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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (a play on "HD") is a multiplayer Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network game featuring characters, sprites and locations from several different Castlevania titles.

The story, such as it is, involves a cursed book called the Grimoire, in which the story of the evil citadel Castlevania is recorded. However, the cursed castle comes to life within the pages of the book, taking various forms from previous incarnations –and the heroes of the past, also recorded in the book and coming to life within its pages– must once again fight to put an end to the curse. This story allows characters from eras ranging from 1691 to 2036 to come together in the same castle to fight evil.

There is up to six-players online cooperative play, and while it is beneficial to stick together, as characters can perform powerful combo attacks, players have the ability to wander the castle freely, regardless of the location of the other players. There is no local co-op for the 360 version, but the PS3 version does have four-players local co-op. Downloadable content include new characters and stages.

In December 2012, Harmony of Despair won the PlayStation Store Special Prize in Japan.[1] On March 2019, the game has been added to the Backward Compatibility program, therefore, allowing it to be playable on Xbox One.

Playable characters[]

Harmony of Despair Characters
Starting Characters
Image Name Voice Actor Game Weapon(s) Special Abilities
Soma HD Soma Cruz Hikaru Midorikawa/
Erik Davies
Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow Various weapons Can capture and harness enemy souls.
Alucard HD Alucard Ryōtarō Okiayu/
Yuri Lowenthal
Dracula's Curse, Symphony of the Night Swords, various weapons Wields Dark Magic upon finding spell scrolls, Transform into mist
Jonathan Morris - 05 Jonathan Morris Takahiro Sakurai/
Liam O'Brien
Portrait of Ruin Vampire Killer Can use various sub-weapons.
Charlotte HD Charlotte Aulin Yumi Kakazu/
Stephanie Sheh
Portrait of Ruin Spellbook Can bind monsters magic to her book and use them in the form of spells.
Shanoa HOD Shanoa Houko Kuwashima/
Michelle Ruff
Order of Ecclesia Glyphs Can use Glyphs, especially Magnes.
Downloadable Characters
Image Name Voice Actor Game Weapon(s) Special Abilities
Julius Belmont HD Julius Belmont Tetsu Inada/
David Lodge
Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow Vampire Killer He is capable of using traditional sub-weapons, and Shanoa's Magnes points in the game by latching onto them with his whip, and swinging from them.
Yoko HD Yoko Belnades Ao Takahashi/
Karen Strassman
Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow Belnades Staff Uses her magic spells from Dawn of Sorrow, but cannot jump-kick
Richter HOD Richter Belmont Kiyoyuki Yanada /
David Vincent
Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night Vampire Killer Uses Martial Arts
Maria Renard HD Maria Renard Chiwa Saitō/
Philece Sampler
Rondo of Blood Doves Fights using the Mortal Incarnations of the Four Chinese Seasonal Gods.
Shimon-1- Simon Belmont N/A Castlevania Vampire Killer Fights old school style (retro sub-weapons, whip)
Gepu-1- Getsu Fuma N/A Getsu Fūma Den Pulse Blade Can use exclusive War Drums, Hexplosives, Throwing Stars and Mashō no Koma.


Harmony of Despair Chapters
Basic Chapters
Image Num. Name Music Boss Hidden Item Release
Cradle Ch.01 Caught in the Cradle of Decay Ruined Castle Corridor
(Aria of Sorrow)
Gergoth Bell Basic game
Strings Ch.02 Lord of Unseen Strings After Confession
(Dawn of Sorrow)
Puppet Master Crown Basic game
Chaos Ch.03 The End of Chaos Phantom of Fear
(Harmony of Despair)
Menace Moai Basic game
Violence Ch.04 Esquisse of Violence Gaze Up at the Darkness
(Portrait of Ruin)
Brauner Goemon Basic game
Blade Ch.05 Song of the Unslakable Blade Ebony Wings
(Order of Ecclesia)
Death Vic Viper Basic game
Hour Ch.06 Come, Sweet Hour of Death The Colossus
(Order of Ecclesia)
Dracula Konami Man Basic game
Downloadable Chapters
Image Num. Name Music Boss Hidden Item Release
7hd Ch.07 Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire Hail from the Past
(Portrait of Ruin)
Astarte Vick13 September 29th, 2010
Xbox Live - 400 MSP
PSN - Basic game[2]
Img 04 Ch.08 The One Who Is Many Lost Painting
(Symphony of the Night)
Legion Lucky Cat January 12th, 2011
Xbox Live - 320 MSP
PSN - $3.99
Img 05 Ch.09 Lord of Flies Dracula's Castle
(Symphony of the Night)
Beelzebub Twin Bee January 19th, 2011
Xbox Live - 320 MSP
PSN - $3.99
Img 06 Ch.10 Origins Vampire Killer
R. The Count Crown January 26th, 2011
Xbox Live - 240 MSP
PSN - $2.99
Img 07-1- Ch.11 The Legend of Fuma Go! Getsu Fuma
(Getsu Fuhma)
Ryukotsuki Facade Card February 2nd, 2011
Xbox Live - 240 MSP
PSN - $2.99


Note: For more information about music, please see Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Original Soundtrack.

