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Script for dialogue found in Castlevania: Order of Shadows.

Dialogue Data: Order of Shadows (edit)
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Castlevania: Order of Shadows / / Prologue

The Order is a group of self-proclaimed followers of the Dark Lord. The wicked men and women seek to strengthen themselves by aligning with dark spirits and wish to raise Count Dracula. In exchange, they hope to receive greater power and eternal life.

For centuries the Belmont Clan has fought against the evils of Dracula. A new generation of hunters has been called to send him back to the underworld. Desmond Belmont and his sisters, Zoe and Dolores, have found the connection between The Order and Dracula. The young Belmont must wield the Vampire Killer anew...

Mansion dialogDesmond
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / The Mansion / Entering the Mansion

Summary: After receiving a tip from Giovanni, a descendant of Rinaldo Gandolfi, three Belmont siblings arrive at the mansion that The Order is convening at, hidden within a meadow near Eternal Night. Desmond will clear out as much of the mansion of foes as possible while Zoe and Dolores search for the Inner Sanctum and sacrificial alter that Rohan Krause is expected to be found at.

Full text - [transcript]:

Desmond: This is The Order's mansion.

Zoe: Yes, Giovanni was correct, that it would be hidden within a meadow near Eternal Night. This is where The Order convenes.
Dolores: Zoe and I will search the mansion, we need to find the Inner Sanctum and the sacrificial altar. There we will find Rohan Krause.

Desmond: I will clear out as much of the mansion as I can. Please be careful.
After Twin BatsDesmond
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / The Bat's Belfry / Defeating Twin Bats

Summary: Zoe makes sure that Desmond is okay after his battle with The Order's twin giant bats. She hasn't had much luck so far finding the Inner Sanctum, but maybe Dolores has had better luck. She did, however, find a useful magical item - the enchanted gauntlet that Giovanni had told them about that his ancestor (Rinaldo Gandolfi) had given to their ancestor (Leon Belmont) that enables its wearer to use alchemy - and gives it to Desmond. She then tells Desmond about a cave they had found.

Full text - [transcript]:

Zoe: Desmond, are you hurt?!?

Desmond: No, I'm fine. The Order must have great power, these creatures are becoming increasingly powerful.
Zoe: Dolores and I have been searching the grounds. It appears that everything is interconnected. We have yet to find the Inner Sanctum, but we did find this.
Desmond: What is it?
Zoe: This is the enchanted gauntlet that Giovanni mentioned to us. If it's true that his ancestor gave this to ours, then you will be able to channel alchemy through it.
Desmond: Thank you.
Zoe: I must find Dolores, she may have found something by now. Oh, before we part ways, she and I did find the location of a strange den-looking cave.
Desmond: I do not recall seeing what you're describing. Where is it?
Zoe: Near the giant pillars and down a staircase. You must go underground.

Desmond: Understood. Be safe.
Inner Sanctum DialogueDesmond
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / The Inner Sanctum / Entering the Inner Sanctum

Summary: Desmond meets up with his sisters at the Inner Sanctum. They tell him that Rohan of the Order is within. The siblings still haven't determined if he was the one who murdered their parents. The sisters ask him to stop him from reviving Dracula while they search the Mansion for something that might be useful.

Full text - [transcript]:

Zoe: You made it!

Desmond: Just barely. Is this where we find The Order?
Dolores: Yes, this is the Inner Sanctum. Rohan Krause should be deep within. Was he really responsible for our parents[sic] death?
Desmond: I dont[sic] know, but I do know he seeks to revive Dracula.
Zoe: We will head back to the Mansion. We might find something there.

Zoe: Stop Rohan from reviving Dracula, please.
Rohan DialogDesmond
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / The Inner Sanctum / Rohan Battle

Summary: Desmond faces off against Rohan of the Order of Shadows, who recognizes him by his resemblance to his father and by his whip and then confirms that he was the one to take his life. Desmond indicates that he will stop him from resurrecting Dracula and they fight.

Full text - [transcript]:

Rohan: Nearly 20 years later and I encounter yet another Belmont. You look much like your father. Have you come to seek your little revenge? Whatever your reason for being here, do you think you can stop Lord Dracula's return?

Rohan: He cannot be stopped!
Desmond: Vengeance is not what compels me, sorry to disappoint you, Rohan.

Rohan: Spoken like a true Belmont. I'm pleased that you wield the Vampire Killer. It didn't save your father then. It won't save you now.
Rohan DefeatedDesmond
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / The Inner Sanctum / Defeating Rohan

Summary: Desmond proves stronger than his father and defeats Rohan. However, he did not succeed in preventing Dracula's return, as Rohan's own blood was sufficient to ensure his return. He tells him to confirm this by going to Castlevania and taunts him on his way to the underworld.

Full text - [transcript]:

Rohan: You're... much stronger than your father. You may have prevented me from taking my place at Lord Dracula's side, but you have stopped nothing. My blood is sufficient to return the Dark Lord to our world, naive fool.

Desmond: You lie, Krause.

Rohan: Venture forward to Castlevania and see if I lie. All this is for naught. I will greet your parents in the underworld. It's certain we will see you soon.
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / Castle Keep / Dracula Battle

Summary: Desmond arrives at Dracula's throne room, where Dracula welcomes him and pardons himself for his appearance. He thanks him for helping Rohan complete his sacrifice that allowed him to return. Desmond appears confused by all of this, but then they discard pleasantries and battle.

Full text - [transcript]:

Dracula: Welcome, welcome! It's been many years since I've seen the face of a Belmont. Please excuse my appearance. I was not prepared to be woken from my slumber.

Desmond: ...
Dracula: Something wrong, nothing to say? No matter. Maybe I should thank you for helping Rohan complete the sacrifice and return me to the world of the living.
Desmond: What are you talking about!?!
Dracula: It matters not. But don't you know that I'm here thanks to your work with Krause? Perhaps I've said too much. Well, it will not matter.. after I've consumed your life force.

Desmond: Enough!
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / Castle Keep / Defeating Dracula

Summary: Near the end of Desmond's battle with a recently revived Dracula, Zoe and Dolores burst in. He warns them to stay back as Dracula refuses to admit defeat. Desmond strikes him one last time and Dracula vanishes. With it appearing that it is all over, they decide to leave the cursed place.

Full text - [transcript]:

Zoe: Desmond!

Dolores: You're safe!
Desmond: Stay back!
Dracula: I am eternal, neither you nor any of your descendants will ever defeat me.
Desmond: There will always be a Belmont waiting to send you back to hell. (Desmond strikes Dracula and he disappears)
Dolores: Is it over?
Zoe: Indeed.

Desmond: Let's leave this cursed place.
Castlevania: Order of Shadows / / Epilogue

Like their ancestors before them, Desmond, Zoe and Dolores successfully defeat the Dark Lord Dracula. A looming presence remains over Desmond as he leaves Castlevania.

Days later he returns to spy on Castlevania. The ancient cursed residence of Dracula remains, not a stone crumbled. What powerful evil could be able to save Castlevania other than the Dracula...