Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Original Soundtrack is the two CDs complete soundtrack for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, while the Promo Soundtrack only has six tracks. Music was composed by Michiru Yamane and Yasuhiro Ichihashi. It was released on October 23, 2008, but only through Konami Japan's online shop.

Track listEdit

Disc 1Edit

  1. An Empty Tome (黄昏の聖痕)
  2. Oncoming Dread (鎮魂テストゥード)
  3. Heroic Dawning (黎明ディカントス)
  4. Ecclesia (エクレシア・序章)
  5. Vanishing (雅-疾走-)
  6. Deliberate Blink (不惑の瞬き)
  7. Sapphire Elegy (紅珠エレジー)
  8. A Prologue (序章~再び~)
  9. Destiny's Stage (萌芽の竪琴)
  10. Chapel Hidden in Smoke (燻しの隠れ家)
  11. Serenade of the Hearth (葵セレナーデ)
  12. Symphony of Battle (闘魂狂詩曲)
  13. A Clashing of Waves (波断の海路)
  14. Rhapsody of the Forsaken (藍愁ラプソディ)
  15. Cantus Motet -1- (カントゥス・モテト)
  16. Jaws of a Scorched Earth (焦土の大巌)
  17. Emerald Mist (薄霧の樹彩)
  18. Unholy Vespers (聖骸カテドラル)
  19. Wandering the Crystal Blue (紺碧の彷徨)
  20. Dissonant Courage (歪みの黒凛)
  21. Edge of the Sky (瑠璃色ヴァージナル)
  22. Tragedy's Pulse (荒絃鼓動)
  23. Hard Won Nobility (高潔なる変奏曲)
  24. Trace of Rage (激昂の軌跡~会話~)
  25. Sorrow's Distortion (悲哀の呪縛)
  26. Dark Holy Road (闇の聖路)
  27. Lament to the Master (激昂の軌跡)

Disc 2Edit

  1. Stones Hold a Grudge (宿怨の居城)
  2. Welcome to Legend (宵月のワルツ)
  3. Passing into the Night (麗夢幻想曲)
  4. An Empty Tome (黄昏の聖痕)
  5. Chamber of Ruin (狂気の思惑)
  6. Malak's Labyrinth (マラック迷宮)
  7. Ebony Wings (漆黒の翼)
  8. The Tower of Dolls
  9. Gate of the Underworld (冥府への門)
  10. The Colossus (ガルガンチュア)
  11. Former Room 2
  12. Shadow's Stronghold (翳りゆく牙城)
  13. Order of the Demon (繻紗魔交響詩)
  14. Rituals (リチェルカーレ)
  15. Requiem of Star-Crossed Nights (星降る夜の鎮魂歌)
  16. Reunion (再会のとき)
  17. Consummation (終焉のとき)
  18. Armory Arabesque (唐草カノン)
  19. Enterprising Mercantilism (装具の話)
  20. Lone Challenger (孤高の挑戦者)
  21. RIDDLE
  22. An Empty Tome - Arranged (黄昏の聖痕)
  23. Dissonant Courage - Arranged (歪みの黒凛)
  24. Wandering the Crystal Blue - Arranged (紺碧の彷徨)
  25. Rhapsody of the Forsaken - Arranged (藍愁ラプソディ)
  26. Edge of the Sky - Arranged (瑠璃色ヴァージナル)
  27. Order of the Demon - Arranged (繻紗魔交響詩)

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