Base game music[]

The game contains arrangements from various games of the series and a few new original tracks. Below is a list of the songs found in the game sound test. Other songs can be found in the game, but aren't added in the sound test.

  1. Ruined Castle Corridor (Aria of Sorrow)
  2. After Confession (Dawn of Sorrow)
  3. PHANTOM OF FEAR (original track)
  4. Into the Dark Night (Dawn of Sorrow)
  5. Piercing Battle Fury (Dawn of Sorrow)
  6. Tanz mit einem Clown (Dance with the Clown) (original track)
  7. Hail from the Past (Portrait of Ruin)
  8. Gaze Up at the Darkness (Portrait of Ruin)
  9. Piercing Silence (Portrait of Ruin)
  10. Esquisse of Violence (Portrait of Ruin)
  11. CRIMSON BLOOD (original track)
  12. Ebony Wings (Order of Ecclesia)
  13. The Colossus (Order of Ecclesia)
  14. Symphony of Battle (Order of Ecclesia)
  15. Order of the Demon (Order of Ecclesia)
  16. Dance of Illusions (Rondo of Blood, particularly ripped from The Dracula X Chronicles)
  17. Ein Weltherrscher (One World Ruler) (original track)

Downloadable music[]

Music set 1[]

Xbox Live - Released 10/13/10
PSN - $2.00

  1. Pitiful Scion / The Tragic Prince (Symphony of the Night)
  2. Pitch-Black Intrusion (Dawn of Sorrow)
  3. An Empty Tome (Order of Ecclesia)
  4. Invitation of a Crazed Moon (Portrait of Ruin)
  5. The Hidden Curse (Portrait of Ruin)

Music set 2[]

Xbox Live - Released 11/10/10
PSN - $2.00

  1. Heart of Fire / Don't Wait Until Night (Haunted Castle)
  2. Aquarius (Castlevania III)
  3. Slash (Rondo of Blood)
  4. Divine Bloodlines (Rondo of Blood, the Portrait of Ruin mix)
  5. Simon's Theme (Super Castlevania IV)

Music gained with Chapter 8[]

Xbox Live - Released 1/12/11
PSN - Included with Chapter 8

  1. The Lost Portrait / Lost Painting (Symphony of the Night)
  2. Poetic Death / Death Ballad (Symphony of the Night)

Music gained with Chapter 9[]

Xbox Live - Released 1/19/11
PSN - Included with Chapter 9

  1. Castle Dracula / Dracula's Castle (Symphony of the Night)
  2. The Horde's Festival / Festival of Servants (Symphony of the Night)

Music gained with Chapter 10[]

Xbox Live - Released 1/26/11
PSN - Included with Chapter 10

  1. Vampire Killer (Castlevania)
  2. Nothing to Lose (Castlevania)
Original NES tracks[]
  1. VAMPIRE KILLER (Castlevania, original NES version)
  2. STALKER (Castlevania, original NES version)
  3. WICKED CHILD (Castlevania, original NES version)
  4. WALKING ON THE EDGE (Castlevania, original NES version)
  5. HEART OF FIRE (Castlevania, original NES version)
  6. OUT OF TIME (Castlevania, original NES version)
  7. NOTHING TO LOSE (Castlevania, original NES version)
  8. POISON MIND (Castlevania, original NES version)
  9. BLACK NIGHT (Castlevania, original NES version)

Music gained with Chapter 11[]

Xbox Live - Released 2/2/11
PSN - Included with Chapter 11

  1. Go! Getsu Fuma (Getsu Fuma Den)
  2. Ryukotsuki (Getsu Fuma Den)

Xbox 360 December, 2011 patch[]

In December of 2011, the game was given a patch which rebalanced the games. Some of the changes include:

  • The MP consumption rates of Jonathan, Julius, Richter, Maria, and Yoko's sub-weapons/spells was reduced
  • The strength of many of Alucard's and Soma's strongest weapons of a class was increased (Alucard Sword, Heaven's Sword, Daybreak, Moon Rod, Mjollnjr, Holbein Dagger, Muramasa, Nebula)
  • All of Soma's spears increased in attack strength.
  • The speed of Yasutsuna was reduced for Alucard
  • The attack power of Yoko's Blue Splash went down, while Holy Flame and Holy Lightning went up and now deal Holy damage
  • Charlotte's Heal spell was modified to give less health and consume more MP.
  • The Miser Ring was made available in Chapter 7.
  • Robe Decollete gains a STR, INT, and MP Regeneration boost.
  • Skeletons can now duck and slide dash.
  • Can obtain gold chest even after death (multiplayer).
  • Sprites have been added to the game's files for future downloadable content, namely 8-bit weapons for Simon, new glyphs for Shanoa, new sub-weapons for Jonathan, and the Jewel Sword and Shield Rod for Alucard and possibly Soma.
  • Data for additional chapters added, along with new items.
  • 3 Glitches appeared with the patch.
    • 1.Death is stuck against a wall and won't die.
    • 2.After fighting Dracula, first stage does not appear again.
    • 3.After fighting Dracula, second stage he becomes a big statue.



  • Thanks to some in-game voice rips, it was found early that Hammer would have been offered as a downloadable character. However, Konami announced on February 3, 2011 that Chapter 11 and Getsu Fuma would be the last downloadable content pack for the game.

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