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Script for dialogue found in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls.


Opening narration[]

As the annals of history reveal...
a sinister force is reborn once every 100 years...
born from those who seek the fuel the evil that resides within us.
Once returned, he will summon forth monsters, and together they will lay the world to darkness.
From his throne in the castle that provides his magic, he seeks to plunge the world into despair.
And the name of harbinger of chaos...?
Dracula Vlad Țepeș.
The Lord of Darkness, Count Dracula.

Where there is darkness, however, there is also light.
Throughout history, brave and bright souls have expelled Dracula's darkness.
In the year of 1999...
brave heroes sealed Dracula's castle within a solar eclipse.
After bringing the world to its knees time and time again, the Lord of Darkness was no more...
Or so they thought...

Dracula's soul transmigrated into the body of a boy.
His name was Soma Cruz.
To suppress Dracula, a secret government agent was sent from Japan to help.
Genya Arikado.
Also known as Alucard, this man had helped defeat Dracula...his father.

As time passed...
Dracula's history became legend.
In this idyllic time, Genya Arikado received a letter requesting his aid.
It told of an overwhelming darkness...
a darkness which threatened the hard-fought peace.
Surely, the moonlight no longer shone over Dracula's castle.
Arikado's cursed home had undeniably been sealed away in the eclipse.
And yet, he remained uneasy.

He made haste.
What awaited him he could not be certain.
All he knew was the future's history had yet to be written...

Lucy Westenra[]

(Arikado cuts down a skeleton at full speed)

Arikado: Damn monsters… What the hell is going on?

(a cinematic starts, Arikado after defeating the skeleton warrior, approaches the Elgos building, where Lucy Westenra reveals herself after Arikado knocks on the door)

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Arikado: You must be Lucy. I received your letter.

Lucy: And you must be Alucard! Thank you so much for coming! Oh… I forgot you go by Genya Arikado now.

Arikado: We have more important matters at hand. Explain what is happening. The road here was brimming with monsters. I slew many, but why have they appeared? The organization had no clue the dark ones were running rampant.

Lucy: We at Elgos study and oversee the grimoires. The chaos began with them.

Arikado: Elgos…? I am familiar with the name. However, this is my first time meeting a member in the flesh. Am I correct in saying you collect and preserve documented information on Dracula and his castle?

Lucy: You are. We were first established—No, I should probably get to the point. The truth is a number of grimoires are overflowing with dark powers beyond our control. In short, their power is materializing in the real world in the form of monsters.

Arikado: Something must be done before the whole world is ridden with the fiends.

Lucy: My organization and our leader are trying to deal with the situation. But alas with little success. Though difficult to admit, I have to face the facts: we need a hero. We need you.

Arikado: It matters not. On my mother's name, I will stop this. For my father's sake, too. Now, I assume an insane situation requires an insane solution, correct…?

Lucy: Indeed. We discovered in the depths of each grimoire monsters that serve as their power source. Defeating these monsters, we believe, will purge the grimoires. That is where you come in, Mr. Arikado. Kindly enter the grimoires for us.

Arikado: Enter them…? Is that even possible?

Lucy: Over the course of our many studies, we have developed ways of sending humans inside. Your actions will be restricted… However, in theory you can eliminate the core monster.

Arikado: While I admit, I have my doubts… I see no reason for you to lie. Very well. I'll do as you ask.

Lucy: We are in your debt, Mr. Arikado! I will offer support on your journey. Good luck!

Dracula's Castle Stage 1-1[]

Lucy: Can you hear me, Mr. Arikado? I'm speaking to you from the real world.

Alucard: Yes, I hear you.

Lucy: This is the grimoire world. Everyone appears as described in the text.

Alucard: That explains why I look like this, at least. It shouldn't affect my ability to fight.

Lucy: Some monsters are closing in on your position. Be careful!

(Alucard mows down the monsters in the grimoire then returns to the Elgos Building in the real world.)

Tutorial Develop Abilities & Summon[]

Lucy: Excellent work, Mr. Arikado. You were a marvel to behold!

Arikado: We have more pressing matters than my ego. My abilities and weapons seemed weaker when I was in the grimoire.

Lucy: Right. When you're in a grimoire, you are only capable of abilities inscribed within.

Arikado: Is there a way to access my abilities?

Lucy: You need to gather enough magical power to write it in the grimoire. Unfortunately, that means you won't have access to your more extraordinary powers immediately.

Arikado: So, I'll regain my strength little by little. Very well. I shall be counting on you, Lucy.

(after upgrading abilities)

Arikado: Abilities are one thing, but I also need weapons. Is there any way for me to acquire some?

Lucy: Indeed. You can summon weapons and items inscribed in that grimoire. However…summoning requires a lot of magic. You can supplement your magic with gems. Let's give it a try.

(after summoning a weapon)

Lucy: The summons seems to have gone well. You need to equip weapons and items you want to use. Keep that in mind.

Arikado: Understood.

Dracula's Castle Stage 1-2[]

(After eliminating the monsters in the grimoire, Death appears)

Alucard: You…

Death: Alucard. What in the world brings you here?

Alucard: You know what. Step aside.

Death: Still working for the humans, I see. You belong here. What will it take for you to realize that?

Alucard: I decide where I belong. Me and me alone.

Death: Then you leave me no choice. My allegiance is with my master. Prepare yourself!

Alucard: You're nothing but text in a book. I see no reason to continue this farce any longer. I shall grant you your name. Death.

(Alucard fights Death but is promptly brought to his knees when Death unleashes a powerful attack that whites out the screen.)

Alucard: Ack…!

Death: You may be the master's son, but in this book you are weak.

Alucard: What do you mean "in this book…?"

Death: I advise you meddle no further. Resistance will only bring suffering.

Alucard: Damn you!

Death: Oh dear, Alucard. You still don't understand, do you? In this book, you are weak. Our dark powers can crush you like a fly!

(Death cackles as the screen pans up and begins the title sequence)

(Later, back in the Elgos Building)

Lucy: Excellent work, Mr. Arikado.

Arikado: No need for praise. I have something to ask. Is it your organization alone who can enter the grimoires?

Lucy: Wh-What…? Did something happen?

Arikado: Death. He was there. I thought he was a mere inscription… But he had a will of his own. He knew he was inside the book.

Lucy: B-But that's impossible! The secrecy of our research is of the utmost importance. No outsider could ever obtain it. Besides, at present only I can send individuals into grimoires.

Arikado: While I do believe you, Death clearly has his bony hand in this.

Lucy: His objective can only be the resurrection of Dracula.

Arikado: Indeed. Death desires his master's resurrection more than his master himself. In the real world, I could wring his scrawny neck, but it's a different matter in the Grimoires. Before our next encounter, I need more strength.

Lucy: That is where I come in. We should use the powers you obtained in the grimoire to request the help of strong allies.

Arikado: What do you mean?

Lucy: Heroes from ages past inscribed in the grimoires. Enough talk. Let's put theory into practice!

(Simon Belmont appears)

Simon: I am Simon Belmont. Vampire hunter of the Belmont clan.

Arikado: You're from the Belmont family?!

Simon: This man! Get back, Lucy!

Lucy: Huh? What?

Simon: This holy whip, "Vampire Killer," has been in my family for generations. It reacts to him. You are a lowly vampire. You cannot fool me. The world of light needs you not. As a Belmont, I shall turn you to ash!

Arikado: Lucy… I think we have a misunderstanding here.

Lucy: You're mistaken, Simon! Please calm down! This is Mr. Genya Arikado. Also known as Alucard.

Simon: Alucard… Alucard?! The same Alucard who worked alongside my ancestor Trevor to defeat Dracula?!

Arikado: Trevor… Brings back memories… Come to think of it, you do resemble him somewhat.

Simon: I see now. Forgive my hastiness.

Arikado: Pay it no mind. I've grown used to it.

Simon: Lucy told me everything. If there is evil to be destroyed, you have my full support.

Arikado: Simon, descendant of Trevor. As a Belmont, your support is most welcome. Resurrecting heroes of old… Your [sic] really are quite the organization.

Lucy: To this point, grimoires have only catalogued history, but some catalogue people. To be precise, Dracula, the Belmont family—all those connected to Dracula's castle. Our research has allowed us to use vast amounts of magic to give form to written passages.

Simon: To think I would have come from a written inscription… A bizarre thought indeed. Wait a moment. Lucy, does that mean you could revive Dracula?

Lucy: That would be impossible. It would require an unimaginable amount of magical power. And besides, doing so would bring no fortune. Only terror.

Simon: I am a layman when it comes to magic. It is comforting to hear someone in the know say that.

Lucy: As you accumulate magic from the grimoires, you'll be able to summon heroes. When the time comes for that, leave it to me.

Arikado: I won't press for details.

Lucy: Then all I have left to say now is good luck inside the grimoires.

Arikado: Thanks.

Tutorial Upgrade[]

Lucy: Excellent work, Mr. Arikado. You appeared to adeptly use the abilities you inscribed and the items you equipped.

Arikado: Quite…but enemies will no doubt get tougher. Even I feel uneasy without the proper tools.

Lucy: Good point. Maybe you should consider enhancing your weapons and items.

Arikado: Is that possible?

Lucy: Yes, but it requires Enhancement Runes.

Arikado: Enhancement Runes… Something like this?

Lucy: Exactly! Let's put them to use right away.

(after enhancing a weapon)

Lucy: The Enhancement Runes worked beautifully. What do you think, Mr. Arikado?

