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Note: This information comes from the statistics released by Konami on the game's official page.


After its beta-stage period, Konami issued a report on the quality inquiry that had to be answered with the beta. The statistics were divided in several categories, and were as follow:

  • Graphics: 69% considered the graphics to be good and 9 % considered them bad. The other 22% chose not to answer.
  • Story/background: A 67% of the inquired considered it was good, and 5% viewed it as bad. The remaining 28% chose not to answer.
  • Action/operability: This category received a general negative response, with a 20% of good answers and a 63% of bad answers, with an abstinence of 17%.
  • Multiplayer: The multiplayer experience had more mixed reviews. 38% of the inquired qualified it as good, a 31% as bad and the resting 31% abstained
  • Battle System: The battle system received a generally negative review with up to 46% of the inquired considering bad, against 13% that gave it a positive review.
  • Single player mode: The single-player experience received a favorable review by the 51% of the inquired against the negative report from 9% of the inquired.
  • Character and equipment progression: This category received a mixed review; with a 31% of favorable reviews and 30% negative.
  • Use of enhanced screen: Thia category received a mainly negative review, with 47% of the inquired considering it bad, against a 21% who gave a more favorable review of it.
  • Sound: The sound category (which treated to both BGM and SFX) received a general positive response; with 83% of the critics being favorable, and 3% of bad critics.
  • Technical performance: Viewed mainly negative, with 47% of the inquired considering it bad, and an acceptance of 13%.
  • Connection speed and load times: Were reviewed generally negative, with an acceptance of 17% and a negative view from 37% of the inquired.

Playable characters review[]

  • Alucard was considered easy to play by 87% of the inquired.
  • Simon was considered easy to play by 75% of the inquired.
  • Charlotte was considered easy to play by 67% of the inquired.
  • Shanoa was considered easy to play by 76% of the inquired.
  • Maria was considered easy to play by 76% of the inquired.



The sound (especially the music) was praised both technically and stylistically, and the choice of reusing music from past titles was view as good.

The graphics were considered really well crafted and a successor to the Castlevania atmosphere, although the character designs could have been improved. The graphical interface was considered very good and intuitive for a mobile phone game.

The operability was considered good and the action fun, and the gameplay was easy to understand.

The multiplayer was appreciated, specially the competitive modes, and the communication was easy to use.

The character customization, both in its outlook and in its playability was praised.

Was compared to Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.


It was considered too difficult to perform long combos or fast movements due to the slow performance of the touchscreen. Some considered the experience would have been better if the "Jump" and "Attack" buttons were always visible.

On multiplayer, the pairings where considered bad, and sometimes the players would end up been paired with players way stronger than them.

Players had a general view that it took too much time to level-up a character.

It was generally considered that the game consumed too much battery, and that when playing on an iPhone 6 (the minimum hardware it could be played), the processing speed was too slow and sometimes it would boot to the Start Screen.