching the end of the Clock Tower if she was not rescued in Stage 5'. This event does not take place in Rondo of Blood.
  • Richter and Death had their blood recolored to follow Nintendo's restrictions at the time, although for some reason blood was still kept on the title screen.
  • The game only has two cutscenes in Dracula X, which differ completely from those present in Rondo of Blood.
    • On a similar note, in the ending, Dracula and Richter's exchange after the battle is excised.
  • Simon Belmont is mentioned in the intro for Dracula X. He was never alluded in Rondo of Blood.

Regional differences

All versions of this game are pretty much the same, only having very subtle differences between them - mainly the removal of most or all blood in certain animations.

  • Title screen:
    • The Japanese version displays two leaned crucifixes forming the letters "XX" and the title has a blood motif borderline.
    • The US version shows two animated brushstrokes apparently made with blood which form a letter "X" stylized as a leaned crucifix and blood flows out of the word "Dracula" forming a puddle at its base. Oddly, this is the bloodiest title screen of all, which is notable due to Nintendo's regulations toward violent and religious imagery on games for their systems in the US at the time.
    • The European version only displays the title with a uniquely stylized font and notably using a pink/violet color tone for details, probably as an alternative to the color red in order to avoid it being misinterpreted for blood.
  • The original Japanese version displays blood in the main game, which was removed in the US version. When Richter dies, he disintegrates into a splash of blood. The red color was changed in the US/PAL versions, where he instead turns into a ghostly white color.
  • In the Japanese version, when Death is defeated, his scythe goes flying straight up and decapitates him on its way down, with blood gushing out from the injury. This was also removed from the export versions.
  • In the Japanese version, the sprite of the Crucifix sub-weapon is faithfully represented as such, while in the US and PAL versions it was changed to resemble a four pointed utensil apparently made with two sticks fastened together with a bolt and its name was changed to "Boomerang" instead.

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