Arikado: I certainly feel more of a threat. You are worthy of high praise.

Lucy: I-It was nothing…really! But thank you for your kind words, Mr. Arikado! If you wish to enhance any of your weapons or items, you know where I am!

Tutorial Enchantments[]

Lucy: Welcome back, Mr. Arikado. Have the monsters grown more powerful as anticipated?

Arikado: To a certain extent, yes. But I doubt my luck will last.

Lucy: Agreed. We should look into further enhancing your equipment with enchantments.

Arikado: Enchantments?

Lucy: Each piece of equipment contains an element, whose power can be enhanced with enchantments. Each page of a grimoire also has its own element. We discovered that if the element of a weapon and a page match, the weapon's strength increases. Matching elements in this way will be the key to victory.

Arikado: So I need to ensure I have the best tool for a job. Another thing I need to figure out.

(after enchanting a weapon)

Lucy: Forgive me, Mr. Arikado.

Arikado: For what?

Lucy: Those among us who can fight should be fighting alongside you…

Arikado: I wouldn't fret about that. I'm sure they're needed elsewhere. Everyone has a part to play. As long as they play it, I have no complaints. You have your part, too, Lucy. Your support is what I need.

Lucy: O-Of course!

Dracula's Castle Stage 1-5[]

Arikado: Your skill…the smell of blood… You are Belmont to the core.

Simon: Hahaha! Do not tell me you had your doubts!

Arikado: I did not.

Simon: Alucard… Or should I say Arikado. May I ask you something?

Arikado: What is it?

Simon: My ancestor, Trevor Belmont… What kind of man was he? Of course, I have heard and read stories, but you fought alongside him.

Arikado: Trevor… A strong man indeed. Well suited—in fact, most suited to defeating Dracula. Besides his strength, he had an uncanny ability to enchant others. Those qualities earned him reliable allies even within Dracula's castle.

Simon: I had heard he met others there who joined him in the fight against Dracula.

Arikado: Grant Danasty and Sypha Belnades. At first, they were only united by a common goal. However, they ultimately bonded. A testament to Trevor's character… He even accepted me, Dracula's son, his mortal enemy.

Simon: He sounds like a true Belmont of old. I am yet unable to achieve such greatness…

Lucy: I think you treat yourself too harshly. Not that my opinion should matter… At least according to our data, Simon, you are the most celebrated and revered Belmont. You are as worthy of praise as Trevor. It's truly an honor to meet you in person.

Simon: Is that so…? In that case, I shall have to do my utmost not to let you down.

Arikado: Heh… You remind me more of Trevor by the second.

In the Beginning[]

Dracula's Castle Stage 2-1[]

Lucy: Thank you for waiting, Mr. Arikado. I have great news! With the magic you discovered in the last book, I was able to summon another hero!

(Maria Renard appears)

Maria: Is this handsome fellow the Arikado you spoke of, Lucy?

Simon: What is this devilry? She's so young! Don't tell me my family has burdened even a child with the same fate?

Maria: My name's Maria, and I may be young but I eat vampires for breakfast!

Arikado: Hold on. Maria, you say? Surely not that Maria…?

Lucy: The very same! Maria Renard—as you know, Alucard.

Arikado: If that is indeed who you are, then your age matters not.

Simon: You may say that, Genya Arikado, but she is still a child. Is she really suited for battle?

Maria: You bet I am! I'll beat all the bad guys to mush!

Arikado: The Maria I know is a fearless warrior, who battled her way to the heart of Dracula's castle. We even fought each other once. I assure you she is capable.

Simon: In that case, I have no objections. A pleasure to fight alongside you, little one.

Maria: Thanks! Same to you, old one!

Simon: Ouch… It seems the years have not been kind to me…

Lucy: I wouldn't take it to heart, Simon. To someone so young, everyone adult looks old.

Simon: Very comforting…

Dracula's Castle Stage 2-5[]

Maria: Hehe. Well, Simon. What do you think? Pretty good, right?

Simon: Honestly, you have surprised me. How could someone so young, be so powerful?

Arikado: It's a question I have asked myself. Maybe it's some sort of magic?

Lucy: According to our records, the Renards are distant relatives of the Belmonts. Her latent power was likely awakened by the dark priest, Shaft.

Arikado: That malcontent… A gift to my father no doubt.

Maria: When I went to the castle, I was captured…

Simon: By "castle," you don't mean…

Lucy: Dracula's Castle… I can't even imagine…

Simon: What?! You went to Dracula's castle alone?

Lucy: S-So it seems. I wish I had such courage.

Maria: Richter saved me. Speaking of whom, where is he now?

Simon: And Richter is…?

Arikado: A Belmont like you. From the 18th century.

Simon: A descendant, then?! Haha! I would love to meet him!

Lucy: We might eventually be able to summon him. Though it will likely take a lot of magic and time to do so…

Arikado: Richter was extremely skilled. His assistance would be invaluable.

Maria: Yeah! Get him for us, Lucy!

Lucy: Heh… Understood. In that case, be sure to gather lots of magic.

Maria: Sure! Leave it to me!

A Daring Advance[]

Dracula's Castle Stage 3-1[]

Lucy: Are you ready to meet a new hero? I shall make the necessary preparations. One moment…!

(Charlotte Aulin appears)

Charlotte: I'm Charlotte Aulin. Does the phrase "master of witchcraft" ring any bells? It seems you're all in trouble. Lucky you have me to help you.

Arikado: Wait… Who is this, Lucy?

Charlotte: Really? You don't know me? Adrian Farenheit Țepeș doesn't know the name Charlotte Aulin?

Arikado: Alas, no…

Charlotte: Unknown to the great Alucard… Oh my poor pride!

Lucy: A-Anyway, so this is Charlotte Aulin, a sorceress with phenomenal power.

Charlotte: And a genius. Kindly don't forget that part.

Lucy: During her lifetime, she was exalted as the final weapon against Dracula.

Charlotte: Ahah. Correct. Remember now?

Arikado: No…

Charlotte: …You cannot be serious! Your ignorance offends me. For an immortal, your lack of worldly knowledge is astonishing.

Arikado: I apologize. It will be a pleasure to fight alongside a genius sorceress such as you.

Charlotte: The pleasure is all mine, my beautiful Dhampir. I shall play the part I have been given. There is no shame in being overwhelmed by my presence.

Lucy: (Quite the thing to say in front of Mr. Arikado…)

Dracula's Castle Stage 3-3[]

Lucy: What the…?!

Arikado: What is it, Lucy?

Lucy: I sense an ominous power ahead. It could be coming from some sort of creature…

Charlotte: The monster behind the chaos. Excellent. Let's put a stop to it.

Maria: Yeah! Count me in!

Simon: We should be careful. Our powers are weaker inside the book.

Lucy: Agreed. It would be wise to enhance equipment, before facing the enemy.

Arikado: Either way, I doubt the enemy can be simply passed. It should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Lucy: It's up to you when you wish to fight. Just be careful.

Dracula's Castle Stage 3-5[]

Maria: Whoa! You're one tough sorceress, Charlotte!

Charlotte: Ahah. Why thank you, Maria. You have an eye for talent.

Simon: I know more of blades than magic, but even I see you are blessed with great skill.

Charlotte: It's an honor to hear such praise from a Belmont.

Simon: It boggles the mind to think such a child could be the key to defeating Dracula!

Charlotte: !!!

Maria: You shouldn't treat a lady like a child, Simon. Have a little more tact.

Simon: O-Oh, yes of course! Please accept my sincerest apologies.

Charlotte: As long as you've learned your lesson. By the way, is Jonathan around perchance?

Arikado: Jonathan?

Lucy: Charlotte's partner. Our records state they infiltrated Dracula's castle together.

Charlotte: My childhood friend, and—in short—a pudding-headed fellow.

Arikado: A pudding-headed fellow?

Maria: A pudding-headed fellow…

Simon: Such language from a lady!

Lucy: Let me see… Jonathan is from the Morris family, another family related to the Belmonts. He'd be a great service to our cause. I'll make the necessary preparations.

Charlotte: That would be most appreciated. It's not quite the same without him. With he and I around, Death's schemes matter not. The two of us have already bested Death and Dracula before.

Arikado: Reassuring. I shall look forward to working with you both.

Wings in the Dark[]

Dracula's Castle Stage 4-1[]

Lucy: Keep your wares about you! A powerful being lurks nearby!

Alucard: We know. Get ready!

(the giant bat is slain and a Vital Soul appears before them)

Alucard: Something has appeared from the fallen enemy. I sense great magic…

Lucy: That's it! Gather it quickly!

Alucard: Very well. As soon as I have it, I'll head back.

Grimoire's Purge[]

Lucy: Well done, everyone! Thanks to you, we managed to pacify the book! Watching such brave warriors fight like that really got my heart racing!

Charlotte: Well? Didn't I tell you?

Simon: We're off to a wonderful start. May the rest of the journey go as smoothly!

Maria: Say, what was that weird stuff that appeared from that monster?

Lucy: The monsters' soul; the cause of the grimoire chaos. We call it "Vital Soul". Your ultimate aim inside the books is to destroy monsters and claim their Vital Souls. My organization will seal the Vital Soul you obtained this time and take care of it.

Arikado: Whatever you feel is necessary.

Lucy: More grimoires are waiting to be pacified, so I'm afraid your work is far from over!

Steaming Ahead[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Arikado: Well then. What grimoire do we take on next?

