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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Original Soundtrack is a 2 CD soundtrack with music from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and some arranged tracks and new compositions. The music was composed by Michiru Yamane and the soundtrack was released on November 30, 2005.

Track list

Disc 1

  1. Prologue (プロローグ)
  2. Forbidden Fate (禁断の宿命)
  3. Cursed Memories (呪いの記憶)
  4. Traces of Malevolent Souls (穢れし魂の痕跡)
  5. Prologue to the Black Abyss (黒き深淵への序章)
  6. Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab (反魂秘術研究棟)
  7. Stone King Golem (巌王ゴーレム)
  8. Rinaldo's Cabin (リナルドの小屋)
  9. Garden Forgotten by Time (刻忘れし庭園)
  10. Resonance of Malevolent Souls (穢れし魂の鼓動)
  11. Fog-enshrouded Nightscape (霧の夜景画)
  12. Death Flower Succubus (死花サキュバス)
  13. Nightmare (夢魔)
  14. House of Sacred Remains (聖骸共鳴院)
  15. Elemental Tactician (エレメンタル戦術士)
  16. Statue Enchanted by the Darkness (闇に魅せられし彫像)
  17. Bizarre Room ~Undead Parasite Theme~ (猟奇部屋~アンデッドパラサイトのテーマ~)
  18. Dark Palace of Waterfalls (地下瀑布迷宮)
  19. Water Prison (水牢)
  20. Melancholy Joachim (哀愁のヨアヒム)
  21. Ghostly Theatre (喝采なき奏楽堂)
  22. Nightmare Aria (夢魔のアリア)
  23. Snake Head Medusa (蛇頭メディウサ)
  24. Prison of Eternal Torture (永久拷問牢獄)
  25. Bloodstained Demise (血塗られし終焉)

Disc 2

  1. Castle Keep Entrance (キャッスルキープ入り口)
  2. Despair (失意)
  3. Rear Garden (裏庭)
  4. Pagoda of the Misty Moon (魔天朧月宮)
  5. Lament of Innocence ~Leon's Theme~ (真実の嘆き~レオンのテーマ~)
  6. Darkness (暗黒)
  7. Dark Night Toccata ~Walter's Theme~ (黒夜のトッカータ~ヴァルターのテーマ~)
  8. Dracula Appears (ドラキュラ登場)
  9. Demonic Symphony Poem ~Death's Theme~ (邪神交響詩~死神のテーマ~)
  10. Castlevania Reincarnation (キャッスルヴァニア.リンカーネーション)
  11. Admiration Towards the Clan (ある一族への憧憬)
  12. The Cross of Fate (宿命の十字架)
  13. Holy Cross Obsessed by the Moon (月に憑かれし聖架)
  14. Requiem for the Dark Souls (黒き魂へのレクイエム)
  15. Christmas Carol ~From House of Sacred Remains~ (クリスマス.キャロル~聖骸共鳴院より~)
  16. A Stranger Met by the Wind ~From Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab~ (異邦人を迎える風~反魂秘術研究棟より~)
  17. Castlevania -2003-
  18. Cursed Lady ~From Snake Head Medusa~ (呪縛の貴婦人~蛇頭メディウサより~)
  19. Young Nobleman of the Water Prison ~From Melancholy Joachim~ (水牢の貴公子~哀愁のヨアヒムより~)
  20. Destructive God from the Past (在りし日の破壊神)
  21. Leon's Belief ~From Lament of Innocence~ (Leon’s Belief~真実の嘆きより~)
  22. Candy and Whip
  23. Joachim of the Clear Blue Riverside (透碧河畔のヨアヒム)

Additional information

  • Tracks 12, 13 and 14 on Disc 2 are from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. These tracks were arranged here because a lot of fans wanted a soundtrack for Aria of Sorrow, which was released next year, with Dawn of Sorrow.
  • Tracks 15~23 are arranged tracks from Lament of Innocence and new compositions that don't appear in the game.
  • "Darkness" was used in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness in "Ralph vs. Isaac" and "Devil Forging" tracks, but with an alternate tone.

Character gallery

For additional artworks, please visit Lament of Innocence OST Artwork.

Sheet music

Sheet music from Track 5 on Disc 1 "Prologue to the Black Abyss" included in the booklet of the soundtrack.

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