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"Blood is family. Blood is power. Blood is everything."
— Tagline

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is a game developed by Konami and MercurySteam for the Playstation 3, the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate. [1]. It will be released on February 27, 2014.

The games focuses on what happened to Gabriel Belmont, now known as Dracula, after the events of the first two games. It is the last game developed by MercurySteam, and the conclusion to the Lords of Shadow Saga[2].


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Prologue: Castle Siege

"What a timely coincidence! I am dying for a little drop of blood..."
— Dracula before confronting the Brotherhood's soldiers
E3-2013 out-of-the-frying-pan

Taking place after the events of Mirror of Fate, the game starts with Dracula, waiting in his throne room, driking blood. As he hears noise in the corridor, he stands up and faces the threat: the Brotherhood of Light. The Brotherhood is storming Dracula's castle with soldiers and a mechanical titan. After defeating several soldiers inside the throne room, Dracula confronts a Golden Paladin on a balcony. He climbs on the Titan and finally destroys it, crashing most of the soldiers in the process.

When the dust goes down, the Vampire battles the Paladin once more. Defeated, the Paladin brandishes a large cross and starts praying. Dracula explains that God's power cannot destroy him, as he is God's chosen one. Dracula touches the cross, much to the Paladin's shock, and begins to pray alongside the Paladin, causing a massive eruption of light that smites the Paladin and the remaining Brotherhood soldiers, leaving Dracula unharmed. After this, Alucard is seen standing behind Dracula.

Dracula's Return

"Let's get done with it."
— Dracula accepting Zobek's mission

After centuries of sleep and nothingness, Dracula wakes, weakened. The Prince of Darkness burns to reclaim his ancient powers, and desires to get rid of his immortality. Zobek, worried by Satan's imminent return, asks his old friend to help him stop the Devil, at the price of Gabriel's immortality.


Dracula decides to exit the church, and walks in the streets of Wygol City. A young Trevor appears neaby and Dracula decides to follow him. He encounters a monster a few streets after following the young boy. As he is still weakened, Dracula is easily defeated by his opponent. However, before the monster can finish Dracula, a mysterious figure appears and kills the creature. Dracula then passes out.

He wakes in a dark room, and finds a human family watching him. Dying for a drop of blood, Dracula brutally murders the family, regaining his young appearance in the process. Zobek approaches him, and explains to Dracula what he must do to stop Satan and his Acolytes. Dracula must regain his powers, as he is the only one that can defeat Satan. The Prince of Darkness then uses a portal to teleport to a factory, in order to find Satan's first acolyte.

The Factory

Upon arrival, Dracula uses his blood power to get back his outfit. He then infiltrates the Bioquimek Corporation. Upon entry and making his way into the building, the young Trevor appears to him and tells him to follow if he wishes to retrieve his sword. Following the boy, the environment changes around Dracula into that of the Bernhard Castle. Exploring the castle, Dracula finds the Void Sword, however, the living blood of the castle speaks to Dracula and tells him that they do not want him to leave and begins to crumble the floors beneath him to prevent him reaching the Sword.

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Dracula manages to evade them and reaches the Sword. The blood creates the Stone Golem and attacks Dracula. Defeating the Golem, Dracula acquires the Primordial Void Gem and uses its ice powers to proceed. He finds a Vampire Knight assaulting Trevor, whom he quickly stops. The blood takes possession of the Knight and challenges Dracula.

Upon defeating the creatures, Trevor gives Dracula the White Wolf Medallion, allowing him to teleport back to the real world by summoning a white wolf to guide him. Once in the real world Dracula encounters a group of scientists led by Raisa Volkova who are making a demonic virus that mutates people into monsters, who also turns out to be the Acolyte and the two do battle, using the Void Sword Dracula defeats her and brings her unconscious body back to Zobek to be interrogated.

City of the Damned

E3-2013 the-entrance-to-medusas-lair

Once back at Zobek's base Dracula is confronted by Trevor again, he informs him that the Gorgon sisters Euryale, Stheno and Medusa has his Chaos Claws. Once in the past again Dracula makes his way through the castle's dungeons and on the advice of Euryale and Stheno frees a Chupacabra that has been imprisoned to help him locate Medusa who holds the claws.

Once free the Chupacabra opens the way to Medusa's cell and reopens his store to provide his lord with whatever he needs for his journey. Once in the heart of Medusa's cell Dracula retrieves the claws and encounters Medusa alongside her sisters. Sadly Medusa has been corrupted by the castle and corrupts her sisters as well. The Three merge into the Gorgon forcing their former master to fight them.

Once Dracula kills the three sisters he returns to the present with a gift from the Chupacabra, the Dragon Medalion. Zobek has had no luck interrogating Raisa, nor can he read her mind with nothing but Chaos inside it. Instead Dracula proposes that they go back to the Corporation to retrieve a antidote to the disease that affects her so that they may return her to her human form.


While Zobek agrees to the plan transporting Gabriel directly back to the facility is too much of a risk for him, instead Gabriel must cross the city on foot. Sadly Raisa has already released the plague upon the city transforming many of it's inhabitants into cannibalistic monsters forcing Dracula to deal not only with them but with the security forces sent to deal with them as well.

Once inside Bioquimek Dracula makes his way through it's underground complex and arrives at a private train station, stowing away on the train he faces off against a powerful demon that attempts to kill Dracula by derailing the train only succeeds in killing himself and everyone else on the train but Dracula. With the train destroyed Dracula runs into Zobek's "Bodyguard" who explains that he's been sent to help.