Lucy: This one has the most magic currently, which makes it the most dangerous. This grimoire covers the sudden appearance of Dracula's castle in 1944.

Charlotte: 1944? That's when I'm from. This isn't going to be easy, then.

Simon: I am shocked that Dracula's castle exists this far into the future. Have none been able to destroy it?

Arikado: Dracula and his castle do not revive themselves. It is humans and their passionate longing for Dracula that bring him back time and time again.

Charlotte: It's understandable. 1944 is the middle of a world war and all. Familiarity with death changes people. Maybe they wanted to believe in anything, even a devil.

Maria: So… You're saying the same thing might happen here in the present too, right? What are we waiting for? We've gotta get the grimoire under control!

Simon: Hahah, you are a tough one, Maria. The dark ones are nothing in the face of your courage.

Charlotte: I have to say: diving into paintings, entering grimoires—the Church is anything but boring!

Arikado: Paintings?

Lucy: In this era, it seems the castle is sealed in a painting. Dracula and the castle's magic are separated.

Arikado: What?! How did this happen?

Lucy: According to the records, a vampire called Brauner did it to take advantage of the castle's magic.

Arikado: I remember a vampire called Olrox amongst my father's ranks, but the name Brauner doesn't ring any bells.

Charlotte: He was only just discovered around that time. A powerful vampire, nonetheless.

Lucy: Our research benefited a lot from the things you discovered on your adventure, Charlotte. Entering a painting is much like entering a grimoire, after all. The idea behind it is the same.

Arikado: Hmm. You may be onto something. So it wasn't just me who thought of separating Dracula from his castle…

Maria: Mr. Arikado?

Arikado: Never mind, let's get to it. We've no time to lose!

A City of Fog Stage 1-1[]

Simon: I've been in Dracula's castle twice previously. The structure of the castle was different each time. It seems now is no exception.

Maria: It's different than the castle I know, too… Not that I remember exactly.

Arikado: The castle is a creature of Chaos. It may take many incarnations.

Simon: How troublesome… We have our work cut out for us, it seems.

Lucy: I'm certain it will only get more difficult from here on out, but you mustn't lose hope. We've managed to summon a new hero with the magic you gathered in the grimoire.

(Shanoa appears)

Shanoa: Shanoa. A pleasure. I've been briefed on your situation already. May the Glyphs carved in my flesh aid your quest to eradicate the demon Dracula.

Maria: Wow, you're pretty! I'm Maria. Nice to meet you.

Shanoa: Hello. I don't know about pretty… I did meet a journalist who asked to feature me in a piece, though.

Charlotte: Well, surely that tells you something?

Simon: Another young woman… Times indeed have changed. Let us strike a decisive blow for humanity, Shanoa!

Shanoa: The pleasure is all mine.

Charlotte: So, anyway. This grimoire is about my era, right? Does this mean we'll meet Jonathan? I think I've mentioned him before. He's my childhood friend and partner.

Lucy: Ah… Yes, you should meet him at some point if we proceed as written.

Arikado: Lucy, I would like clarity on something, since now's as good a time as any.

Lucy: Wh-What is it?

Arikado: What happens if the summoned heroes, such as Charlotte here, enter the grimoire they are in [sic] inscribed in? Will there be duplicates of that person in that tome?

Lucy: Don't worry. They simply replace the version of themselves who are already there.

Arikado: I see. So only one copy of a given individual can exist at one time.

Maria: Urgh, all this magic talk is making my head spin…

Simon: I too have no choice but to rely on the experts when it comes to technical magic knowledge. I believe we more than make up for it with our expertise in slaying the dark ones, don't you Maria?

Maria: Yeah! Those baddies are going down!

Charlotte: Since when are you two so close! Goodness, I miss that rascal Jonathan.

Lucy: Clear this grimoire, and you'll see him. I'm here any time if you need equipment upgrades.

A City of Fog Stage 1-5[]

Lucy: Shanoa, your Glyphs are amazing! We're so lucky to have you with us!

Shanoa: I live to deliver the innocent from darkness. It is a pleasure to perform my duty.

Arikado: What are Glyphs anyway?

Shanoa: Glyphs are forged from the power that resides in all things. They allow me to unleash this power on enemies.

Charlotte: I see, so Glyphs are a type of seal. You can activate it whenever you want, with no incantations… What an interesting way to use magic.

Shanoa: This technique was passed down through the ages within Ecclesia.

Charlotte: Different organizations really do do things differently, don't they?

Simon: I must say I'm impressed, Shanoa. Your cooperation is a great reassurance. It is wonderful to have such skilled allies in this fight, especially those on par with us Belmonts.

Shanoa: …

Simon: What's wrong Shanoa? Did I say something wrong?

Shanoa: No, but… The Belmont clan are said to be lost. It never occurred to me that I might meet one.

Simon: Lost? Are there no Belmonts left in your era?

Shanoa: No. Humanity created new organizations to protect itself from the night in their place. My organization, the Ecclesia, is but one of these. Glyphs were developed for combat use at this time.

Charlotte: Same in my era. Jonathan of the Morris family carries the holy whip in their place.

Simon: To think that the Vampire Killer too fell out of our hands… What in God's name happened?

Arikado: …

Lucy: According to the records, the holy whip eventually returned to the Belmont family.

Simon: I see… I left you a bitter legacy, Shanoa. I, Simon of the Belmonts, humbly beg forgiveness.

Shanoa: No need, Simon Belmont. If not me, the task would have fallen to another. It just happened that I had an aptitude for Glyphs. It stands then that I must fulfill my duty. After all, I am the morning sun tasked with vanquishing this horrible night.

Silent Spaces[]

A City of Fog Stage 2-1[]

Arikado: Any progress, Lucy? Have you identified which monster holds the Vital Soul?

Lucy: I'm searching for magic in the grimoire, but I think I'm going to need more time… Wait!

Maria: What is it, Lucy?

Lucy: The book's contents have changed since you entered it!

Shanoa: You mean it's being overwritten? Does this sort of thing usually happen?

Lucy: No. It may temporarily inscribe your individual abilities and weapons… …but never in the history of our organization have we seen the entire contents altered.

Simon: Surely this is no coincidence. Do you have any idea what might have caused it?

Lucy: At present, no… Though, it may be related to the grimoires falling into chaos. I'm more concerned that in this version, Jonathan is now at a disadvantage in battle.

Charlotte: What?! Is he in danger?! We need to help him! The sooner the better!

Simon: Calm yourself, Charlotte. I sympathize, but we must be careful. Misjudgement only blunts our blades. In Dracula's castle, one misstep could decide our fate. To be swift without rushing… I learned this hunting Dracula.

Charlotte: You're right. I'm sorry, Simon. I'm calm now. Lucy, is Jonathan okay for now?

Lucy: Yes. He is outnumbered, but he's hanging on. I can't say how much longer he'll last, though…

Charlotte: We have to be careful as we proceed, too. The enemies are only getting stronger. We should have faith. The Morrises' skills in battle equal those of any Belmont, and Jonathan is no exception.

Arikado: All right, then. Let's hurry on ahead. Lucy, continue your search for the Vital Soul.

Lucy: You got it! Good luck, everyone!

A City of Fog Stage 2-5[]

Shanoa: (Hmm, it looks like most of the documents in this lab are about Dracula and his castle… I wonder if there is anything on the magic we researched?) Hm? I feel something looking at me from behind that bookshelf.

Charlotte: …

Shanoa: If you have something to say, just say it.

Charlotte: S-Sorry… You seemed so engrossed that I didn't want to disturb you.

Shanoa: You didn't have to worry about that… No matter! What is it you want?

Charlotte: I wanted to ask you something…

Shanoa: To do with magic? I thought I already explained Glyphs to you…

Charlotte: Well… How can I grow up to be like you?

Shanoa: I don't understand.

Charlotte: Well, this is a bit embarrassing but, I'm treated like a child a lot and… O-Of course I think of myself as a fully grown lady but, others don't seem to think so… So I thought that you might be the best person to ask about fixing that.

Shanoa: All right. What makes you think I can help you?

Charlotte: You're beautiful and elegant, so I thought you might have some pointers for me.

Shanoa: Unfortunately, I don't pay much thought to how others see me.

Charlotte: What?! But your dress is so stunning!

Shanoa: This outfit optimizes the effect of my Glyphs. It is not a question of appearances.

Charlotte: I see. So you don't have advice for me…

Shanoa: Is that all you wanted? I have things to attend to.

Charlotte: Of course. Thank you for listening.

Shanoa: You want to save Jonathan, correct? I'd advise you focus on battle rather than looks for now. Perhaps that will set you on the path to becoming the woman you want to be…

(Shanoa leaves)

Charlotte: …And there she goes. How mature and collected! I would love to be like that one day…


A City of Fog Stage 3-3[]

Lucy: Everyone! I discovered the monster with the Vital Soul! Head to the location I tell you immediately!

Arikado: Understood. Let's get this situation under control.

Charlotte: U-Urgh…

Maria: Charlotte? What's wrong? Is your tummy hurting?

Charlotte: I don't…know… There's a sudden pain in my chest… What's happening?!

Maria: Charlotte's body is growing faint!

Shanoa: What is going on? Is her existence being erased?

Lucy: Th-This is bad! The grimoire is being overwritten again! It now reads that Jonathan is starting to lose to the Vital Soul monster.

Arikado: No doubt this is what is affecting Charlotte. What happens if the book's contents change?

Lucy: I can only guess, since this has never happened before, but… Usually, the grimoire describes each age's hero defeating the monster. But if the hero is defeated, and the monster survives… The monster's magic will keep growing and eventually overflow into reality.

Arikado: The grimoire will fall into chaos, and even more monsters will materialize in our world.

Maria: Oh no! We have to do something!

Charlotte: Jonathan is losing to the monster with the Vital Soul, right? Then we must keep going. Let's take down that monster. We save Jonathan. We secure the Vital Soul and gain back control of the grimoire. Two birds, one stone.

Shanoa: Charlotte, are you up to it?

Charlotte: No problem. At least, that's what Jonathan would say if he was here.

Shanoa: Then we will do our best to assist. No one should have to go through losing someone dear to them.

Lucy: The Vital Soul monster is powerful. Proceed with the utmost caution!

A City of Fog Stage 3-5[]

Maria: Charlotte! Shanoa! I found something cool!

Charlotte: Huh? That's a document from the lab! Try not to move stuff around, will you?

Maria: Hehe, sorry! It was so interesting; I wanted to share!

Shanoa: It looks like some kind of story… Maria says she likes it. Why don't we give it a read? Once there was a boy and a girl who grew up very close. The boy was quiet, and the girl was spirited. The girl loved the boy, but could not admit her feelings. Days passed as she avoided the subject. "How my heart bursts with longing. I wish I could tell him what is in the depths of my soul," she thought. Her frustration grew with every meeting… Uh, what on earth is this?

Charlotte: Looks like a romance novel, right? How did you find this in the lab?

Maria: Look at the first page! I think that's the author's name!

Charlotte: So, who is it, Shanoa?

Shanoa: The author is…Lucy?

Charlotte: What? Lucy… You mean that bespectacled researcher?

Lucy: You've gone and done it. You peeked at my secret manuscript.

Charlotte: Wh-What ever could you mean? I haven't seen any manuscripts…

Shanoa: I didn't know you wrote romance, Lucy.

Charlotte: Shanoa, shh! Didn't you just hear her say it was secret?!

Lucy: So you did read it! Give it back! How embarrassing!

Maria: I thought that story was really nice!

Lucy: Y-You think so? I wrote it for my own amusement. There's no way it's any good to anyone else…

Charlotte: I enjoyed it myself, Lucy. I'm quite surprised by your unusual hobby.

Shanoa: Well, a writer needs readers. Do consider me as a reader for your next work.

Lucy: I-It's the first thing I've shown anyone… I don't know whether to be ashamed or pleased…

Maria: Hahaha! Lucy's face is all red!

Lucy: Maria! Don't tease me!

Charlotte: She's right, Maria. You were the one who stole the manuscript to begin with… Nrgh…

Shanoa: Charlotte, you're starting to disappear again!

Charlotte: I-I think I'm all right. I guess this isn't really the time to be worrying about romance novels...

Lucy: You said you liked my novel! I'm not letting you disappear, Charlotte! Let's settle this, so we can get on with the happily-ever-after!

Headless Champion[]

A City of Fog Stage 4-1[]

(Jonathan skids across the arena toward the group, weak)

Charlotte: We made it! Jonathan, are you all right?

Jonathan: Charlotte! Who are these people?

Charlotte: I'll explain later! We need to take down this monster first!

Jonathan: Thanks Charl! This ain't a "no problem" situation, unfortunately…

Alucard: Jonathan, was it? You best stay back. We'll take it from here!

Lucy: Good luck, everyone!

(Dullahan is defeated and the Vital Soul materializes)

Charlotte: That wraps that up. We already beat it once; there's no way we'd lose.

Alucard: That was quite a formidable foe. How did you beat it the first time?

Charlotte: We just hit it with all we had. One of us in front and one behind it.

Alucard: I see.

(the group recovers the Vital Soul)

Alucard: We did it. Time to head back.

Grimoire's Purge[]

Lucy: The Vital Soul is successfully captured. Well done, everyone.

Arikado: Is the grimoire still being altered?

Lucy: It seems to have reverted back to its original contents. It says that the monster has been defeated.

Shanoa: Are you feeling all right, Charlotte? You almost disappeared a moment ago…

Charlotte: It seems I'm fine now, thank you. I thought I was a goner at one point, though.

Maria: Me too! I was so scared.

Lucy: Well, I've got some more good news for you Charlotte. We successfully materialized Jonathan!

Jonathan: Thanks for looking after Charlotte for me. Brats are hard work, aren't they?

Charlotte: Huh?! Is that really the first thing you have to say?

Jonathan: Who would've thought the future would look like this? Definitely a problem, huh? Let me help you guys out! I might not look it, but I'm a proud Morris. We carry the blood of the Belmonts.

Lucy: About that… Jonathan, it appears your power will be limited.

Jonathan: What?!

Lucy: It may be to do with the alterations in the grimoire… Either way, you will not be at full strength.

Jonathan: Oh, no…

Charlotte: Poor Jonathan. Rest up for now, I've got your back.

Arikado: The grimoire's text changing, the chaos… This stinks of Death's influence.

Jonathan: That bony bastard turned up in this era too?! I could've taken him easy, were I my usual self.

Simon: It seems we're playing catchup, but no matter. Let us focus on removing Vital Souls for now.

Lucy: You're all regaining your strength in leaps and bounds. We're on the right track!

Maria: Yeah! If we work together, we can beat the bad Death man!

Jonathan: Heh! I like your enthusiasm, little lady.

Charlotte: So Maria's a lady, and I'm not?

Arikado: All right, enough chat. Let's get on to that next grimoire.

Calm Before the Storm[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Lucy: I've done a general survey; I can't locate any grimoires whose contents have been altered. But there is one that is unstable at the moment. I believe it will be altered before long.

Arikado: Then we'll have to deal with it immediately. What era does it cover?

Lucy: Transylvania in 1792. In this era, Dracula was defeated by…

Arikado: …Richter Belmont.

Maria: Richter? Then the grimoire includes me as well!

Lucy: Yes, that's correct. It may involve Mr. Arikado, too.

Arikado: …Yes, though it was much later on.

Simon: What kind of person was Richter? He must have been a skilled fighter to have inherited the whip.

Arikado: You probably know more than I do, Maria. Care to share?

Maria: Richter was a very kind man! He saved me from the bad guys in the castle! He was there to rescue a gorgeous lady named Annette.

Lucy: She was Richter's lover and imprisoned as a sacrifice to Dracula, just like Maria was. He's said to have been the best vampire hunter of all the Belmonts.

Jonathan: I can see that. His skill was on an entirely other level. I felt like I was fighting a wild wolf than a man.

Simon: What do you mean? Didn't you live in different eras?

Charlotte: He fought a version of him materialized from the memories of the holy whip, not Richter himself.

Simon: So the Vampire Killer holds the souls of the many Belmonts who once wielded it… This is impressive.

Maria: Richter and I worked together to defeat the meanest, baddest man, you know!

Simon: I'm beginning to think you're the most frightening of us all, Maria. You seem like an ordinary girl, but you possess the power to destroy the dark ones.

Shanoa: You don't harbor any regrets, do you? Your power is beyond what you'd need to live your life.

Maria: Hmm. I'm not sure, really. But I know that this power lets me protect my loved ones. I can't change the past, so I'd rather focus on using my powers to help those in need.

Jonathan: I like your positive attitude.

Shanoa: It seems you have the strength of heart to wield your powers properly. You'd never allow it to consume you. Sorry to ask an insensitive question.

Maria: Hehehe… I'll take that as a compliment.

Lucy: We're bound to run into Richter sooner or later. Good luck with the grimoire, everyone.

Ash Banquet Stage 1-1[]

Shanoa: What exactly are these grimoires, anyway? They don't appear to be mere historical chronicles. Could you shed some light on them, Lucy?

Lucy: Oh, that's right. I haven't really explained them yet.

???: Allow me. I believe I'm best suited for this story.

Lucy: Director Seward! You've returned…

Seward: Yes, we've been successful. The local agents should be able to take care of things from here on out.

Arikado: Who is this?

Seward: Pardon me for not introducing myself. I'm Seward, the leader of Elgos. I was forced to temporarily take my leave to deal with the monsters appearing from the chaotic grimoires. Thank you for responding to Lucy's request for help. On behalf of our organization, you have my gratitude.

Arikado: Don't mention it. I couldn't turn a blind eye to what's going on.

Seward: So…about the grimoires in our possession. As you may know, Count Dracula does not revive by his own magic.

Arikado: …Lust for power. Jealousy of others. Belief in evil. These human emotions are what fuel his resurrection.

Seward: While he normally could only be resurrected once every 100 years, these emotions cause irregularities. All exists due to human frailty. Which means that, before all else, we must control ourselves. So we thought that a detailed account should be kept, of how Count Dracula has been resurrected in the past. These were written as lessons in a grimoire called the Grimoire of Souls.

Shanoa: …People easily succumb to power, even those in the position to lead the masses. So this book is meant to stop and control human evil. It makes sense.

Seward: It's the creed of our organization. I am pleased you understand it. Everything we do is for the sake of humanity. But because the grimoires are currently in a state of chaos… I do feel terrible about all of this. Ahh, my stomach ulcers…

Maria: Are you okay? Want me to get you some water?

Seward: Haha… I'll be fine. Just keep helping out as you have been.

Arikado: That's why we're here.

Ash Banquet Stage 1-5[]

Jonathan: Seward himself is getting involved now, Elgos really are sending their best. Looks like things are really starting to heat up.