Although the Bodyguard's help proves invaluable after a short time he returns to Zobek. Gabriel meets up with Trevor again who begs for Dracula's help in saving his mother Marie. Taking Trevor's hand Gabriel finds himself in the past again, worst yet he soon encounters Carmilla and therefore concludes he's in a dream. Accepting her offer of Blood Dracula soon realizes that it was trap.

Carmilla explains that as his health weakens she will grow in strength until she has taken control of Dracula's body. Dracula soon runs into Marie who confirms that she is real and not a dream. However the Vampire lord's joy is soon turned to anger against Marie's defending of God. None the less she promises her husband that his suffering will soon be over, the Castle and it's inhabitants need Dracula and his power to stay alive if he is allowed to die it will cease to exist.

To this end she has been sent to help, all that she need do is allow Dracula to drink her blood and her will stand a fighting chance against Carmilla. After a game of cat and mouse against the former vampire lord Dracula enters into a brutal fight against her and regains his mist form midway through and uses it to defeat and stake Carmilla. With the "Dream" over Dracula returns to the present.


  • Dracula (playable) — The protagonist of the game. Once known as Gabriel Belmont until becoming a vampire. He is the Prince of Darkness who seeks the end of his immortality.


  • Marie Belmont — Gabriel's long deceased wife.
  • Zobek — The Lord of the Dead and former enemy, returned to stop Satan with Dracula's aid.
  • Young Trevor



Development & Promotion

In May 2012, a website opened with a timer countdown, showing the door leading to Dracula's throne room. The website was called "The Dragon Returns", and the countdown ended on May 31.

On May 31, 2012 during Konami's Pre E3 2012 Press Conference, the first trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 premiered, featuring an older Gabriel who displays full ownership of his vampiric powers. This trailer focused on the Castle Siege, and used full CG.

On December 7, 2012, during the Video Games Award, another short trailer was broadcasted, giving more information about the story and gameplay. This was the first trailer using the new in-game MercurySteam engine.

On June 6, 2013, during Konami's Pre E3 2013 Conference, the demo of the game was playable. A new long trailer was shown, showing gameplay and story, mostly focusing on the Castle Siege (which was the demo chapter). Zobek, Carmilla, and Marie were confirmed to be part of the game.

On August 21, 2013, at Cologne's GamesCon, Victor Belmont was revealed to be the new Belmont character. A trailer focusing on the Void Sword and gameplay was also shown.

On Halloween 2013, a new short trailer ("Dracula's Vengeance") was shown, giving new details about the plot.

In January 2014, new screenshots, concept arts, and renders were released. Demo versions were sent to various gaming professionals, and previews started to appear. In general, most previews were positive about the game's quality. New footage from both eras (Castle and City) was shown.


Players will take control of Lords of Shadow's protagonist Gabriel Belmont, who now has taken on the moniker of "Dracul", as the game's main protagonist. He will traverse both his own castle and a modern day city, while battling both the Brotherhood of Light and the forces of Satan.

The combat system is based on the previous game. Gabriel's Combat Cross has been replaced with a new weapon called the "Shadow Whip". However, combos are still strung together with strong direct attacks, and lighter attacks with more range. [3] Dracula can collect blood from the enemies he fights. He can channel it into "Void" and "Chaos". When the former is activated, Dracula's weapon will switch to the Void Sword. This weapon allows him to regain health when enemies are struck with it. Chaos switches Dracula's weapon to a pair of claws that will help him break through enemy defenses. [4] This system is highly reminiscent of how Light Magic and Shadow Magic were put to use in the previous Lords of Shadow. Each weapon also has its own skills, such as void sword having 35 exclusive combos available, instead of being limited to the whip and switching between weapons mid-combo is possible. Additionally using a combo repeatedly will allow Dracula to master that combo, and once mastered its power can be siphoned into the weapon itself, making it more powerful, granting extra abilities and increased damage. [5]

Other powers Dracula at his disposal are controlling enemies and turn into mist in order to get past unseen or enter certain areas. [4] Secondary weapons also return in the form of Relics, such as the Seal of Alastor-which unlocks all of Dracula's skills for a short period of time; the Stolas' Clock, which functions similar to the Stopwatch of classic Castlevania, and the Dragon Form, which is akin to the Dark Crystal of the first Lords of Shadow.

Dracula's Tomb Premium Edition

Los2-Draculas tomb premium edition new

Lords of Shadow 2 Dracula's Tomb Premium Edition.

The premium edition for European version Lords of Shadow 2. It contains the game, Tomb box, Steelbook, A4 100 page hardback artbook, 3 miniature figurines (Characters: Zobek, Victor Belmont, The Lieutenant) and DLC's. Dracula's figure planned before was removed.


  • This game is the first to allow the player to control Dracula as the primary character (as Dracula was playable in Castlevania: Judgment), rather than his reincarnated form, another hero, or an alternate version of him.
    • Also, unlike the classic Castlevania series, the Lords of Shadow timeline has a very intentional end, which will take place in this game.
  • Even though the level based structure is no longer being used, the Travel Book from the first two games still makes an appearance.
    • The book appears when the game is first started, being read by Dracula. Once the game begins, it appears again, in a secret chamber located behind Dracula's throne.




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