Charlotte: That's right. Here's hoping you make yourself useful.

Jonathan: Leave it to me. No one will be looking down on me for not being a Belmont after this.

Charlotte: Oh, hello there, Simon.

Jonathan: Simon Belmont!

Simon: Hmm. Readying an awful lot of weapons, I see. Can you really wield all of them?

Jonathan: …I know I'm out of line in saying this, since it was way after your time and all… But it's been tough times since the Belmont clan vanished, and the Vampire Killer came to the Morris clan.

Charlotte: Jonathan, please.

Jonathan: Not being a direct descendent, the whip's true power eluded me. And using it would wear me out. So… I needed to learn to use these weapons as well if I hoped to have a fighting chance.

Charlotte: What are you grumbling about? I won't tolerate you drudging up the past like that!

Jonathan: …I wasn't sure if a novice like myself really deserved the whip. It hurt my relationship with my father, and it eventually cost him his life. At that time, I wondered what my family had done to inherit such an accursed thing.

Charlotte: Jonathan…

Simon: …I see. I'm very sorry that my descendants pushed such a heavy burden upon you. Please accept my apology on behalf of the Belmont clan.

Jonathan: Oh, no… I'm sorry. You did nothing wrong. There were no Belmonts in my time, so I just said what I always wanted to say if I ever met one. I didn't mean to start anything. In the end, we were able to work through our misunderstanding, so it ended up all right. I know my father trained me to fight so that I wouldn't have to rely on the whip's power like he did.

Simon: Ah… Your father acknowledged you as his rightful heir, even without the power of the whip.

Jonathan: Thank you, Simon. Someone once said the same thing to me.

Charlotte: But it's really something that the Belmont and Morris families get to fight side by side! Nobody stands a chance against the combined power of your families!

Simon: That's right! No darkness will survive our light!

Jonathan: Yeah, you said it! Let's go!

Burning Town[]

Ash Banquet Stage 2-1[]

Arikado: When was this organization founded? My agency has no information on this.

Seward: The organization was formed in 1999 when we gathered data and experts together to compile the grimoires.

Arikado: …The year of the solar eclipse. You created the organization when Dracula was completely destroyed.

Seward: Indeed. A subject with which you are well versed.

Simon: How did you manage to destroy Dracula once and for all, anyway?

Arikado: Well, greedy human desires were Dracula's magical wellspring to materialize his castle into the world. It was a bloody cycle destined to continue in perpetuity. It had to be stopped somehow. So me and the Belmont of that time thought of a plan to separate Dracula from his castle. We sealed the castle into the solar eclipse with a ritual. Then, the Belmont defeated Dracula himself.

Charlotte: You sealed the castle…into a solar eclipse?! Is such sorcery even possible?

Arikado: In Japan, solar eclipses have the power to quell anger and hearts of darkness. This was utilized in order to seal the castle, by the family whose shrine performed the ritual.

Charlotte: If I recall, Brauner was also able to separate Dracula from his castle with those paintings. Power on par with that of a master vampire. Japanese Shintoism's no joke.

Seward: Anyway, that's how our organization came to be.

Maria: Agh… Unnh!

Shanoa: Maria?! What's wrong? Are you hurt?

Maria: I can't breathe… I hurt all over…!

Jonathan: Her body is fading! It's just like what happened to Charlotte…

Lucy: The text is being rewritten! It says that Richter's in danger!

Seward: Is this the phenomenon you mentioned in your report, about the grimoire contents being altered?!

Simon: It seems to be affecting Maria who is from the same era… Hurry, we have no time to lose!

Arikado: Yes. We have to go help Richter.

Shanoa: Maria… We'll get you back to normal. Hold on a little longer, okay?

Maria: Don't worry about me, Shanoa. I can still fight.

Shanoa: You really are a remarkable child. It's a pleasure to be able to fight at your side.

Arikado: We're going in, Lucy. Find Richter and the Vital Soul for us.

Lucy: All right! I'm on it!

Ash Banquet Stage 2-5[]

Maria: Ugh… The pain is back… Maybe even worse than before… Richter… Annette…

Arikado: So this is where you ran off to. You had me worried when you suddenly disappeared. You sure you're okay?

Maria: Sorry, Mr. Arikado… I didn't mean to worry you.

Arikado: What's wrong? Are you feeling ill?

Maria: …I'm scared.

Arikado: Are you scared of fading away? Don't worry. We can stop this if we work together.

Maria: I don't care if I fade away!

Arikado: Oh? Then what are you afraid of?

Maria: …I'm not really sure, but… Richter is in danger, right?

Arikado: Yes. He's fading away, just like you are…

Maria: That's what scares me… I don't want Richter to disappear! And it's not just him… I don't want this for Annette, either! Both of them mean so much to me! I can't imagine my life without them!

Arikado: (Sometimes I forget she's just a child because she's so capable. But of course she'd react in this way. How interesting it is to speak to her like this, the girl she was before we met…) …You were sensitive as a child, weren't you?

Maria: As a child? What do you mean, Mr. Arikado?

Arikado: Nothing. I just know you a little bit more grown up, is all. Thank you for telling me how you feel. We're definitely going to save Richter. I hope you'll help us do it.

Maria: I'll do my best, though I don't know how much help I'll be in my state right now…

Arikado: I know I'm no substitute for Richter, but I'll protect you in his place.

Maria: Thank you, Mr. Arikado!

Arikado: All right then, let's go! Let's go save Richter!

Tragedy Awaits[]

Ash Banquet Stage 3-3[]

Lucy: I've identified the Vital Soul monster of this grimoire! It appears to be fighting Richter.

Simon: Like before, the text alterations seem to be making the monsters stronger.

Jonathan: That lines up with my experience. I was fighting when the monsters suddenly got much tougher.

Shanoa: Richter's said to be the greatest Belmont, but that won't help him if the book's been rewritten against him.

Arikado: He can't be allowed to fall here. We'll need his help in the fights to come.

Charlotte: We also have to do something about Maria's body. She's in a lot of pain. I'm speaking from experience here.

Maria: Don't worry about me! Worry about Richter!

Charlotte: Well, Shanoa. We wouldn't want to let our little companion down, now, would we?

Shanoa: Of course not. The morning sun will once again vanquish this horrible night.

Lucy: You'll likely need to enhance your equipment and abilities. Head into battle when you're ready!

Ash Banquet Stage 3-5[]

Jonathan: Ugh, being inside all of the time is bringing me down… I wish I could get some exercise outside.

Maria: I want to play tag!

Jonathan: Nice! Great minds think alike, eh, Maria?

Charlotte: You busy bodies can never stay still, can you?

Arikado: I advise you save your strength for the coming battles.

Jonathan: Aw, come on. We gotta train to keep from getting stiff! Isn't that right, Maria?

Maria: Yes! We gotta train!

Charlotte: Don't go talking like Jonathan now. You really just want to play around, don't you?

Jonathan: That's not true! We want to be in tip top shape for the battle!

Simon: Well said!

Jonathan: Simon?!

Simon: Discipline with physical training is the sign of noble hunter! Outstanding! Good on you, Jonathan Morris! I commend your steely determination for continuous improvement!

Jonathan: Th-thanks… You're too kind.

Lucy: You mentioned physical training, but we don't have any training facilities here, do we?

Simon: Not to worry. We never had anything like that in my day. No need for a special place to train. Just remembering it excites me! All of the blood, sweat, and tears!

Jonathan: Uh oh… I've got a bad feeling about this…

Maria: Good luck, Jonathan!

(Maria dashes away)

Jonathan: Hey wait, Maria! Where do you think you're going?!

Simon: Let us train together! We'll start by doing six sets of 100 pull-ups in the hall!

Jonathan: Oh no… Stop pulling me! Charlotte! Help me!

Charlotte: I'm so happy you got your wish! Have fun!

Lucy: My condolences…

Jonathan: Waaaaaahhhh!

Avatar of Destruction[]

Ash Banquet Stage 4-1[]

(Richter runs toward the group, looks back, and backflips out of the way of an incoming fireball. He lands behind them, on his knees)

Maria: Richter, are you okay?! We're here now! Just leave it to us!

Richter: Maria… I'm sorry. I lost… But who are these people?

Maria: Friends you can trust! Just wait there! We'll take care of the monster!

Richter: What? The holy whip is responding! Is this man in black a vampire?!

Alucard: I urge you to consider the situation, Richter Belmont. Your best bet now is to stay out of the way.

Richter: I suppose you're right. I'm counting on all of you!

(the wyvern is defeated and the Vital Soul appears)

Maria: That'll teach you to bully Richter!

Shanoa: I don't think it's going to learn anything now it's a Vital Soul.

(the soul is collected)

Lucy: Good work! Come on back to base.

Grimoire's Purge[]

Seward: Truly impressive! To see the strength of past heroes with my own two eyes!

Lucy: The Vital Soul has been removed and sealed away. And furthermore… We successfully summoned Richter!

Richter: I'm Richter Belmont… Apologies about what happened back there. Lucy filled me in on the details. Quite the lineup you've assembled…

Simon: So you're my descendant, the strongest of the Belmonts… I must say, I do like the looks of you.

Richter: And you're my distant ancestor, Simon! I never thought I'd see you in the flesh.

Jonathan: You took the words right out of my mouth. You're not just the whip's memory. You're the real thing.

Richter: And who might you be? Another Belmont?

Jonathan: I'm not a Belmont, but we're related. The name's Jonathan Morris.

Maria: I'm glad you're safe! But seriously! This is why you take me with you!

Richter: I owe you one, Maria. I really embarrassed myself. And you… Sorry about the hostility. I've heard much about you, Alucard.

Arikado: Call me Arikado. Any Belmont would have done the same.

Charlotte: Arikado isn't yet acquainted with the Richter of this era… This is rather complicated, isn't it?

Richter: At any rate, I understand just how desperate the situation is. If you need my help, it's yours.

Lucy: About that… It appears your case is the same as Jonathan's. The amount of data in the catalogue used to summon you was not enough to bring you here at full power.

Richter: What do you mean?

Jonathan: …One big attack at full strength, and that's all we're good for.

Richter: What?! You mean I can't use the skills I worked so hard to develop?

Lucy: So sorry about that. Please help as much as you're able…

Seward: Anyway. The situation has deteriorated somewhat. The chaos of this grimoire seems to have destabilized the magic of the others.

Shanoa: They influence each other?

Seward: Yes, they are connected at the foundation. If one loses control, others will follow.

Simon: So there is no end in sight to this disaster… We'll just have to go through them, one by one.

Seward: Let's prioritize the most dangerous grimoires first.

Lucy: Indeed… And there is one grimoire that looks to have been particularly affected.

Arikado: Which one is it?

Lucy: Transylvania in 1797… It's about you, Mr. Arikado.

Arikado: …

Crystal Drop[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Arikado: …After Trevor Belmont and I defeated Dracula, I went to sleep. With accursed blood coursing through my veins, I thought it'd be best if I stayed out of sight. However, in time, I awakened. The year was 1797… Five years after Richter Belmont had apparently defeated Dracula. However, I discovered that my wicked home, Dracula's castle, had once again been resurrected. This world has no need for Dracula or his castle. I headed to the castle to settle the score. But the lord of the castle wasn't my father. It was you, Richter Belmont.

Richter: …What?! Me, lord of the castle I was tasked to destroy…?

Arikado: As hard as this might be to hear, you were under the control of Dark Priest Shaft.

Richter: Shaft! And I was so sure I'd defeated him…

Arikado: His body was destroyed, but not his mind.

Richter: …Why target me, his mortal enemy?

Arikado: Vampire hunters have been purging the world of evil for ages. But what if two such hunters were to fight? Only the stronger would emerge victorious.

Simon: I understand now. No hunter could best a Belmont.

Arikado: Correct. By making Richter lord of the castle, he could eliminate anyone who might halt Dracula's revival.

Richter: I can't believe I've allowed this to happen…

Arikado: Don't worry. I put a stop to Shaft's schemes. I had Maria's help, too.

Maria: Maria's help? Oh, older Maria?

Arikado: Yes.

Richter: But what a huge dishonor! A disgrace to the Belmont name…

Jonathan: I wouldn't feel too down about it. I've been under the control of a monster before, too.

Charlotte: …Right. An enemy charmed you, and you attacked me. Just thinking about it angers me!

Jonathan: S-sorry!

Shanoa: So I suppose that means you know more about this era's castle than anyone.

Arikado: Indeed… But no matter. As always, we slay whatever comes our way.

Shanoa: Having fought with you once, I can't think of a more reliable ally to have at my side than you.

Arikado: Then allow me to prove once again that your opinion of me is justified.

Seward: I'm counting on Lucy and the rest of your support as well. The situation remains extremely volatile.

Lucy: Of course, I'll do my best! The last thing I'd want to do is let you all down!

Arikado: The castle is vast. We'll have to proceed with care.

That Which Writhes Stage 1-1[]

Arikado: …

Maria: Something wrong, Mr. Arikado?

Arikado: I was thinking about my father.

Simon: He was Lord of Wallachia, Dracula Vlad Țepeș. He may have been evil, but he was your father. I can imagine how conflicted you felt when you defeated him.

Arikado: My blood fated me to defeat him. I merely carried out my duty. I have no hesitation on this matter. That's why I ended it all with the solar eclipse. All that's left is to pray he rest in peace and fight to protect the world.

Shanoa: On the topic of why Dracula keeps reviving… I've heard that the reason is man. Humanity desires Dracula, and that is why he keeps returning.

Seward: Correct. Count Dracula gathers the magic needed to revive through negative human emotions.

Shanoa: He was destroyed once and for all in 1999, but he was resurrected a great many times before then… It seems man has trouble letting go of its weakness, its lust for power.

Richter: …However, humans cannot be controlled by power. Humans can only be led with respect and care. That's how I defeated Dracula, and I still stand by that belief. Maybe some humans do desire Dracula. But humans are also the ones who disavow him. To think of it, we Belmonts existed to fight for humans like that. Without them, we wouldn't serve a purpose. I hope that's true.

Shanoa: You're not doubting yourself, are you, Richter?

Richter: Well, perhaps Shaft was able to control me because I, too, have a weak heart. I might as well been talking about myself. I hope this doesn't happen again.

Maria: Don't worry, Richter! Me and Mr. Arikado won't let anything happen to you! You're not alone! If we stick together, we can overcome anything!

Richter: You're right. Quite the little sister I have in you.

Arikado: Hear that? You're not alone. Never forget that.

Charlotte: We could say the same to you, Mr. Arikado. We're here for you, too. Sometimes you act as if you're bearing this burden alone.

Jonathan: Yeah. Maybe you're taking it a bit too hard being his son and all? With all the ferocious fighters here, you've got nothing to worry about.

Arikado: …Yes, you're right. You're all here for me, too. We can put a stop to all this. I hope to have your continued support.

That Which Writhes Stage 1-5[]

Richter: Ugh…

Simon: Something bothering you, Richter? They say that sighing makes happiness escape.

Richter: Well, hearing that I would eventually be manipulated by the dark ones has shaken me.

Jonathan: I see. Hmm. I have this hypothesis…

Charlotte: What is it?

Jonathan: I've been thinking about why the Vampire Killer came to be in the possession of the Morris family. And, well… I've said this before, Richter, but do not feel ashamed. The darkness enticed you to use your holy powers for evil. Isn't that why the whip had to change hands for while?

Richter: So it was like…a cleansing? Maybe it was… But for it to take 100 years…

Arikado: …With Dracula defeated, your job was done. But you didn't want to be finished or forgotten. If you could bring him back, the battle could last for eternity… Those were your words, Richter.

Richter: …I see. But it wasn't just because they'd manipulated me. I feel that I had it inside me all along. A wolf, an insatiable lust for blood was lingering there the whole time. Heh… What a failure of a Belmont I am.

Simon: I don't think so, Richter.

Richter: Oh?

Simon: The Belmont name alone has its limits. I'm sure of it, especially after talks with the others. Dracula grew stronger each time he revived, and we have had to keep up. We had to evolve to be powerful even without the strength of the holy whip. The Morris family too grew stronger, but through the power of the whip. Belmonts had to fade away, to give way to a newer form of fighting evil that was not completely dependent on us.

Shanoa: …Glyphs.

Simon: Yes. As a result, the world has since seen many powerful hunters that aren't Belmonts, but just as strong. Perhaps this was the will of the Vampire Killer, the will of the Belmont clan all along.

Arikado: Not to mention, the Belmont who defeated Dracula for good in 1999 was the strongest of us all.

Simon: Richter, you were the catalyst for good. And you are once again needed in this fight against Dracula.

Richter: Simon… Thank you so much!

Charlotte: Simon is known as the most noble Belmont. The history books were right, it seems.

Arikado: …I agree.

The Road to Hell[]

That Which Writhes Stage 2-1[]

Charlotte: …

Jonathan: What's going on, Charlotte? You look even more grim than usual.

Charlotte: What's that supposed to mean? Addressing a beauty like me like that… Nothing's wrong. I was just thinking. Hey, Mr. Arikado, I have a question.

Arikado: What is it?

Charlotte: The Death you met in the book seemed to understand that he was inside of a grimoire.

Arikado: …Yes, that's true.

Charlotte: That means he wasn't the Death that belongs to the era of the book, he's the real Death of the present. Does that mean Death and the dark ones can also enter grimoires?

Seward: I find that to be unlikely. Our method of sending humans into grimoires is a technique we've kept very secret. The first outsider to experience it was you, Mr. Arikado. Not to mention, the ritual requires use of this facility and an expert mage… Lucy, in this case. With these limitations, there isn't a chance.

Shanoa: …

Jonathan: But the reality is that Death is involved. We'll have to be prepared for any possibility.

Simon: Yes, I'm sure we will have to face him eventually. We must stay focused in order to beat him.

Richter: All of us are tied to Death in one way or another. We're more than up to the task.

Lucy: Wait a second, everyone! The grimoire's text is being altered again!

Seward: I guess this book was no exception…!

Shanoa: …But none among us seem to be fading away.

Lucy: Actually, Maria's the main character this time. She's fighting monsters, and seems to be in dire straits.

Maria: Huh? Me? But I'm fine.

Charlotte: Different era, different grimoire. Maybe this other Maria's treated as a separate entity?

Seward: There's no precedent for this… But it does appear to be the case.

Richter: We can't ignore this! Maria is Maria in any era!

Arikado: Even if there is no noticeable impact now, there's no telling what might happen later. We can't turn a blind eye to any alterations. And besides, I owe her. Give me a hand, Maria. We're going to rescue the future you.

Maria: Okay! You can count on me!

That Which Writhes Stage 2-5[]

Jonathan: Ugh… We've been gaining allies, but we're still no closer to catching Death. And the situation is only getting worse… We need to stop him before something terrible happens.

Maria: Jonathan? I was wondering if you could play with me some more.

Jonathan: Oh… Sorry, Maria. Now's not really the time.

Maria: Aww, not you too… That's what everyone's been saying. You all look so gloomy.

Jonathan: Yeah, things have been pretty doom and gloom lately, huh. I'm sure you're sick of it… All right, fine. Let's play.

Maria: Really?! You're the best, Jonathan!

Jonathan: Whoa! You can't pounce on people like that. You could take your eye out!

Maria: It's fine! I know you'll always catch me!

Jonathan: That's adorable. Now, if only Charlotte were more like you…

Maria: You don't think Charlotte's adorable?

Jonathan: Err… Her attitude isn't. Being so into herself, nagging to be treated like a lady…

Maria: Hey! Don't talk bad about her. Don't you like her at all?

Jonathan: Uh… Well, I don't…dislike…her?

Maria: So that means you like her!

Jonathan: I…I didn't say that…?

Maria: So you don't like her, and you don't dislike her. So how DO you feel about her?

Jonathan: Now that you mention it…I've never given it much thought.

Maria: But you're partners!

Jonathan: Sure, but we've known each other forever. We're family. We're together because we ought to be, not because we like each other.

Maria: So it's like me and Richter!

Jonathan: Oh right, he's your brother-in-law. Yeah, sounds about right.

Maria: You have to be nice to your sister, you know! Come on, I wanna invite her to play!

Jonathan: All right. Let's go look for her.

(somewhere nearby)

Charlotte: I could hear all of that, Jonathan… But I'll let you off the hook this time, because it's nice what you said about us being family… Hehe…

Corpse Mountain[]

That Which Writhes Stage 3-3[]

Lucy: This era's Maria is fighting the Vital Soul monster!

Arikado: You've finally identified it… We should hurry, then. Let's go to her.

Simon: Wait, Genya Arikado. Are you really ready for this? Don't you need equipment or ability enhancements? It seems to me as if you're rushing this. You're not acting yourself.

Arikado: Rushing, huh…

Simon: …This Maria is important to you, isn't she?

Arikado: …I suppose so.

Maria: Really, Mr. Arikado?

Richter: Really?! My little sister?!

Jonathan: Huh, and here I had you pegged as stoic and unemotional. I'm impressed.

Charlotte: A love affair between legends… No one ever talked about this in the history books!

Shanoa: …I don't see why this is important right now.

Arikado: Simon Belmont. Is this what you wanted?

Simon: My apologies. Let's prepare, and depart posthaste.

That Which Writhes Stage 3-5[]

Richter: The fight is getting tougher by the day. I need to train so I can go in at full strength at any time. Hmm? I hear the crack of a whip. Is someone else here?

Jonathan: I've gotta keep going! I have to do better!

Charlotte: Jonathan, you've been training for hours! How much longer do you think you'll need?!

Jonathan: As long as it takes. I need to master this whip!

Charlotte: Aaand he's starting up again. He'll collapse, at this rate.

Richter: I'm impressed that you're still training at a time like this, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Oh… Richter… Uh…

Richter: …Am I not wanted here?

Jonathan: Sorry. It's not you. It's just…

Charlotte: Don't pay him any mind, Richter. He's just nervous being around someone as great as you.

Jonathan: I-I'm not nervous! I'm just… Well…

Richter: Come on, you can talk to me.

Jonathan: …I want to be as strong as those who held this whip before me. Fighting with the memories of the Belmonts in this whip only made me painfully aware of my own lacking. You're giants to me. Especially you, Richter.

Richter: Heh. That why you looked so hesitant?

Jonathan: Yes, much as I hate to admit it. I'm reminded of your strength whenever I see you.

Charlotte: So you were nervous, after all.

Jonathan: Not true! Quit butting in, Charlotte!

Richter: Hahaha, you're being too modest. You defeated my memory, and the whip chose you. More importantly, you're still pursuing strength in order to defeat the ever-expanding darkness. That alone makes you a worthy successor of the Belmonts.

Jonathan: …Thank you, Richter. Just wait. I'll become even more worthy of this whip.

Richter: Then it's up to me to teach you how it's done. Let's train, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Okay! It'll be my honor!

Charlotte: …Ugh. Now they're both at it, swinging those whips around… I shouldn't complain too much. I'm proud of Jonathan for wanting to be stronger.

All For One[]

That Which Writhes Stage 4-1[]

(A teenage Maria drops to the ground, kneeling)

Maria: Ergh… The monsters grew so powerful all of a sudden. What's going on?

Alucard: It looks like we made it in time.

Maria: Alucard?! What are you doing here? Did you find Richter?

Alucard: We can't talk now. Get back, Maria. I'll take it from here.

Maria: …I'd only be in the way, right? Sorry, Alucard. Thank you.

(Maria takes her leave)

(After Legion is defeated, the Vital Soul appears before the heroes)

Lucy: Well done, Mr. Arikado! Now the original text should be restored to the grimoire! Go secure the Vital Soul, and come back out!

Alucard: Understood.

(The Vital Soul is then collected, but suddenly, Soma Cruz, who apparently succumbed to the inner nature of Dracula, appears out of nowhere and attempts to assassinate the heroes with Giga Twister. They quickly dodge it before the blade can slice them)

Alucard: You! You're Soma! What are you doing inside of this book?!

Soma: Alucard… It's been a while.

Alucard: This thick darkness and suffocating evil… I know this feeling. No! It can't be… Dracula?!

Soma: Hehehe… Hand over that magic soul. Apparently it's necessary for something.

Alucard: Urgh… Lucy, our return will be delayed! We have to deal with Soma now!

Lucy: U-Understood!

(Soma's assault is quashed)

Soma: Ack!

Alucard: Why have you become the demon king? I must hear it from you.

(Suddenly, a woman appears between the heroes and Soma)

???: Enough.

Alucard: Huh?! Who are you?

Seward: Impossible. Could that be Hermina?!

Lucy: Th-That's her?!

Hermina: You must understand now, Soma. They won't go down easily. We'll take the grimoire's core from them later. Retreat, and come with me.

(Hermina teleports away)

Soma: …Hmph. If you insist…

(Soma teleports away, as well)

Alucard: They've escaped! Who was that woman? You and Lucy seemed to recognize her.

Seward: …That was Hermina. She was a mage in our organization… …Until she fled with several grimoires a few years back, never to be seen again.

Alucard: What?!

Seward: This requires a better explanation. Return to us, Mr. Arikado.

Alucard: All right.

Grimoire's Purge[]

Lucy: You've successfully rescued Maria, and prevented the text from being overwritten. The Vital Soul is also safely sealed away. However…

Simon: Who was that young man?! The holy whip was reacting so strongly to him!

Richter: And that dark power was so familiar… We must have met somewhere before.

Arikado: His name is Soma Cruz. He is Japanese, but he…is Count Dracula.

Jonathan: What?! How?

Arikado: Do you remember when I told you of the solar eclipse ritual in 1999?

Shanoa: …The body and magic of Dracula were separated and sealed into a solar eclipse.

Arikado: We sealed the castle and destroyed his body, but his soul was reincarnated.

Charlotte: So you're saying…his soul's been reincarnated into Soma Cruz?

Arikado: Yes. While just a soul for now, we don't know when he'll awaken as lord of the monsters. That's why I started working in Japanese national security, to keep an eye on him. I hadn't been aware that he'd actually awakened for good…

Seward: He was most likely summoned from the catalogue, by Hermina.

Maria: That lady?

Seward: Yes. She was once a truly exceptional mage of our organization. We could not have developed the method to enter grimoires were it not for her talents. But one day, she changed. She destroyed most of her research on the grimoires. Then, she stole several of them out, causing mass panic. We feared we could no longer continue our research.

Richter: But then, how are we able to enter grimoires now? And weren't we summoned from the catalogue?

Seward: A brilliant woman joined us and performed a miracle. She was able to rebuild our research with what little was left. We're now fully recovered. That brilliant woman is Lucy, someone you're very familiar with.

Maria: Lucy?! Wow!

Lucy: It-It wasn't that big of a deal…

Charlotte: Rebuilding something that is lost is sometimes more difficult than creating something from nothing…

Lucy: Stop, you're embarrassing me!

Seward: The reason we can't summon people at full power is because Hermina took a part of the catalogue with her.

Simon: …And I'm guessing Soma Cruz was included in the part she took.

Seward: We never did find out why she acted in the way she did… But there's a good chance she caused the chaos of the grimoires.

Arikado: …They seem to be after the Vital Souls. That means we'll likely meet again.

Seward: Yes. We'll need to grab the remaining Vital Souls before she does. Lucy, who are you summoning next?

Lucy: Oh, right! We're working on Maria right now.

Maria: Grown-up me?! I can't wait to talk to her!

Seward: The situation is much more dire than imagined, now that we know Hermina is involved. We need all of your help more than ever.

Arikado: …Of course.

Distant Memories[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Arikado: Well, Lucy, what grimoire is next?

Lucy: There is one whose magic appears unstable—though it's not completely out of control… A 19th century record of Dracula's Castle reappearing in Europe after the Belmont family disappeared.

Shanoa: The 19th century… The Belmonts' disappearance… I see where this is going.

Lucy: Indeed. You appear in this grimoire, Shanoa.

Shanoa: In that case, my experience and knowledge will be of use.

Simon: No doubt this drags up bad memories. At that time, we Belmonts were laying low, you see… Anyway, thank you.

Shanoa: Please, you do not need to thank me. It is as I explained before. I wield the power of Glyphs, the power to protect. No hesitation. And, above all, no regrets.

Simon: You are truly noble. Worthy of the utmost respect.

Richter: Indeed. You give us Belmonts a run for our money.

Seward: We should focus on Hermina. If she too seeks Vital Souls, a clash with her is inevitable.

Arikado: With Soma, too, having become the Lord of Darkness.

Richter: A formidable foe?

Arikado: Dracula's soul reincarnate, whose body harbors the magic of the castle. Accordingly, you can imagine the extent of his strength.

Richter: Dracula grows ever powerful with each reincarnation… And a long time has passed since we fought.

Charlotte: So, we're talking about a threat worse than the Vital Soul monster.

Simon: The battle will only get tougher from here. Preparation is a must.

Lucy: While everyone is in the grimoire, I shall make the necessary arrangements for summoning Maria.

Maria: Hehe! Look after the older me, okay?!

Lucy: Of course.

Arikado: Our time is limited. Let's hurry.

Dark Laughter Stage 1-1[]

(a young woman materializes before everyone)

Teen Maria: Maria Renard… Though it seems we don't need introductions.

Arikado: Good to see you again, Maria. We are in your debt.

Teen Maria: I was briefed on this but…I still can't believe it's really you, Alucard.

Arikado: I go by Arikado now.

Teen Maria: You'll always be Alucard to me… Heh. But very well, Arikado it is.

Richter: Ahem. You've grown into a fine lady, Maria. I almost didn't recognize you.

Teen Maria: Richter! You look so…young.

Richter: Well, I suppose to you I am from the past.

Teen Maria: Memories… So strange to think we're closer in age.

Richter: It really is. There's something sad about that.

Child Maria: Hehe. It's big me! Nice to meet you! You're so pretty. That's a relief! I can't wait to grow up!

Teen Maria: How strange speaking to my younger self… Was I really this immature?

Child Maria: You can't say that to a lady! Where are your manners?! You're grown up me! You should know better!

Teen Maria: Y-You're right. Forgive me, um, me.

Jonathan: Say, Maria.

Child Maria: Yeah?

Teen Maria: Yes?

Jonathan: …And they both respond. How are we going to differentiate between you two?

Charlotte: "Big Maria" and "Little Maria"…? Hmm… I'd take divinitory physics over this any day.

Shanoa: "Maria 1" and "Maria 2"?

Child Maria: Shanoa! You guys are so mean!

Shanoa: Sorry. How about "Maria A" and "Maria B"?

Lucy: Um, I think you're missing the point here…

Child Maria: *sob*

Shanoa: Do forgive me. I lack imagination, it seems.

Arikado: Enough mindless chatter. There are more srious matters at hand.

Simon: A little harsh, perhaps, Arikado. Some seriousness is desirable, but too much is a burden. We should kindle the flames of youth, because they will keep us warm in the cold.

Arikado: You may be right… Very well, chatter away.

Dark Laughter Stage 1-5[]

Richter: Hmm… That Maria is that Maria grown up… I still can't get used to this.

Teen Maria: Something the matter, Richter?

Richter: Whoa! M-Maria! Oh, it's nothing.

Arikado: Is there a problem?

Teen Maria: Not exactly, but Richter is acting a little strange.

Arikado: Strange? Unlike you, Richter. Are you ill?

Richter: No, it's just Maria…

Teen Maria: Me? Did I offend you somehow?

Richter: N-Not at all! I just… How do I put this…? I'm just not…used to you yet.

Arikado: Well, you have never met Maria at this age.

Teen Maria: Oh, of course! So what do you make of the current me?

Richter: Wh-What do you mean?

Teen Maria: Well, I'm grown up now. I think I could hold my own against you now.

Richter: Right! You do seem a lot stronger. More normal, too.

Teen Maria: Are you calling me boring?

Arikado: He has a point.

Teen Maria: Hey!

Richter: You were so adamant about defeating Dracula. A herd of horses couldn't hold you back.

Teen Maria: What's so unusual about that? I'm a vampire hunter! And you can hardly talk! You're practically in love with danger!

Richter: Hah. There's the Maria I know.

Teen Maria: Oh, um, sorry if I got a little carried away.

Richter: No, it's fine. Comforting even. You may look different, but you're still Maria.

Teen Maria: Who else would I be but me? Hehe. I forgot how silly you are.

Richter: You're maybe a little too much like the Maria I know…

Arikado: Time to leave. Prepared, Richter?

Richter: Naturally.

Teen Maria: Don't be afraid to ask me for help!

Richter: I won't. I'm glad to have you on my side.

A Vision from High[]

Dark Laughter Stage 2-1[]

Dark Laughter Stage 2-5[]

Gaze into the Abyss[]

Dark Laughter Stage 3-3[]

Dark Laughter Stage 3-5[]

The Duke of Hell[]

Dark Laughter Stage 4-1[]

Grimoire's Purge[]

Sunken Fortress[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Accursed Cranium Stage 1-1[]

Accursed Cranium Stage 1-5[]

Underground Invasion[]

Accursed Cranium Stage 2-1[]

Accursed Cranium Stage 2-5[]

An Uninvited Guest[]

Accursed Cranium Stage 3-3[]

Accursed Cranium Stage 3-5[]

Sweet Melodies[]

Accursed Cranium Stage 4-1[]

Grimoire's Purge[]

A Holy Voice[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Death's Reign Stage 1-1[]

Death's Reign Stage 1-5[]

Far Too Late[]

Death's Reign Stage 2-1[]

Death's Reign Stage 2-5[]

Purifying Peals[]

Death's Reign Stage 3-3[]

Death's Reign Stage 3-5[]

Castle Keep[]

Death's Reign Stage 4-1[]

Grimoire's Purge[]

Purgatory's Roil[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Demonic Visions Stage 1-1[]

Demonic Visions Stage 1-5[]

Devil's Lament[]

Demonic Visions Stage 2-1[]

Demonic Visions Stage 2-5[]

Banish the Darkness[]

Demonic Visions Stage 3-3[]

Demonic Visions Stage 3-5[]

Fire in my Eyes[]

Demonic Visions Stage 4-1[]

Grimoire's Purge[]

Second Advent[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

A Vessel for the Lord Stage 1-1[]

A Vessel for the Lord Stage 1-5[]

Seeds of War[]

A Vessel for the Lord Stage 2-1[]

A Vessel for the Lord Stage 2-5[]

Atonement's Light[]

A Vessel for the Lord Stage 3-3[]

A Vessel for the Lord Stage 3-5[]

Eternal Imprisonment[]

A Vessel for the Lord Stage 4-1[]

Grimoire's Purge[]

Sunken City[]

Grimoire's Descent into Chaos[]

Dracula's Curse Stage 1-1[]

Whip's Memory[]

Trevor Belmont Battle 1[]

Trevor Belmont Battle 2[]

Trevor Belmont Battle 3[]

Dracula's Curse Stage 1-5[]

Castle Main Hall[]

Dracula's Curse Stage 2-1[]

Dracula's Curse Stage 2-5[]

Clock Tower[]

Dracula's Curse Stage 3-3[]

Dracula's Curse Stage 3-5[]

The Lord of Darkness[]

Dracula's Curse Stage 4-1[]

Grimoire's Purge[]

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Script table[]

Dialogue Data: Grimoire of Souls (edit)
Image / Participants Game / Location / Title
Transcript(s) (click Expand to view when necessary)
GoS Arikado Dialogue
GoS Lucy Dialogue
Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls / Elgos Building / Arriving at Elgos

Arikado: You must be Lucy. I received your letter.

Lucy: And you must be Alucard! Thank you so much for coming! Oh… I forgot you go by Genya Arikado now.
Arikado: We have more important matters at hand. Explain what is happening. The road here was brimming with monsters. I slew many, but why have they appeared? The organization had no clue the dark ones were running rampant.
Lucy: We at Elgos study and oversee the grimoires. The chaos began with them.
Arikado: Elgos…? I am familiar with the name. However, this is my first time meeting a member in the flesh. Am I correct in saying you collect and preserve documented information on Dracula and his castle?
Lucy: You are. We were first established–No, I should probably get to the point. The truth is a number of grimoires are overflowing with dark powers beyond our control. In short, their power is materializing in the real world in the form of monsters.
Arikado: Something must be done before the whole world is ridden with the fiends.
Lucy: My organization and our leader are trying to deal with the situation. But alas with little success. Though difficult to admit, I have to face the facts: we need a hero. We need you.
Arikado: It matters not. On my mother's name, I will stop this. For my father's sake, too. Now, I assume an insane situation requires an insane solution, correct…?
Lucy: Indeed. We discovered in the depths of each grimoire monsters that serve as their power source. Defeating these monsters, we believe, will purge the grimoires. That is where you come in, Mr. Arikado. Kindly enter the grimoires for us.
Arikado: Enter them…? Is that even possible?
Lucy: Over the course of many studies, we have developed ways of sending humans inside. Your actions will be restricted… However, in theory you can eliminate core monster.
Arikado: While I admit, I have my doubts… I see no reason for you to lie. Very well. I'll do as you ask.
Lucy: We are in your debt, Mr. Arikado! I will offer support on your journey. Good luck!